Children From Latino Families Reveal Sacrifices Their Parents Made

Children From Latino Families Reveal Sacrifices Their Parents Made

I work as hard as I do to make you proud and I’ll never stop because you gave me that drive.

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20 Responses

  1. Alexis Russell says:

    their hair is awesome?

  2. JetThrowW M says:


  3. perla jaimes says:

    I was crying the whole time

  4. David Buschhorn says:

    I saw a picture of my great great grandfather, in his forties, in a boat he
    and his brothers built, skimming across New York harbor with a steam engine
    they’d built over a period of several months. They had geared it through a
    grease-and-oil-spraying transmission to bring the 600RPMs it would make up
    to enough to really get a propeller screaming.

    In the photo, they’re laughing and cheering. I wish I knew what happened to
    that engine and boat.

    In the end the brothers separated and scattered across the country.

    I accidentally found my third cousins when I came out to go to school in

    My New Jersey-based father had applied to Idaho State (in Pocatello) when
    he was in HS. His guidance counselor had told her students to apply
    anywhere far away. In the future you will always know you could have gone
    somewhere. And that always applies. You can always… go.

    Their father was there when my father would have been at ISU, had he not
    gone to Rutgers.

    It’s like we were destined to find each other…

    I grew up and left Maryland to go to school 2500 miles away on the other
    side of the continent and ran right into them all. They were in my classes.
    Natalie lived across the street from me. It was so weird.

  5. Jourden Toliver says:

    +Oralia Roman it’s not about wanting the others to get hate.. It’s just
    pointing out the irony that only the one with black families got hate.

  6. Archie Andrews says:

    Let me guess, no white version?

    I remember when progress and liberalism meant women get to vote or colored
    get to go to school. Now it’s basically “muh feels”.

  7. Stefan Ritter (StahlRitter) says:

    You know that now that you’ve done three races, you have to do the rest,

  8. Mary Winsor says:

    I don’t know why Buzzfeed is separating these kinds of videos with race. I
    KNOW, that all races and ALL families have struggles and have made
    sacrifices to have a good life. I think that so many people perceive that
    all white people who are born in the USA are wealthy and have never had
    struggles but that IS NOT TRUE. They need to stop separating these by race
    and just call them: ” Children Reveal Sacrifices Their Parents Have Made.”
    Because its not just Asian, African American, or Latino people who have had

  9. Amanda Castellanos-Salazar says:

    This is incredibly beautiful and sad. Thanks for the video love it.

  10. Daniel “Elijah” Maximoff says:

    Yet Trump and White Americans who lived a perfect carefree life in the
    suburbs don’t care.

  11. Fanta fan says:

    im crying …

  12. Leslie La says:

    I can relate to all of them, my parents came here from Vietnam with nothing

  13. manuel jorge says:

    Lol all the negative comments in this video is not racist white people but
    from black people complaining how this video did not get as much as the
    other video

  14. alexsoaddicted says:

    i hope i’m not the only one who cried.

  15. Keilly Gomez says:

    I remember when I told my mom that I loved my aunt more than her…Now I
    see how much that hurted her and I love her so much she is working to 5 Am
    to 9 Pm just to provide for my brother my baby sister and My oldest
    brother. My mom also has to send money to El Salvador cause my Grandma Is
    gravely sick..I’m sorry mommy I love you so much I’d do anything for you!
    right away when i turn 14 next year i promise i’ll get a job and help you
    pay the bills and send grandma money

  16. famousx says:

    Where’s all the racist comments and “why only Latinos?” comments from white
    people?? Everyone love hating on black people.

  17. Exact M says:

    Illegals murdered more then 3000 people in Texas ALONE in the last 4 years
    with 1.6million Illegals

    To put that in Perspective Australia a country of 23 million has 250-300
    murders per year,
    Illegals kill many times more Americans in Texas alone then the entire
    Country of Australia’s Murder rate overall.

  18. Rachel Solano says:

    Ugh it sucks I never went to El Salvador and see all my family ????

  19. katherinehayes says:

    do more! Asians, Middle Easterns, etc! they’re so relatable and have
    beautiful messages :)

  20. emogirlhashervengz says:

    I need to guy my parents right now ㅠㅡㅠ