Chinese rocket debris falls over Indian Ocean

Chinese rocket debris falls over Indian Ocean

A huge piece of space junk made an uncontrolled re-entry back into Earth’s atmosphere Saturday night. The remnants of a Chinese rocket re-entered the atmosphere and crashed into the Indian Ocean north of the Maldives. CBS News’ Danya Bacchus reports. Read more here:

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39 Responses

  1. mzgranger says:

    When it hits a politician’s house is when they’ll do something.

  2. trapped cat says:

    Imagine being a fish just minding your own business trying to survive in a polluted ocean and then to make things worse a rocket lands on you.

    • 何旋Saeed says:

      in the meantime fukushima fish: there a zombie on your lawn~

    • Kitty Cat says:

      Imagine being a fish just minding your own business trying to survive in a polluted ocean and then to make things worse a gazillion gallons radioactive water from Fukushima nuclear reactor come down on you or one of the 500 American rockets land on you! It sucks to be a fish! LOL

    • room service says:

      @kimberly guerrero when you realize you are one of those humans

    • Jeffstan F says:

      Lets declare war against China for fishes that might be landed by a 23 tonnage rockets. Be strong, we are gods creature that share rights to uphold a rule based system without uncontrolled debris. Wipe Chinese space force out.

    • Jeffstan F says:

      @Zhiqiang Zhou U are making me laughing hard. Are Chinese allow to have lottery ? Oh, u do. Win a chnace to blcok nuclear distater “Vollunteerly”

  3. procrastinator9 says:

    I remember when I was about to turn 13 on Friday the 13th Skylab was about to crash to earth. I was convinced my bad luck increased the likelihood of it hitting me. I think it landed a few days earlier in the ocean somewhere.

  4. john doe says:

    I see this Long March went as well as the last one.

  5. Abdulka boy says:

    Now every one can sleep until the next launch. Am I right

  6. Vitalis Geraldo says:

    Finally I can stop sleeping under my hard table 😂

  7. Papa Bu says:

    As long as the news title contain ‘China’, it will go to the top hit

  8. Drinell Williams says:

    I remember being a little boy in the 70’s. And I and a lot of us were terrified that the space lab was going to come crashing down on us all.

  9. Big Country Mountain Man says:

    They try to make it sound so horrific. She said as it littered across the sky LOL. There was no littering. Besides what little bit went in the ocean. Everything else burned to Ash

  10. Christina Woodard says:

    Thank the Lord! I was praying it didn’t hit land. 🙏🙏🙏

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