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56 Responses

  1. Zoey Fields says:

    “demonitize me daddy” the 1975! ?

  2. roccer90 says:

    As a 29 year old lady I say bring on all the wedding content!

  3. Yoga And Doritos says:

    I had to pause Heath and Zane’s podcast… Because I gotta watch my girls first! (I’ll go back, after:)

  4. Jerome Antone says:

    Carly is so pretty
    Erin is a pixie goddess
    *Ok I’ll leave now*

  5. Isabel Rosabal says:

    I love how Matt tries to get Erin and Carly to sell him but only Carly does @3:25. Poor matt?

    • Taylor Prochot says:

      Isabel Rosabal zane made Erin sniff his arm and then Carly said “let me smell” and matt put his hand up there so i’m kinda thinking Carly thought it was Zane’s hand?? but i’m not too sure lol

  6. Amaris Ochoa says:

    Eating some cake as I watch this so I can feel included ✌??

  7. Mckenzie Moore says:

    Matt is like that dad that asks more questions than the child on a college visit

  8. Marco Rodriguez says:

    Carly: “What is Sick City”
    Me: David’s house apparently

  9. Hanna K says:

    in every video they get prettier and nobody can tell me otherwise

  10. Leslie Ortega says:

    9:05 zane: “the cake part is good…”
    carly: “…not the carrot part?” ??

  11. jenna_nicole14 says:

    I feel like Matt takes everything so seriously but in the best way possible and I’m here for it

  12. Christina & Josue says:

    We just had our BABY SHOWER after two miscarriages ?

  13. alejandra corrales says:

    it seems like carly is so involved, its crazy how carly is not going to be the maid of honor.

  14. Khadijaa Omar says:

    I just love Matt more and more with every vlog he’s in ✨?

  15. Kassidy Phillips says:

    Can Matt help me with my wedding stuff if I get married ?

  16. Hope Hansen says:

    I love how Matt takes this so seriously and just takes on the wedding planner role lmaooo

  17. Ashley Hale says:

    Matt I’m down to get married for the wedding cake ? ??

  18. kara allen-woods says:

    “take this home to natalie” as if you all live at david’s… why did david not buy a mansion for the whole vlog squad?

  19. Amber Sliep says:

    “A Nutella crunch cake”
    “We’ll take one home for Natalie”


  20. Christina Moreno says:

    Matt: “what kind of flowers are we having on the table? WE” ?

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