Chilling last text of British billionaire stuck in missing Titanic sub revealed

Chilling last text of British billionaire stuck in missing Titanic sub revealed

The chilling final text of a British billionaire trapped inside the Titanic-bound submersible that vanished deep below the water off Newfoundland on Sunday revealed that weather had been bad for sea travel in the days leading up to the trip.

A day before the OceanGate Expeditions-operated sub was launched, renowned world explorer Hamish Harding sent his friend, retired NASA astronaut Colonel Terry Virts, an update on his grand voyage set to drop 12,500 feet overwater to view the famous shipwreck.


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49 Responses

  1. Arnold Fernbladst says:

    As a former submarine sailor, I can assure you that regardless of how bad the weather might be, once you’re below 600 feet, the weather on the surface isn’t even noticed.

    • Joshua Bacon says:

      None of them are mentioning the alien base near the wreckage of the Titanic

    • Kathyrn J Maver says:

      What are currents like when you get below 600 feet? Are they constant?

    • Arnold Fernbladst says:

      @Kathyrn J Maver We were in a BAD storm off the coast of Washington State and at 600 feet we barely felt any shifting, where as at periscope depth, the boat was rolling 35° side to side. Trust me – at 12,000 feet, you’d feel nothing.

    • Kathyrn J Maver says:

      @Arnold Fernbladst Fascinating. and thank you for your service!

    • Tine Tannies says:

      @Joshua Bacon Yes, it’s suspiciously also close to the deep sea tinfoil hat factory. A coincidence? I think not.

  2. Riot Ashley says:

    “The weather is bad.”

    Most bone-chilling, heart-attack inducing and absolutely terrifying message of all time.

  3. BK says:

    Tragic and terrifying.

  4. Becca A says:

    He’s only two years younger than my dad. I can’t imagine losing him in such a brutal way. I truly feel for this man’s family. He has two teenage sons and a wife.

  5. Nightmare Stitcher says:

    It was doomed from the start, that subs crush depth was only 200m deeper than the titanic, that’s way to close a margin to even consider going on that particular sub.

    • OH Snap says:

      Nah it probably could withstand more, and the safety margin was calculated into the max dive depth. They don’t say hey this is the absolute max, it could be 5-10% more than than that based on whatever margin they used.

    • Nightmare Stitcher says:

      @OH Snap  crush depth is max, there is no 5-10% for error. Pressure at that depth isn’t forgiving.

    • OH Snap says:

      @nightmarestitcher474  did they say crush depth? Or is it rated for that depth? Big difference, all I’ve seen it say that it’s the maximum depth, which could mean anything. I’ve worked on industrial equipment for a long time, if let’s say a construction hoist has a max capacity of weight, the machine can take more than that, we even test it with 120% weight to make sure the brakes can still work with it overloaded, but the maximum is still below that point. That’s because of saftey margins incorporated in the desgin. 13000 ft could be just the safety margin, it more than likely be able to go further down without losing structural integrity, they just use 13000 to make sure your not actually testing the actual limit where the danger actual is

    • MyFriendlyPup says:

      They use dollarama urinals and an Xbox controller

    • Bruce Jemcek says:

      Way TOO close a margin. TOO has an excess of Os, and is used to denote excess. That’s how you remember to use TOO or TO.

  6. Mary Ann watkins says:

    They have used this submersible on several trips. The structure probably became compromised because of the repeated exposure to all that pressure.

  7. Teresa says:

    Everyone is talking about the game control being the big issue but actually the biggest issue is the lack of safety. Not even a Basic Safety Beacon on board.

  8. Jamie Sehdev says:

    Just because you understood the risks doesn’t mean you expected to die that day??….

    • Nute says:

      I Under stand that Sunny Bono didn’t expect to hit a tree sking ⛷️ a dying !! I just think this is just horrible that this happened but how did they get a permit to go to the titanic . I thought its a grave site 13000 feet under water 💦

    • Randy Swanson says:

      It makes me not care one bit.

    • Derrick Thompson says:

      ​@Randy SwansonI agree 100% there are things we just shouldn’t do!

    • Derrick Thompson says:

      ​@NuteBecause they are rich, in case you don’t understand, that means they have money, lots of it! And that can get you just about anything you want.

    • Hazmania says:

      @Derrick Thompson Yep, like a $250k coffin, and a burial at sea.

  9. yagle hoole says:

    It”s a goner. Something went terribly wrong. Otherwise the submersible could have been emitting pings to the mothership and shot off emergency buoys with sonar and RF blaring SOS.

  10. Liam Kneeson says:

    That was so chilling especially the part about the weather

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