Chippendales Audition – SNL

Chippendales Audition – SNL

A panel of judges (Kevin Nealon, Mike Myers, Jan Hooks) watches two dancers, Adrian (Patrick Swayze) and Barney (Chris Farley), perform wild and sexy dances to earn a spot as a Chippendale, but one is a little sexier than the other. [Season 16, 1990]


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78 Responses

  1. Katy Hinton says:

    RIP Patrick and RIP Chirs, you were the best.

    • Devin Wilkes says:

      +Joey doink why you say that

    • Joey doink says:

      +Devin Wilkes let’s ask ourselves many questions… Why is a video from the 90’s getting uploaded in 2019? ( Because it’s Friday night and they r itching) who is Peter tork? ( Monkees group member) who are the monkees? A band before u were born I’m assuming. When did Peter tork die? Within 24 hours of this posting. Both Patrick and Chris are deceased. Same with Peter. If you are asking who Patrick and Chris are? Well.. we will let the public decide and the weekly lynching ceremony. Not all heroes wear capes

    • Devin Wilkes says:

      +Joey doink i know who chris farley was i grew up only to know him from Beverly hills ninja i was of course maybe still too young to ever see his snl

    • Joey doink says:

      +Devin Wilkes ahhhhh Chris Farley was a great man. Many other films that he was a part of. From black sheep, to Tommy boy, to coneheads and Billy Madison. Big or small roles; he was epic. then you must see the movie dirty dancing to yet this whole video. Ferris buellers day off? The sister of that movie and shwayze. ( The other guy). Find a lover, sit down and watch dirty dancing. I sure did. It was magical.

    • Devin Wilkes says:

      +Joey doink thats right tommy boy a d billy madison 🙂

  2. Austin Kelly says:

    Finally….IT’S ON YOUTUBE!!!

  3. ScarCrazy A.C. says:

    Press F to pay respects to the man, the legend, Chris Farley

  4. Fifty 1 Fifty says:

    About damn time they uploaded a legitimate copy!

  5. Tyler Palkovitz says:

    RIP Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze

  6. Michael Marquez says:

    It’s weird how they both are gone right, man great actors!

  7. MrLoboLoco says:

    Both taken way too early from us. R.I.P Patrick and Chris

  8. Diana Dobson says:

    Chris you were good, but Patrick you my man. ❤?

  9. DB Cooperino says:

    I see gods sexiest creation ever and then there’s that ugly Patrick Swayze there too I guess

  10. Total Control 871 says:

    Chris really was Nimble and quick for his size. RIP both

  11. AJ Welsh says:

    I gotta give it to Chris Farley for a fat man he really could move.

  12. Jake Marsing says:

    Three of the five people in this sketch are gone now. Such talent in that room.

  13. bigq1977 says:

    I so needed to see this on a Friday! True Classic!

  14. Sneps says:

    SNL finally dropped this sketch on youtube, TY. I don’t have to watch those junk uploads from randoms anymore! RIP Swayze and Farley

  15. Jake Gripp says:

    “But we can’t, we’re Chippendales”

  16. Tim LaTour says:

    I remember watching this live. Chris Farley was brand new to the show. We didn’t know at the time the legend he’d become, so when this aired, he was just the new guy. We were watching and when they started dancing, we were going, “aww…oh no…this poor guy.”

    And then he OWNED IT! Instant classic. Legendary sketch.

    This is like Hendrix breaking on the scene with Purple Haze. Chris announced his presence and we all took notice.

    Miss that dude so much.

    (And side note, what makes this sketch even better is the fact that Jan, Kevin, and Mike didn’t break. The seriousness on their face sells this sketch so well.)

    A perfect sketch.

  17. Jolene AngelicSin Garrett says:

    RIP to both of these legends… And this is such a classic… Love it… This just made my night!!! Xoxo

    • Daniel Boettcher says:

      One of my good friends and former roommate partied with Farley at a University of Wisconsin frat. He was known to frequent the area. Madison was his hometown

    • Jolene AngelicSin Garrett says:

      @Daniel Boettcher that is so awesome!!! It seems like everyone that i hv ever had the honor to talk to that got to meet him one time or another… Has said he was a down to earth guy… Have you heard Adam Sandler’s song for him? It seriously made me tear up… Xoxo

    • lieutenant AWOL says:

      +Daniel Boettcher Any good stories?

  18. Michael Buckelew says:

    I have no idea how Jan, Kevin and Mike kept their faces straight through it all.

  19. Jeff Remas Photography says:

    Probably one of the funniest skits ever with two men that are missed.

  20. Bethany Miller says:

    Pretty touching to look back and remember Patrick healthy and vibrant. He seemed to really suffer at the end of his fight. To Chris, we loved every fat roll on you! You inspired us all to do us and dance like no one was watching!!

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