Chocolate Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Chocolate | Price Points | Epicurious

Chocolate Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Chocolate | Price Points | Epicurious

Epicurious challenges chocolate expert Amy Guittard of Guittard Chocolate Company to guess which chocolate is more expensive. Guittard breaks down baking chips (aka chocolate chips), white chocolate, dark chocolate, and cocoa powder. For each type, the connoisseur looks at and taste tests each chocolate before guessing which chocolate costs more. Once the prices are revealed, Guittard explains why a specific chocolate costs more and dives into specifics on how each chocolate is prepared.

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Chocolate Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Chocolate | Price Points | Epicurious

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76 Responses

  1. Hatiess says:

    How can I become a chocolate expert? I do have a lot of experience.

  2. D BHAW says:

    Chocolate rain

  3. JPAnor says:

    as always, this format is super awesome.

    for the next time wine would be interesting to watch because people can t rly differentiate “cheap” and “expensive” wines

  4. Neli says:

    Educational and entertaining, thank you. Is it possible to add the brands in notes?

    • (Meric) says:

      Sure but rating a chocolate will not get you thrown in jail…
      Unless your being a journalist exposing corruption, A politician, someone of possible danger..

    • Casey Goode says:

      Timmy Teaches – $10,000,000,000 says this video wasn’t recorded (and isn’t being hosted) in your hypothetic country. It’s a valueless point you’re making here. We’re talking about this video, these producers, and the laws governing them.

      And those laws say they could feature brand names. They simply have chosen not to.

    • Justin DiPlacido says:

      Memes and Hearthstone yeah but not in the USA which is where this video is being hosted.

    • mike02467 says:

      Memes and Hearthstone lol Wtf are u talking about….

    • Drunken Whaler says:

      Memes and Hearthstone Not in the US, and therefore not relevant.

  5. Virtualham9001 says:

    This is by far my favorite series on this channel! keep it up!

  6. Bee Kay says:

    She could make watching paint dry or grass grow entertaining.

  7. Greg Schroeder says:

    Informative video! Love this series!

  8. Manny S says:

    I want to know where the $550 chocolate is from

  9. Tosh T says:

    To each their own but I am certainly never going to buy a bar of chocolate for $550. Quite exorbitant and somewhat comical so it was gratifying that a fifth generation chocolate expert didn’t do cartwheels after tasting it. ? Another excellent episode. Love this series.

  10. kevinmoss Esp says:

    Her smile is lovely

    • Steve Chan says:

      Lera Lego no I legit thought she looked male before I realised she had a mustache, most of the facial features like wrinkles on the forehead and her eyebrows look very male, the mustache was just the cherry on the cake

    • Sunny Sider says:

      It’s not a mustache she can’t do makeup. Clearly she didn’t prime her face and has been licking her lips because her foundation and bronzer is coming off.

    • The 13th says:

      Sunny Sider Licking her lips while tasting chocolate? No way

    • Mason Hiatt says:

      Steve Chan it’s definitely a tranny

    • Brown Boy says:

      Kingstreet thanks alot now i cant unsee her mustache you fuckface

  11. Luis Pineda says:

    I swear to god if she explained quantum physics I’d be a scientist by now.

  12. lger2010 says:

    Low-key wanted her to snort the cocoa powder

  13. stvsueoka1 says:

    I freakin LOVE these expert taste tests!!!! Can listen to them all day

  14. Alexander Kim says:

    I don’t know why but I absolutely love these cheap vs expensive videos. It’s great watching experts at work and the blinded test allows us to trust that they know what they’re talking about 🙂 Keep them coming please!

  15. Nina M. says:

    The white chocolate thing would probably explain why i think i hate white chocolate. I prefer dark over anything but fake white chocolate (now that i know there is a good and bad white chocolate) is just too sugary and the texture is bad. It hurts my teeth anyways

  16. Be Frank says:

    These expert guests are really nice and informative.

  17. Uneaserhyme375 says:

    GET A WINE EXPERT. I am really interested in whether that study that showed sommeliers couldn’t tell the difference between expensive aand cheap wines holds true.

    • Corrupted Archangel says:

      The real test for them is the acidity. If you found a low quality quality wine that wasn’t massively acidic quite a few sommeliers would have a difficult time telling the difference.

    • TheSoundOfTwang says:

      No doubt about it.
      Most of them obviously got their jobs cause they drink a lot of whine and who wouldn’t want to get payed to drink 😀
      Check out the wine tasting vids over at Indulgence.. They’re at least entertaining, if anything

  18. Louella.y says:

    I’m always willing to pay more for quality chocolate but there’s a limit lol… Lindt is good enough for me. 80 or 85% are my faves, I like to add salt on it 🙂

    • R S says:

      Louella.y we get it, you’re special.

    • yannie1012 says:

      actually.. lindt tastes pretty horrible. doenst melt evenly and the amount of lecithin they put in gels the mouth. try green and blacks instead, skip the 70% cos it’s too acidic go 85%. if you can try hand made stuff josophan is the best i’ve ever had. the stuff literally melts in your mouth like water and seeps into every tastebud crack, the consistency vs the flavour that it carried was no joke.

  19. Louella.y says:

    Lol I’ve never seen white chocolate this white wtf is that ?!

    • Vegar Hoem Gravråk says:

      How have you note seen that

    • Louella.y says:

      Vegar Hoem Gravråk we might not have it in France ? Idk. I’ve only seen the yellowish kind.

    • rollercoaster24 says:

      Maybe the camera?

    • James Hardison says:

      Probably some kind of “candy melts” used for making cake decorations. In this case a pure white color is more important than a perfect white chocolate taste or mouth feel. May include titanium white to brighten, whiten and make more opaque.

    • Chloe Chan says:

      i Claire Yeah, I was shocked when I read in the comments that white chocolate for them is yellow in color XD

  20. pindaenbeer says:

    A perfume expert would be interesting

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