Chinese Spouting Bowl in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

Chinese Spouting Bowl in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

Dan bought a Chinese Spouting Bowl (or sprouting bowl according to Dan). Gav filmed the bowl. It made me thirsty.
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Is it a good idea to Microwave this?

2nd Channel!

Chinese Spouting Bowl in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys
Filmed at 2500fps on the Phantom Flex

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20 Responses

  1. Candi Soda says:

    Can you guys shoot two bullets at each other in slo mo?

    Mythbusters did it, but half assed it and wasn’t able to get it on camera

  2. Tahprimua War Walker says:

    Shoot a lot of bubbles with a lot of bullets from a machine gun

  3. Sputony says:

    What is this black magic? This is witchcraft!

  4. CiderDivider says:

    Gavin is a MASTER a getting the right exposure in his shots. Beautiful!

  5. NowakP says:

    For those interested:
    – the “high annoying sound” at 1:50 seems to be (at least to my ears) a F7 which apparently is 2793.8 Hz,
    – throughout 1:54 – 1:56 it sounds mostly like G3 at 196 Hz and then Dan finishes the piece with a glorious F3 at 174.61 Hz.

    Of course with every sound you can hear A LOT of harmonics going on, so I just picked the notes that were the most prominent (again, to my ears); also they’re not perfectly on pitch so their “true” frequencies would actually be slightly different. Frequencies taken from Google by searching for “piano pitches and frequencies.

  6. Geforcelivingit says:

    You should do this again but add some food colouring in there! I’m kinda surprised that you didn’t!!

  7. Satish Murthy says:

    This is so beautiful in 1080p

  8. Henry Hungaski says:

    Put oobleck in that thing

  9. The silly guy says:

    Do pricking your finger in slow motion

  10. meowgoesthedog says:

    0:44 that bowl has obviously been heavily used ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. AWMdiva499 says:

    science side of youtube please explain this bowl to me, a nincompoop

  12. Digital Death says:

    This bowl takes playing with your food to a whole other level.

  13. Bob Franklin says:

    Did this give anyone else goosebumps?

  14. Daniel Scott says:

    Jake Paul is cancer + aids

  15. Juan Zuniga says:

    2:16 you’re welcome

  16. Earlsofduke says:


  17. Robert Brunello says:


  18. Lera Lego says:

    What did I just come into

    The wrong side of YouTube again

    Should I subscribe

  19. KH SM says:

    C’mon guys, there are so many things that more cool than this out there.
    So many youtube channel outthere has good slow mo content but not the camera.

  20. Colonel Cole says:

    You got my Alexa to activate when you said Alexa

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