Chiefs vs. Seahawks Week 16 Highlights | NFL 2018

Chiefs vs. Seahawks Week 16 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Seattle Seahawks during Week 16 of the 2018 NFL season.

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89 Responses

  1. Sergio Buryy says:

    Seahawks, ravens, and Steelers are the types of teams to choke against mediocre or bad teams then beat an amazing team lmao we’re so lopsided but that’s what I like about us, we’re underdogs. And espn can go suck it for saying we’ll be 4-12

  2. tony frazier says:

    Offense wins you games, defense wins you championship’s.

    • William Lee says:

      Wrong, good defense takes away your big plays, that is why MVP QB routinely failed, so comes “defense wins you championship”.

    • Jason Brazil says:

      +William Lee Right on defense wins championships, wrong on Mahomes failing, hes been a monster every game all season, indisputable.

    • William Lee says:

      +Jason Brazil I didn’t say Mahomes is failing.

    • Akarn Elskask says:

      +William Lee Except with that logic you can say that defense wins everything. You give no credit to an offense for anything when it’s always the fault of poor defense. You can’t stop everything. I’d like to see you explain to these defenders and coaches how to stop a QB that can thread a needle, drop a ball in a bucket 50 yards away, or defend one-handed catches. It must be expected at this level because you know it can be done.

    • Tommy Dashed says:

      +Akarn Elskask Seattles defense had two takeaways and some critical stops. KC defense just folded like wet paper when the game was on the line.

  3. Artie Langes says:

    Mahomes trips and falls


    Russell Wilson drops a dime for 60 yards

    Chris Collinsworth: Russell Wilson is such a hard worker.

    ALL GAME. Please get Peyton Manning in there instead. CC is just awful at times.

  4. Chill_412 0 says:

    Wilson is highly underrated, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Seahawks, Saints championship game

    • kevnyor Jollywood 92502 gaming says:

      +Champions im not gonna lie i thought we were gonna lose this game but i was wrong i did watch the full game my gosh my QB Russell Wilson should be MVP forget about the pro bowl hes gonna win a super bowl

    • VonJay says:

      That sounds like a really good matchup

    • Champions says:

      +kevnyor Jollywood 92502 gaming we should but he wont because as colin says if u cant throw a no look prayer no one will notice u

    • William Lee says:

      That is nearly impossible, because they will likely meet in 2nd round.

  5. Ricky Miranda says:

    There needs to be a superbowl at this stadium

    • Ricky Miranda says:

      +Grouchy Grouch IK I freaking hate that but they still had a superbowl at NYC -.-

    • william alvin says:

      Its because the clink is a smaller stadium doesn’t have enough seats, it would be awesome if there was a superbowl in Seattle

    • Anony Moose says:

      +william alvin, Century Link is the 18th largest by capacity and the difference between there and the 10th largest is 4,000 seats. Typically they add seats for such events too. The reason they’ll never host a SB is because of location.

    • Pimp Lord Matt says:

      It’ll be “too cold”. Kinda bullshit but it makes sense as the weather in Seattle is very unpredictable. Stadium and everything else is fine though.

  6. Truth Official says:

    Do the chiefs ever win a big game?

    • Z• T• says:

      They beat the ravens that was sorta a big game.

    • Loyal Wife says:

      They beat the Ravens, Steelers, chargers at home and close in the others. They’re defense is they’re kryptonite. They’re defense will make Russell or any qb and their offense looks good. They’re offense and special team is one of the best in the nfl, but d will make them fail as a team. Have to be all around well balanced to survive playoffs and consistent . It’s a lot of teams that will be one and done because their missing a piece of the team . Exciting to watch which teams will fix their issues right before playoffs and survive too SB

    • Truth Official says:

      +Loyal Wife ravens are at best wildcard and they won by 2 miracles. Steelers not making the playoffs if the ravens win, and the charges dont have a home field. The defense is the kryptonite because all the money is invested so that the offense can do what u see dem do now?‍♂️

    • Loyal Wife says:

      +Truth Official but ravens have the #1 defense. A few teams that are in playoffs are potential one and done because they lack something and not consistent. Let’s just see which teams will fix their issues come play ok time. So excited to watch

    • Raymond Reddington says:

      Mahomes is an electric talent, but turnovers and a poor defense have killed them in big games, not a recipe for a championship!

  7. Born Villain says:

    Pete Carroll –> Coach of the year.

    • Deeks says:

      Think about the players that left the Hawks in the off season and the players that replaced them… then tell me another coach more deserving. Sherman, Thomas (broken leg early), Chancelor, Avril, Bennett, Richardson…On the O side, Graham and Richardson, nearly brand new O line filled with no name guys and converted Defensive players and basketball players lol…. Most of these positions were replaced by Rookies CB/Safety and no name cast outs from other teams. How many pro bowls did those Defensive guys account for all together…. crazy to think about really.

