Chipmunk caught red handed….kinda

Chipmunk caught red handed….kinda

This guy has been raiding my feeder. Caught him with his cheeks stuffed. Didn’t expect the reaction…..

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20 Responses

  1. Someone OnTheInternet says:

    God fucking damnit alvin, i know you like nuts but you dont need to put
    them all inside your mouth

  2. Dylan Gracias says:

    When your trainer catches you eating unhealthy stuff

  3. Nashiepoo says:

    Lmao.. “what you doin mister” …….Chipmunk. “blahhh*

  4. Adam Valdes says:

    This squirrel is an amateur. Could of had the seed And got away.

  5. pwoodson21 says:

    “Thats kinda gross” – fjwjr 2016

  6. MAD GAMERS CO.TM says:

    Lol just walk-runaway

  7. Sacrifice. says:


  8. Rain Chilly says:

    So cute

  9. Alyssa&Hannah Waren says:



  10. Erik Arustamyan says:

    why did it spit out the food?

  11. Serena Rowland says:

    hahaha????the chipmunk just spit all the food out when he got caught
    red handed and ran?????

  12. Chloe Torres says:

    lol sooooo adorable how guilty he acts

  13. Sasuke Uchiha says:

    That was nut…. nice ?

  14. Allana Porter says:


  15. Betatiki AJ says:

    when it spits it out. O MY GAWSH XD

  16. The Exiled Draco says:

    So…it’s not just a human thing…

  17. Lance Love says:

    gross..wny doesnt he just eat…

  18. Queenchazz says:

    they can fit a lot in their cheeks ??

  19. Fangirl Live says:

    I love how he spits it out like he knows he did something wrong

  20. Katherine Carey says:

    Lol. The chipmunk was just like FTSIO (Fuck This Shit I’m Out)