Chiefs vs. Raiders | NFL Week 7 Game Highlights

Chiefs vs. Raiders | NFL Week 7 Game Highlights

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Oakland Raiders in Week 7 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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20 Responses

  1. Jess Philip Rodriquez says:

    Besides a great game
    I really liked the Raiders color rush jerseys. Tony Romo is a pro at color commentating.


    Best game of the year!

  3. John Holloway says:

    I think the word “crazy” would be a understatement to describe how this game ended

  4. Homie Monkey says:

    Not even a raiders fan but good for them

  5. Dominic Minick says:

    Best game this season so far by far

  6. peter oneil says:

    Great td throw at end !

  7. Johnv 6197 says:

    Our defense allows less big plat without smith and amerson which both dont fit what we want at corner

  8. Jupiter V6 says:

    One hell of a game

  9. Larry says:

    Benched Amari cooler for the first time all season. At least I started tureen hill

  10. Grandy Does Gaming says:

    How do you lose to one of the worst teams in the NFL but magically come out of nowhere and pull out a upset against the best team in the NFL??? #anygiventhursday!

  11. 760 Rydah says:

    Where was this play calling vs the Ravens and Chargers last week?

  12. JJN JDOG says:

    There’s are big difference between the 5-0 Vikings and the 5-0 Chiefs

  13. The Goat says:

    Only if Romo was able to read defense like this when he was still playing

  14. Xavier Close says:

    That was a good game

  15. Pilot Urp says:

    That near TD looked like a DPI
    But dude that was a heck of a catch

  16. Luis Pinto says:

    Amazing calls by the officials!

  17. James Mottershead says:

    This is definitely an NFL classic, what a game.

  18. TheSmokedBacon Gaming says:

    Could the Chiefs pull a Falcons when they went 5-0 in 2015 but ended out 8-8???

  19. Larry Wells says:

    Best game all year. From any teams

  20. Abzuro says:

    Thursday night football is great this year. 49ers vs rams and raiders vs chiefs were some of the greatest games this season.

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