    • CottonCandyRandy says:

      It’s gonna be Nagy, mark my word.

    • William Lee says:

      Tom Brady would have won 10 SB win with Pete Carroll.

    • Loyal Wife says:

      We’ll see cause they did lose to niners last week if they stay consistent all through than yes. Seattle is just like few other teams up and down

    • Johnny Tsunami says:

      Firebolt35 if anything there GM should the award for acquiring Khalil Mack. That’s what took them to the next level.

  8. Seattle Seahawks says:

    Skip to 13:47 for that ridiculous catch by DB89!

    • Facts says:

      Sunday’s game was yet another example of what makes these Seahawks so dangerous. They controlled the game by dominating the clock, holding the football for just over 35 minutes. They gashed the Chiefs’ porous defense for 210 yards on the ground (with Chris Carson gaining 116 yards and scoring two touchdowns), while Wilson passed for 271 yards and three scores. The Seahawksalso fought through a collection of offensive line injuries that required that unit to be reshuffled at various times throughout the game.

      Ya, keep sleeping on the Seahawks…???

    • Facts says:

      “But then something happened. A running game that was MIA in the two previous seasons blossomed into the best in the league. A secondary tasked with replacing the Legion of Boom started stifling some of the top passing attacks in the NFL.”

      “A quarterback who Carroll said was trying too hard early in the first two weeks went on what might be the best 13-game stretch of his career.”

      “And now they’re here. In the playoffs. Who would have thought?”

      “We showed people that anything is possible,” said Seahawks receiver David Moore. “We showed that anything that can happen as long as you fight and play with your brothers.”


    • El Alacrán Morado says:

      Seattle Seahawks their being sarcastic

    • Tommy Dashed says:

      +Flyboyminer When professional football started there were zero motion capturing cameras. Having referees is tradition.

      Just keep thinking you have everything figured out in your young age and let me know how it works out for you.

  9. George Kolotouros says:

    How much gum did Pete Carroll go through at that game ?

  10. Big Guy says:

    I’m not a Seahawks fan but they’re looking damn good.

  11. King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me says:

    Seahawks really overecheved this team was supposed to rebulid this year and made the playoffs hats off to them ???

  12. deez putts says:

    I don’t know what it is but somehow the chiefs bring out the best in every team they play ?

  13. Darren Chng says:

    The Seattle Seahawks came very close to beating the LA Rams twice this year (33-31 and 36-31). This time in the playoffs they will!

    • Sea Hawks says:

      We already dismantled the’owboys once this year, you think you can beat us in the playoffs with Wilson’s experience and poise, yea…no

    • Brian says:

      JackGeezy The Bears are a bigger threat to the Rams.

    • Tommy Dashed says:

      +Cameron Harpel If both teams keep winning they would meet in the NFC championship… sometimes you should think before you type.

    • Cameron Harpel says:

      +Tommy Dashed It’s hardly likely to happen, as the Seahawks have to beat the Cowboys and the Saints, which are both road games…LMAO

  14. nobody says:

    As a cowboys fan it makes me uncomfortable knowing there’s a high chance it will be Cowboys Vs Seahawks in a wildcard game. Hawks are balling out right now.

    • nobody says:

      +Angel Salgado I am a real cowboys fan but you’re obviously not knowledged enough to know that the Seahawks are top 3 hottest teams in the entire league right now. It would be smart for the cowboys to know what they’re going up against & not be too cocky like the Colts game.

    • Greg Johnson says:

      Boys D good this year but still struggled against mobile QBs (Cam, Russ and Mariota)

    • Sahib Mostafa says:

      @nobody I am hoping we face the Vikings or eagles instead Seahawks Russell Wilson looking too dangerous

    • KING peach says:

      If cowboys couldn’t beat us in the past few year they couldn’t beat us now, the last game we played against the cowboys they only scored field goals ?‍♂️I’m just saying

    • John Campos says:

      Yeah buddy.

  15. Pepijn van Kempen says:

    I feel like the seahawks are the most unpredictable team in the nfl 🙂

  16. SolsticeBeautyByJessica says:

    I hope this win will shut Deion Sanders up. Nah, probably not.

  17. SolsticeBeautyByJessica says:

    I just know Paul Allen is looking down on this one

  18. Jakob Rodestock says:

    This is the “Russell Wilson is the best quarterback in the NFL” button

  19. Austin Duncan says:

    Coming from a KC fan I’m not even mad we lost to the seahawks… Russ is beast and so is Baldwin GG

  20. ifitscool says:

    Russell Wilson is the definition of underrated.

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