Chiefs vs. Rams Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2018

Chiefs vs. Rams Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Los Angeles Rams during Week 11 of the 2018 NFL season.

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75 Responses

  1. Yaginator says:

    I’m a Chiefs fan, but this was a fantastic game. Both teams played their hearts out. In spite of all the penalties the Chiefs got, both teams had great moments.

    Well done, Rams.

  2. Quantrell Myles says:

    I definitely feel like my team doesn’t have a chance now

  3. Rich Harrow says:

    I know I’m in the minority… But that was not great football… It was entertaining… But No way the Saints… Patriots or Chargers getting 50 hung on them in a game of that magnitude… Brees , Brady or Rivers are not turning the rock over 5 times either giving the game away..

  4. Sam Hens says:

    This game has literally everything. Best football game ive ever seen period.

  5. deez putts says:

    Honestly, if the chiefs were more disciplined, they would probably be the best team in the NFL. They were very sloppy early on and gave up wayyy too many penalties. The fact that they were that sloppy and still kept the game close speaks volumes.

    • MexicanSoup69 says:

      Rams had bs calls them..and rams weren’t even playing at their best

    • MexicanSoup69 says:

      If kupp and talib were there boy it’s over for the Chiefs

    • deez putts says:

      MexicanSoup69 the funny thing is that the chiefs weren’t even close to their best. Mahomes had an off night if we’re being honest. The only reason his stats were insane was because Tyreek Hill went off. Hill was the real MVP for the chiefs last night.

    • John S says:

      As a patriots fan, I will say that the they will not beat the chiefs twice this season. The chiefs are a great team but they will not beat the Saints. The Saints are way too explosive for anyone’s defence

    • Eriksworld9k Eriksworld9k says:

      No one cares the chiefs lost……sorry

  6. Caden Presley says:

    The BEST match I’ve seen this year so far. Just….wow.

  7. Zack Mont says:

    Now this is what I call an entertaining NFL game.

  8. Robert Coe says:

    So basically, this game was two 6th graders playing Madden on easy using a cover 2 D the entire time? Got it.

  9. E. Newman says:

    Welcome to the new NFL on earth does each team put up 50 points? Its just like the n.b.a where teams are scoring 150 each.

  10. Lil Qay says:

    This might be the greatest game I ever saw in the nfl💯

  11. Shevin Smith Jr. says:

    They turned this into a classic big 12 game 😂🔥🔥🔥

  12. Zachary Learning says:

    Mahomes is a champion. Champions learn, adjust and adapt. The two games the Chiefs have lost were away games against two of the best teams in the league. I’m excited to watch this kid grow.

  13. Jose Diaz asmr says:

    Goff went Off now he enjoy burger on the floor hazelhoff

  14. Rowell LeFrancios Jr. says:

    Such a VERY BAD no call when the Rams scored to get 30 points! Should have been an off sides call! It was clear as day too! If you take that TD back who knows. Maybe they still score, maybe they do not! I hate it when I watch a great game like this, fire all night back and forth, but in the back of my mind, even more so how the game ended, i wonder….what if the REF got it right? IDK say they do not get the TD. That changes the whole end of the game when the Rams have NO time outs! KC gets the ball with a little over a min and would NEVER throw the ball, just run the clock, and maybe play for OT. Or just play to get the Fg… What if…. Both of these teams are great. I am a Pats fan. I can not help shake that feeling of what if…. And maybe they still get the TD…. What if the ref got it right. I hate that feeling!

  15. I am King says:

    Can we just have the ram and chiefs play again for Thanksgiving.
    I don’t think no one wants to see the Redskins and cowboys play anyways.
    -sincerely a Redskins fan.

  16. BrocktheBoxer Pup says:

    I want this to be the Super Bowl so bad. The best game i’ve ever seen. WOW. QB’s of the future in an instant classic. Goff is more like Brady and Mahomes is more like Rodgers. GREAT game.

  17. 100 subscribers with no video challenge says:

    I hate when people say these teams have no defense, half the points were made in defense and there was a lot of turnovers. Game of year ⚡️
    -Vikings fan
    P.S we suck this year

  18. Gabriel Flores says:

    All I was thinking in my head is that this game is never going end

  19. Jonas Stalpaert says:

    Greatest regular season NFL game I’ve ever seen, hands down

  20. Ahmad Abdullah says:

    Man! What a Game!! Patrick Mahome put up some ridiculous numbers, They should have won this game on the road, but those turnovers were costly at the end. But man I feel like there really wasn’t a loser in this one, If either one of these teams ever get a defense, look out! I can’t see any other teams in the NFL beating either of these teams, with the exception of the saints, but thats the Rams problem they are in the NFC

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