Children interrupt BBC News interview – BBC News

Children interrupt BBC News interview – BBC News

There was an unexpected distraction for Professor Robert Kelly when he was being interviewed live on BBC News about South Korea. But he managed to keep his composure and complete the interview successfully.

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20 Responses

  1. Dima Novoseletsky says:

    this is his korean wife? and two european-korean child?

  2. Oni Lee says:

    She’s not nanny but mother. Stop saying nanny. That stereotype is racism

  3. 82pot says:

    the only reason he didn’t get up is because he doesn’t have trousers on

  4. Moji O says:

    He shouldn’t apologise for his children, they were the best part of the interview ?

  5. moglimogify says:

    I lost it when the second baby rolled in wave his arms!!!!

  6. dadygee says:

    This is why I dont´t work from home.

  7. K YJ says:

    She looks like the flash(DC Character)

  8. noname here says:

    She’s not nanny. That little girl was saying “why mom why~~” in korean. It’s dad’s mistake not to lock the door while having an important interview. The mommy is not to be blamed. So disgusting expressions like “fire that asian nanny” what a racists!

  9. Kyung Yong Han says:

    Seems like his Korean wife, since children are speaking Korean. I like when baby is walking into room after his sister.

  10. The_Angry_Raccoon says:

    It would have been a lot less worse if she didn’t burst in like the flash and literally drag the kids out while exiting the room like something from The Grudge.

    Just walk in and pick up the children and walk out like nothing happened…..

  11. hyoseon kim says:

    she is mother!  Why do you think she’s a nanny? Because she is Asian woman?

  12. Mohit Jha says:

    Hahaha I was amazing.
    I luv this video.
    can anyone provide me the link of this full interview.

  13. YoshiPeach Mario says:

    Hmmm, he doesnt seem too happy with what happened. In that situation, a loving guy would obviously be embarrassed, but smiling like mad because your kids are just so fun.
    Here he looks like hes going to burst a blood vessel, and the wife genuinely looks stressed that her kids are barging in on daddys room

  14. l'oo'l says:

    You know  racism against Asians go ignored, unpunished, and unacknowledged. WHY? Seriously.

  15. prisylovemty20 says:

    First of all, this man is a professor in Korea, forgive him for being surrounded by millions of Korean women and winding up married to one. Furthermore, even if this man was in the states/the UK, assuming that the woman bursting in to retrieve the kids is a nanny would also be fucked up. White men are allowed to marry minorities in the states/the UK, it is not at all uncommon. In conclusion, us Americans can only hope that WHEN Donald Trump gets impeached, a professor of political science goes on CNN from home and his/her adorable kids barge in on him/her while his/her frantic Asian/Black/Latinx/White/Native/Middle Eastern/ETC wife/husband retrieves the kids in an attempt to have the ordeal go unnoticed thus causing viral, hilarious uproar.

  16. Retro Gaiden says:

    If i was him, i’d hold child on my lap and continue to do the interview, be it the queen, the president or anyone, family comes first no matter what

  17. Chris Thompson says:

    Put kid on knee and smile = internet hero.

  18. Micheal L says:

    I lost it when the baby decided to come in too ?

  19. PATRICK K says:

    He could’ve planned all that to occur during this interview to instantly get viral

  20. integer says:

    lol the comment section is pure cancer. are all Koreans butthurt libtards? I hope not. we don’t really have any Korean nannies or janitors or room service or whatever in Russia, but when I saw the woman I instantly thought she was a nanny. It’s not her ethnicity, it’s the way she’s acting. And her tacky appearance. If it was a white blond girl and she was acting like that, with her hair in a careless ponytail, I’d also assume she was a nanny.

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