Chlöe Is Too Hot For Us 🥵 | BET Awards ’22

Chlöe Is Too Hot For Us 🥵 | BET Awards ’22

Relive Chlöe’s scorching 2022 BET Awards performance! #Chlöe #BETAwards #CulturesBiggestNight


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28 Responses

  1. freddieMIX says:

    she is a STAR!!

  2. LaCrystal Martin says:

    First it was the fact that she was all natural from head to toe then it was like oh she can actually sing too and then she added the moves … definitely has it all! She did amazing !

  3. Mart Del Rey says:

    this performance is giving me goosebumps OMG, this woman is full of energy and talent

  4. Larry Allen says:

    Love watching this girl….no sorry this woman evolve! She has definitely come along way since her first performance last year. She’s totally on beat, musical arrangements are on point, dance breaks, and breath control are wow. Beyonce definitely made good on her investment and these ladies will continue to surpass everyone’s expectations including mines. Can’t wait to see Chloe’s legacy and body of work she’s going to leave behind. Proud fan.

  5. Summer VDV says:

    God, she is just such an excellent performer. Vocals, entertainment, breath control, dancing/choreography… amazing.

  6. Crohnie Queen says:

    She killed this performance I’m obsessed with her she’s so talented she’s a whole gift. I love she has no problem expressing her self

  7. Ree says:

    She’s so comfortable on stage… She treats the stage like it’s her Home…

  8. les jones says:

    she’s such a STAR! she just needs that one instant hit like Umbrella, Say So, Truth Hurts to take her to the top! excited for her debut album 🔥

    • MiamiDre says:

      @Jess You are spot on. I’ve been listening to her and her sister since the Kids are alright there are plenty of songs they could put on new albums that aren’t sexual that would become hits because of their popularity. This was my same argument with Tank and then he dropped the album Stronger which was sonically better than all his work because sex wasn’t forced and neither was vulgarity.

    • Jess says:

      She has Have mercy and even ‘Do it’ the thing with Chloe is that she’s too damn much like Beyonce and plus not everyone can get on board with the forced sexual shii… it just seems soooo FORCED unlike Beyonce who just exudes sexy. This performance chloe did fantastic!! She just needs to tone down the forced sexual stuff and she’ll be an icon

    • deViianceTV says:


  9. Natasha Toliaferro says:

    So refreshing to see a performer actually sing while performing. Cause this new generation be putting me to sleep. Dope set, she never disappoints.😍🔥🔥🔥

  10. ChantillyAKAChantillyTV says:

    Chole is definitely in her own lane. Whether u like it or not. People keep trying to put her in a box and it’s not going to wrk. This young lady is going to go far in this business, while others fall off. She is a triple threat. And let’s not get on her vocals. She’s one of the very very few that needs no music to hear her sing. I actually love her singing A-cappella. 🥳🥰
    I’m here for it🎊

    • Keon Martin says:

      @les jones like they just wanna hate

    • Keon Martin says:

      @Yana danda she can sing, produce, dance, an act and all you can do is hate so yeah

    • Th3-Lite says:

      it’s not that she can’t dance, it’s more like, there is subtle sexy and then there’s overtly in your face sexy. what they do with Chloe is make it overtly when she is already sexy as she is. Chloe doesn’t have to do much to be a superstar but the fact that they pack her performance with all these tricks and extra things to make her be more sexy than what she already is, it makes it over the top and it’s a little bit hard to watch. it’s like seeing Whitney Houston in a circus. she doesn’t need the circus, she’s already bomb. save the circus for people who do not have real talent who need stunts because they may be really good looking but their voice may be lacking.

    • les jones says:

      @Yana danda she can sing dance & act.. nothing was cringe at all about this performance

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