CHILD ABDUCTION (Social Experiment) – Child Abduction Prank

CHILD ABDUCTION (Social Experiment) – Child Abduction Prank

One Share can save a child.
CHILD ABDUCTION (Social Experiment) – Child Abduction Prank

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20 Responses

  1. Theo van der Meulen says:

    Wat was er gebeurt met Dorien als ik vragen mag? Was er ook iemand die jouw
    kind wilde meelokken of is je zelf dat eens overkomen vroeger als kind? :s

  2. Maria DeLiefste says:

    Oooo meen je. +Dorien Meeus​ damn girl wat heb je gedaan gelijk woute
    gebeld? Pfff vage shit enge dingen meis

  3. Sergio Molleda Gonzalez says:

    too manipulated. It would be best to show the actual statistics of the
    experiment and some of the cases of the kids who DIDN’T follow him too.

  4. Mehmet Ali Demirci says:

    Thanks for idea i”ll kidnap some puppies with kids

  5. GobbleMikeHawk says:

    Kids that age barely know they exist, why would they ever manage to
    remember what mom/dad tells them not to do….

  6. Kai Yan says:

    this is awesome!!! Everyone who is watching this must share it on any type
    of social media with your friends and family because you will never know
    how much helpful it is going to be.

  7. John KT says:

    I wish there was a behind the scenes and a video of you going back to the
    mother after taking the kid so we can get an extension of their reaction.
    I don’t know if you know what i mean

  8. Jennifer Thomas says:

    So scary.

  9. xXJasonVelocityXx says:

    dat fact at the end though!

  10. tristan vinglansky says:

    If I have kids I am sure as hell not living in a big city

  11. Russell Green says:

    This is scary ! . anyone with little kids needs to watch this

  12. Kamikaze Gorilla says:

    Needless fear-mongering.

  13. Quinniequinnquin presents says:

    Thank you for doing this, it is a fear in every parents heart. We all need
    to make sure we are teaching the importance of strangers.

  14. Kristeen C. M.Jordan says:

    Kids must watch this video.

  15. Cody Carson says:

    Time to sit down, and actually explain the dire importance of this to my
    children. That was wayyyy to easy.

  16. ReachOut Resources says:

    A fantastic video. Well done you! Ignore all the haters – they are just
    just causing an argument for the sake of it. It doesn’t matter that MOST
    children are taken by someone they know, what does matter is SOME children
    are taken by strangers. The statistics are irrelevant. One child – is one
    child too many!!! Yes your video only shows the kids who went with you, but
    what is the point in showing the kids that didn’t. You are doing your bit
    to raise awareness of stranger abductions – you never professed to be
    raising awareness of parent/custody abductions – someone else will be doing
    their bit for that!
    Small steps – great results – thank you for sharing it.

  17. Ballers Life says:

    BE AWARE PARENTS. Awesome experiment though dude. You can save a lot of
    lives with this vid. You’ve earned yourself a new subscriber.

    Good content overall.

  18. Basara Baskenji says:

    Wow, I’m surprised there are no comments yet. Must use Lemon Juice and heat
    to reveal.

  19. James Zheng says:

    OMG finally a good social experiment that is not attention seeking like

  20. Sarah O says: