Chocolate Yule Log (Buche de Noel) – Food Wishes

Chocolate Yule Log (Buche de Noel) – Food Wishes

Learn how to make a Chocolate Yule Log (aka Buche de Noel)! This classic holiday dessert is a real showstopper, but it’s often better looking than it is tasting, which is not the case with this, thanks to a rich chocolate sponge cake and mocha buttercream filling. Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I really hope you enjoy this Chocolate Yule Log recipe!

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59 Responses

  1. FireCracker3240 says:

    Ok, now all 3 of you can’t be first. Sorry, that disqualifies all of you.

  2. Jennifer Burgess says:


    • C Fol says:

      +Skowedey You are aware that judaism is way older than christianity, aren’t you?
      Also Christmas isn’t a christian holiday like Easter. The 25. December was a roman holiday to celebrate the birth of sol invictus and was later claimed by christians.
      Also also these traditions are way older than the US. Jews were celebrating Channuka before there even was something like Christianity, let alone christmas or the country USA.
      Seriously, what kind of historical education did you get?

    • Nocturne22 says:

      +GothicKittyMadness It’s a chocolate roll cake that looks like a log; it ain’t serious.

    • Nocturne22 says:

      +Skowedey Most Jews look at Hanukah as… Hanukah. Good gravy, not everything is about Christmas lol.

    • LoLAwesomechad says:

      maybe learn to cook….?

    • Skowedey says:

      +C Fol  Christmas is a Christian holiday, there is no argument at all for the contrary. It’s origins were as a pagan conversion tool but it still remains today as a Christian holiday. Nearly all Christian religions celebrate Christmas with the exceptions of a few. Hannukah has grown in it’s importance to the Jewish community because of Christmas. If hannukah was a June holiday it’s relevancy and popularity would be the same as yom Kippur. Hannukah has always been celebrated by the jews, but today it has become a holiday to provide jews with an alternative to Christmas, it’s as simple as that. I never said anywhere that Christianity is older that Judaism. Before quickly glancing at Wikipedia try rereading the previous posts next time.

      @gee whiz when talking about religious holidays who cares about religious merit? What? Do you wear a helmet to bed?

  3. Feta Cheezz says:

    You are the Wade Boggs of your Chocolate Yule Logs.


    You are the Kermit the Frog of your holiday chocolate yule log

  5. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen says:

    You are after all the top dog of your chocolate yule log!

  6. Tanya says:

    Hi Chef John, I just wanted you to know that our teenage daughter made our entire (vegetarian) Thanksgiving dinner and desserts based on all of your recipes that is related to Thanksgiving. Delicious! We gave thanks to our daughter and to you at our table. ❤️?

  7. Lorenzo Pagani says:

    I would use peppermint or mint instead of rosemary. That way the smell and taste would match the chocolate.

  8. Letter T says:

    I didn’t know a stick of butter was a little bit?

  9. Brooks Tarkington says:

    “The first few inches are the hardest.”

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. Yemircan says:

    That looks so yummy ? I want to give it try, but it requires a lot of work ?

  11. Holly M says:

    *cayenne has left the group chat*

  12. Alec Murray says:

    In the words of Chevy Chase…”there are plenty of shopping days left until adultery… adulthood. Which is to say, Christmas, as in Yule. Yule log. Not a log. I don’t have a log, but I mean, you know… …if I had a log. Not in the sense you think I said I did. Good golly. ‘Tis the season to be merry.”

  13. KoyasuNoBara says:

    I’d like to comment that I love how your butter is almost never room temperature. Or, really, when any of your mistakes end up in a video. It makes me feel less anxious about potentially screwing up.

  14. OmegaDoyle says:

    I couldn’t wait to log in and see what chef is cooking up now. Yule want to see it too.

  15. Miranda Mom says:

    Too much buttercream? I am not familiar with that concept…?

  16. Don Gemus says:

    “people can see our log is 5-6 years old” ? ? ? ? ? ?

  17. Mohammad Abdullah says:

    Man, I’ve been forgetting to add the vanilla at the wrong stage all this time.

  18. Mari Hawley says:

    In high school I made both a Buche de Noel and a Croquembouche for French class in a desperate grab for extra credit. I did not do well in French and I put about the same amount of effort into my extra credit projects. I don’t remember what my final grade was…. but it wasn’t tres bon.

  19. Rain Coast says:

    Going out on a limb, barking up the wrong tree, opening a branch office, don’t be a sap, leaf me alone, that has me stumped, get to the root of it, can you twig to that, Run Forest! Run!

  20. lestrange says:

    If you want to forget the vanilla, this is the point at which you’d forget it”

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