Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit

Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit

In episode four of ‘Making Perfect,’ Andy and Chris (and substitute chef Molly) search high and low in New York City for the perfect pizza toppings. Is less more when adding toppings to a pizza? Are there any toppings everybody can agree on?

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Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit

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58 Responses

  1. teeandessing12 says:

    Everyone: The dough senses fear.
    Chris: Hold my wooden pie peel! No really, try it.
    Everyone: ::mind blown::

  2. AspLode says:

    Chris: “I don’t want to hear your opinions until after I’ve tried them so we don’t color our opinions of the product.”
    Also Chris, later: (Grunts like a wild animal)

  3. Johanna A says:

    Andy: ‘speck’
    store guy: ‘well say it the right way sh-peck’
    omgg dying ??

    • C S says:

      +ItsLax actually they didn’t. the italian guy pronounced it correctly (shpeck). it’s a german term for a type of bacon

    • ItsLax says:

      C S from what I know it originates from northern Italy and in the video the speck they try is from Alto Adige in Italy. Doing a bit of research I found out that in German the direct translation for bacon is speck so I don’t know if referring to the German speck is just calling it normal bacon instead of the more specific varient like Italy’s for example?

    • Alan Hope says:

      +ItsLax Alto Adige is the south Tyrol, on the border with Switzerland/Austria. Heavily Germanic by culture and dialect.

    • C S says:

      +ItsLax either way it’s a german term which is why it’s pronounced german

    • C S says:

      +Alan Hope exactly

  4. Dawson Grunzweig says:

    this series is just people struggling to get the pizza on the peel for 40 minutes straight

  5. TheScentofSunflowers says:

    Chris was so savage about the is it the one comment. You would move in together but you wouldn’t marry it xD

  6. jberkhimer says:

    The collective groan when Brad showed up lmao

  7. Dog says:

    Chris was the only person smart enough to switch the peels after one struggling attempt. Clearly shows that he’s hella experienced

    • recoil53 says:

      It shows he is sensible with no time for useless cr@p.
      Everything else shows he is experienced – the timer, spoons available, the way he drinks water. He’s been in kitchens.

    • georgette mastikian says:

      Right??? After i saw him struggle, I thought “why not try the wooden AND construct it all on the peel!!!

    • Emma says:

      But weren’t they also supposed to build it on the peel?

    • Adam I says:

      He also implemented using half the pie to test toppings unlike the others that kept making new pies

  8. Farid Zainuddin says:

    As much as I enjoy BA contents, the other reason I really enjoy them is because the comment section is thriving with wholesome funny comments as well hahaha. Keep up the good work BA, and continue contributing everyone ??

    • juan manuel gonzalez says:

      YES finally someone sad it, love this community so much!

    • Dog says:

      It reminds me of Reddit a bit, everyone in the comments seem more sensible and funny than average people on the internet. Probably because kids don’t care about food that much lol

  9. Oskar Tengberg says:

    Chris just climbed up to my fav host man, jeez he’s great!

    • Taley says:

      He *is* our savior

    • recoil53 says:

      He’s easily overlooked because everybody else has a bigger personality. But when you watch, he seems like the most competent with the least drama.
      Though Claire’s slow descents into madness in “Pastry Chef Makes” are entertaining.

  10. phoeenix says:

    Please make “Making Perfect Burgers” next! That would be heaven for a burger guy like me

    • Jessica French says:


    • msergio0293 says:

      They are definetely going for a making perfecto series, hopefully they are going to release hamburger soon 🙂

    • billybareblu says:

      +msergio0293 I like everything they’ve done, but this is definitely the best.

    • Dog says:

      I’m sure they are. Its the only next logical step. Pizza and Burgers are in their own category of foods where they are as close as you can get to being universally liked.

    • Masha says:

      I would also like a “spin-off” series where they explore foods of one category from all around the world. E.g. pancakes, dumplings… ?

  11. Katelynne Valdovinos says:

    Brad enters: wOuRdEr YoU gOoBeRs DoInG!?
    Andy, Claire, Chris: “aww” “ohhhh” “aw god”

    Killed me!!!?

  12. Tom Evison says:

    Carla – Mum
    Chris – Dad
    Brad – Fun Uncle
    Claire – Sensible Auntie
    Mollie – Daughter
    Andy – Son

  13. Bardo Orble says:

    “The monastic silence of two craftsmen engaged in their work”

  14. Andre_Pi^ says:

    Me: It’s snowing in NY… IN MAY? Jesus when did NY become frozen hell?
    “It’s February”
    Me: “Oh I’m dumb”

  15. Ria Dave says:

    You know, everyone’s talking about some “the dough can sense fear” merch, but I kind of want Calzone Count merch

  16. Diamond Daiyamondo says:

    Everyone: *argues about toppings*
    Me: *looks at time stamp* oh no

  17. Chef Bob Valentine says:

    Okey now put Gabby and Priya and find made the best wine for that Pizza…

  18. Navyninja1 says:

    Chris: speck

    Store owner: well you gotta say it the right way, ‘sh-peck’

    He demanded Chris put some re-speck on the name ?

  19. joe4490 says:

    I like that Chris has great chemistry with every other person at Bon Appetit.

    • Un1que Arch3r says:

      Doesn’t everyone has great chemistry with one another……..except maybe molly and that editor in chief

  20. Emily Erickson says:

    Wooden peal = bind blown.

    Also, can I just say how much I love and appreciate how calm and put together Chris is?? He is the only sane person in the BA kitchen. Ahh, Chris is the best!

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