Chlöe, Chris Brown – How Does It Feel (Official Video)

Chlöe, Chris Brown – How Does It Feel (Official Video)

Official video for “How Does It Feel” by Chlöe & Chris Brown

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Director: Arrad
EP: Austin Barbera
Head of Production//EP: Matias Letelier
SX Prod. Coordinator: Amber Bolden
Producer: Connor Gould
Production Manager: Kai Lusk
Production Coordinator: Clayton Johnson
1st AD: Jonas Morales
2nd AD: Damon Limbrick

DP: Corey Jennings
1st AC: Dima Shorin
1st AC: Dan Rodriguez
2nd AC: Garrett Hoffmann
DIT: Fabricio Di Santo
Steadicam Op: Chris Pino
Techno: Christian Hurley
Techno: Corey Keifer
Techno: Lucas Reilly

Key Grip: Charles Lenz
BB Grip: Andy Wilson
Grip: Matt King
Gaffer: Brad Jamieson
BB Electric: Chris Stanman
Electric: Ryan Moody
Electric: Myles Jamieson
Dimmer Board Op: Kiley Eter

Production Designer: Drew Cookson
Art Director: Gemma Fenol Banus
Leadman: Mark Rivadenerya
Set Dresser: Daniel Richmond
Set Dresser: Danielle Ramos
Set Dresser: Johnny Long
Set Dresser: Chris Schmidt
Art PA: Dylan Dovaston
Carpenter: Juan Torres

Choreographer: Fullout Cortland
Asst Choreographer: Josie Thompson

Chlöe Stylist: Jill Jacobs
Chlöe Hair: Fesa Nu
Chlöe Makeup: David Velasquez
Chlöe Nail Tech: Sojin Oh
Chlöe Tailor: Sugar Fernini

PA Truck: Evan Rowe
PA: Riley Grief
PA: Daved Olivencia
PA: Sara Hendrix
PA: Daved Olivencia
PA: Munkhbat Norovsambuu
Catering: Joel Sties
MOHO: Courtney Williams
MOHO: Mauricio Nave

Editor: Kevin VP
3D VFX: Rick Lancaster, Dana Berry, Blackhat VFX
VFX: Max Colt, Frender
Beauty: Bee Rhodes
Post Supervisor: Dan Gillette
Color: Bryan Smaller / Company3

Creative Director: Adrienne Raquel

Chlöe Management:
Parkwood Entertainment
Shermay Joh

Video Commissioner/EP: Jill Kaplan
Project Manager: Ricky Lawson
Marketing: Victoria White-Mason
Digital Marketing: Touré Ali Shiver, Chika Ifediora

BTS: Julian Dakdouk

Directors Rep: Tommy LaBuda / LaBuda Management

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25 Responses

  1. Andreona Myers says:

    Chloe did not come to play with nobody!! She’s not like all the other artists in her generation, just something different about her. She’s really serious and puts her all into it, I love it! So excited to watch her career take off even more in the future, Go Chlo Chlo!🔥❤

    • Joey says:

      @Marc CheshireChloe has the it factor

    • tdotwire101 says:

      don’t forget Normani ❤❤❤

    • Umeka 123 says:

      It’s nothing really different.. she dances and have good vocals like all the other artist.. everyone wants it’s harder.. I love Chloe her voice is good asf but also similar to Beyoncé that’s one of the reasons why I listen to her music bc she sounds like Beyoncé her sister voice is really unique

    • South side-Hornbaby says:

      @AG 95 between the two, who in your opinion is more likely to develop their own sound and image? Btw she sounds nothing like Billie, billie had richer deep chest voice and stronger vibrato. Hallie has clearer voice.

    • bbxy Ari says:

      @Andreona Myers best comment

  2. Pretty Reads says:

    The delivery 👏🏾 the energy 👏🏾 the passion is her voice👏🏾 the confidence in her steps👏🏾 Her vocals and performances draws me in very time ❤️‼️👑

  3. Aline Ribeiro says:

    Dont touch, its ART!!

    Fiquei até emocionada com essa química 🔥🫀 Obrigada por convidar o menino Chris para essa obra de arte!

  4. The Power From Within says:

    Great collaboration! Beautiful song! Chole looks amazing! Chris Brown can sing on any record, and it works, that’s a gift! Wonderful job!

  5. Allen Iverson says:

    Incrível como o Chris Brown se mantém em nível altíssimo artisticamente desde dos 16 anos. É uma lenda!

  6. sharktalez says:

    The visuals are everything! Love that Chris is in full support of Chloe. Chloe is unlike anyone in her gen, an absolute stand out and crazy talented. Love these two

  7. Teumarapopper says:

    Vocês podem não gostar do Chris, mas estão bem conscientes que ele é o melhor de todos os tempos .
    Não há Feat que ele não entrega tudo .
    Chloe maravilhosaaaaa ! Obrigada por acreditar no seu sonho de cantar com esse grande astro apesar das inúmeras críticas que sAbias que ias receber 🙏❤️
    Você não perdeu , só ganhou .
    Quem planta o odeio por ele é quem perde .
    Porque os melhores nascem a serem melhores

  8. JayeLove9Official says:

    I love it. The both of them did Usher justice 🎉💜💜 Chloe and Chris sound amazing. I really really appreciate this song.

  9. iamnotanARIES says:

    This has the potential to be a classic R&B song. And the visuals just make it better!
    Idk why y’all hate in Chloe so much when she so effing talented!

  10. Ernesto De Jesus says:

    Is it just me or does it get better everytime you hear it? I just feel like Chloe’s voice is therapeutic on another level – she’s running a race of her own, and that’s what makes her stand out for me personally. She is the amalgamation of greatness and immaculate execution. Love you loads, Chloe❤️❤️❤️. Then, of course, Chris Brown is an icon in his own right who has a reputation that speaks for itself; no introduction needed there. I’m actually more happy by the professionalism portrayed in the song. It’s a hit, I said what I said!!!! 😁 I’m more than satisfied with the collaboration🌞

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