Chloe Kim Eats Churros Made Especially For Her After Winning Gold At The Winter Olympics | TODAY

Chloe Kim Eats Churros Made Especially For Her After Winning Gold At The Winter Olympics | TODAY

Joining TODAY for Trending in Pyeonchang is Chloe Kim, fresh from collecting her gold medal in snowboarding. Before her big win she tweeted she was getting “hangry,” so TODAY serves up churros (which Chloe says “calm her nerves”), egg sandwiches and ice cream made especially for her by chef Judy Joo. Watch Chloe try to eat all three at once!

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Watch Chloe Kim Eat Churros Made Especially For Her | TODAY

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55 Responses

  1. MrWoodii says:

    Why is this girl so adorable?!?

  2. Norman Rowe says:

    Because she is beautiful inside as will as outside.

  3. Elizabeth Leninski says:

    Chloe you are the BEST!!!!! ❤️

  4. Isaac Martinez Chavez says:

    Chole Kim, I hope you enjoy Mexico’s best dessert.

  5. Nate says:

    I dont know.. I thought she was adorable but she also seems kinda bratty

  6. Nellie H. says:

    Ok shes human..what all this news about?

  7. dumpy says:

    5 people died from starvation while you watched this video. ARE YOU NOR ENTERTAINED?!

  8. Dadgum it says:


  9. Jeff Putnam says:

    she won, thats great. Now Sheep… get a hold of yourselves. Turn off the today show and the sheep feeders (TV) and begin to live life for the first time.

  10. bigtex macgonigle says:

    That hat is too tight…it makes her eyes slanty.

  11. Granny Loca says:

    She’s adorable! Definitely THE star of the Olympics!!!

  12. Jesse Guzman says:

    are…are you a headline

  13. charliemcnuggets says:

    the men’s WORST trick was more difficult than the womans BEST trick..and they want equal pay???

    • SteadyROK says:

      You must be dumb, dumber, or the dumbest.She was dominating everyone at 13; she achieved Olympic gold at 17.Yep, you must be the dumbest!!!

    • charliemcnuggets says:

      SteadyROK even dumber than that…..

    • Jdc _ says:

      With this logic, heavyweight fighters should get paid more than lightweight fighters because heavyweight generates more force with their punches. You can’t compare two different divisions like that. Apples and oranges. Its how well you do in relation to those competing against you.

    • Wolfy Enriquez says:

      Women have more grace than men who has more force. Both looks amazing when doing what they love.

  14. seefo seefo says:

    How come she is blond and corean at the same time

  15. Jesse Mischel says:

    Dang! At 1:12 she sticks her gum onto the bottom side of the desk! I love you but you’re nasty, Chloe.

  16. J. Cram says:

    This is so stupid and childish it is sickening

  17. SAMZIRRA says:

    Wow, she is gorgeous!!! Hubba hubba.

  18. SteadyROK says:

    She is so cute; typical Cali girl!!

  19. Efyu Inda A says:

    If it was up to traitor trump supporters she would be deported for the crime of not being white enough

    • Lazer1312000 says:

      Her family are legal immigrants from Korea.. They are the American dream of doing it legal not sneaking in as a criminal illegal border crosser. Trump is correct in this. Citizens are cool, Illegals are criminals. Get it right Snow Flake !

    • C says:

      Ok. Fine. So if you’re so for *legal* immigration, you should have no problem supporting fast-track citizenship legislation for any person that wishes to become a US citizen as soon as they pass a comprehensive background check, right?

    • Lazer1312000 says:

      We are celebrating a American citizen winning the gold medal on this thread Snow Flake. Your antifa BS does not belong here. Go Team U.S.A.

  20. Parker Phase says:

    Why is this trending, it’s obvious YouTube put this here on their own terms

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