Childhood Crushes 4

Childhood Crushes 4

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Trash Taste boys:

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  1. Emirichu says:

    If you’ve been watching these since the very first one I uploaded in 2019, thank you so much!! Q___Q I really love the conversation-format style of videos but I think it’s time I retire Childhood Crushes and illustrate other topics! (idk maybe one day I’ll make a 5th one but there are no plans for it)
    I was really really nervous about whether people would like this one bc I know it’s been a while since the last one but I hope you enjoyed!!

  2. TJ Toons says:

    It’s pretty bittersweet to find that this is the last time you’ll be making a Childhood Crush video but I understand where you’re coming from and it’s been some of the most fun just sitting down with a morning coffee just watching everyone banter with so much passion for their crushes.

    It also must have been your most time-consuming video to make and we all appreciate the effort you put into it! I’m sure many will continue to go back and enjoy this form of content for many years to come! Good job in the video!! 🎉

  3. Althea says:

    Let’s not forget that this series is the reason why Emily’s entire fanbase cyberbullied her into watching Avatar and she proceeded to make 2 animatics about it.
    While it’s sad to see it end, I’m more excited to see what other topics you cover in your future conversational style videos!

    PS: Emily’s blonde crush was actually the very first crush she mentioned at the start of this series: Legolas (although I guess it’s technically gold, LOTR fans don’t come for me)

  4. JigRabble says:

    I could actually think of ways to keep milking this topic by having different guests per installment, but yeah i can see the concern of not wanting to do too much. I loved this series so much surprisingly bcs i didn’t realize how many childhood crushes I had on most of the characters ya’ll would mention. Sad to see it go, but it was a fun run nonetheless o7

    Hope you’re having fun at Japan as well

  5. Heather Feathersong says:

    Kronk is a valid crush you kidding? Just prime husband material right there. He’s funny, he’s hunky, he’s good with kids, with animals, he can cook and clean, good with people in general. I can’t imagine any parent who would dislike this man if their daughter (or son) brought in a man like Kronk. Sure he’s not the brightest but he has common sense and a good heart so that more then makes up for it.

  6. Danielle Inightlin says:

    “Daidus literally in the next room” I’M DEAD.

    And I wanted to say I’ve had such a good time watching all your childhood crushes videos, Emily!

  7. Hailey -Senpai says:

    I love how talking about childhood crushes can tell you a lot about a person, mostly on how much therapy they might need 😂

    • Chin Yang says:

      So … If I say .. like the tomboy from Pretty cure And the Demon girl from Princess Yuchi what does that say about me . Those 2 anime will forever be my first anime I’ve watched aside from Dgray and Vanhelsing . I was 9 or 11

    • sky says:

      @🫀BubbłGum 🌈 fr I ended up there, won’t recommend

    • Carla Cupcake says:


    • 87Goats🇺🇦 says:

      @order-sol’s last brain cell what ummm what you doing there on you computer?

    • Whispurr C4t says:

      Well in that case, I need moderate therapy.
      Half of my past crushes were literally just a subconscious form of seeking self-therapy too, so– XD

  8. Edward Hardin says:

    I hope you continue this series in the future with just the guests discussing and you just being a host who can chime in at anytime. I wasn’t allowed access to most of the media’s that you guys all watched and read, so I use this series to help me relive my childhood and imagining what it would be like to experience any of this.

  9. lspoe1513 says:

    I love how Conner just carried on, he didn’t care what the outcome was he just wanted to complete the mission. My man Conner is a real milf admirer he just continued.

  10. How Powerful Is... says:

    So, me and my friends have watched this series mainly as a joke, so we can make inside jokes on the topic of anime crushes. I think for the first time ever, all 5 of us went “Yes!” On esdeath. Thank you for that

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