Chris Broussard defends LeBron over Scottie Pippen’s comments about MJ and Kobe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Chris Broussard defends LeBron over Scottie Pippen’s comments about MJ and Kobe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss LeBron James on today’s show. Though Broussard agrees with Scottie Pippen’s notion about Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant having a ‘killer instinct’ that LeBron lacks, hear why he disputes LeBron not being a clutch player.

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Chris Broussard defends LeBron over Scottie Pippen’s comments about MJ and Kobe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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77 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Do you agree with Scottie Pippen?

    • smashingken1 says:

      It’s a team game ! PlusJames the goat of today’s NBA. Michael Jordan was yesterdays goat. In 10 years there’s going to be another Goat. James the 4th Goat. Can never say one person was the best if they never played against every one of all time.

    • Jesus is the way Repent & sin no more says:

      Check out Stephen Darby : Negroland, on YouTube ⏳

    • Roberto Jacques says:

      Bleed Bluez but he was the one that was putting more work than all of the name that u mention

    • Josh Wearing says:

      The AAU system has created a funnel of the top players being teammates for the majority of their playing career. In addition to being teammates in college. If everyone accepts the notion that it’s lonely at the top, it’s not a surprise all of the top NBA players know each other. How many of them share the same shoe deals? Which means they are corporate teammates on many different levels. Granted MJ is friends with Barkley, Ewing and Magic, but LeBron has been friends with most of the top players when he was in high school and or mentored the younger top players when they were in HS and going to the ABCD camps and what not. It’s a different landscape, which is completely obvious. The only thing that hasn’t changed is people like Rob’s mindset towards this fact. Which is fair. And after all, he is paid to give his opinion. But, as someone who comes from the academic world you would think he’d be more mentally flexible when it comes to the facts.

  2. David Peters says:

    Jesus, Rob Parker’s a mess!

  3. CarolCityCane305 says:

    Ray Allen saved lebrons career your welcome

    • Hey Dude says:

      Ephilly 1010 are we gonna ignore Dirk only won 1 ring in his carreer.

    • Hey Dude says:

      CarolCityCane305 Check grammar dude!!

    • VortexFromFire says:

      Ephilly 1010 name a player who needed help just to make and get past play offs

    • DJ Maxamillion says:

      Scottie Pippen & Phil Jackson saved Michael Jordan’s career. You’re Welcome.
      Michael was a perennial loser until his Sugar Daddy Phil Jackson taught his boy how to Win.

      Scottie Pippen the best two-way player of his era locked down the opposing teams best player so Mike would have energy to get his buckets.

      MJ deserves more credit for making sure John Stockton never won a ring tho’

    • King LAbron King LAbron says:

      Shaq,artist,phil saves kobes career. Facts.

  4. RaiN MWhop says:

    Rob shouldnt have a job. Nvr says anything educated.

  5. Tayfun Cavus says:

    The 3-6 LeLouse stop hyping

  6. David Vice Bangura says:

    LeBron will hit a buzzer bitter and people will find all means to bash him, LeBron james is great period i don’t give damn what people say MJ was great at his own time LeBron is great at his own era..every great players as their weaknesses period even MJ at his era as weakness despite he had killer mod to score.

    • Pierre Corley says:

      That’s what I say

    • David Vice Bangura says:

      +brian green u can’t score even when no body standing before you..

    • David Vice Bangura says:

      +Pierre Corley the hate for LeBron is getting really now and days anything this men does it on the sport news, i can’t wait for this him to retire let me see how the media will act when his done from basketball

    • nicholas finnigan says:


    • eazyduzit5150 says:

      David Vice Bangura

      He gets “hate” bc he honestly gets babied time and time again by these “analysts” such as Broussard. He along with others have lied several times to favor the narrative towards LBJ. Look at him misleading the public by fake stats, especially on MJ.

      People have said LBJ is clutch, he’s just not as clutch as MJ and that’s not a knock on him but his groupies twist words and say “oh but he’s clutch look” all while lying about it.

  7. Allen Phillips says:

    I could listen to Chris broussard talk basketball all day like he has the perfect balance of knowing when to give credit and when to give critique and he speaking facts rite now where as with Rob Parker I get irritated as soon as he opens his mouth

    • Paul Cap says:

      Chris Broussard is a low key bronsexual fan and he’s been under the payroll of lebron along with his fellow cult members shannon, nick, cowherd, max, LeFS1 and LeESPN. Only bronsexual fans likes to listen to broussard because all he does is to defend and appreciate lebron.

    • Jeanmi Ess says:

      Simply the goat…

    • eazyduzit5150 says:

      Paul Cap

      And Bron Boy Broussard wasn’t even being truthful here like the LBJ stans think. It’s only “he’s unbiased” when it favors LBJ and how he spins it. You see how he never mentioned ONE finals clutch stat for LBJ or how he used the regular season+playoffs to try & prop LBJ up. He’s a LBJ groupie for sure, he’s just not over the top with it.

    • Ronnie Branford says:

      A few misleading statistics there from Chris. For his career, LeBron has shot 9-for-53 on game-winning and go-ahead field goals with 10 seconds or less remaining in regulation and overtime, since his first attempt which came in 2006, his 3rd season. That’s a mere 17% on game-deciding shots from a rather large 13-season sample size. In finals, he has shot 0-for-6 under those same conditions. To put that in context, MJ shot 28-for-56 under those conditions, 4-for-8 in finals. LeBron also has two of the biggest NBA Finals scoring discrepancies in NBA history. In 2007 when he was held to 22ppg on 36% shooting, almost 6ppg below his season average, and in 2011 when he was held to 17.8ppg, almost double figures below his regular season average, while on many occasions, his defensive assignment has dramatically improved their scoring and effeciency in the finals; Kawhi Leonard in 2014 who went from 13ppg on 48% shooting to 18ppg on 61% shooting playing on LeBron in the finals, Andre Iguodala in 2015 who went from 8ppg on 44% shooting to 16ppg on 52% playing on LeBron, and Kevin Durant in 2017 who went from 25ppg on 56% shooting to 35ppg on 56% playing on LeBron – with a long list of perimiter players who dramatically improved their scoring and efficiency playing against LeBron in finals, ranging from Jason Terry to Tony Parker. The first time LeBron was swept in the finals, two of the four games were decided by one possession; 3 points or less. Out of all active NBA players with at least 10 attempts, LeBron is currently dead last in free throw percentage in the final 15 seconds of 4th quarters; 48%. And for his career, LeBron shoots 56% from the line in the final 15 seconds when his team is down by one possession. Rob could have easily shut Chris down on this one.

  8. THE GREAT ONE says:

    Dam anybody noticed that Chris gets all defensive when they talk about LERUN even madder than LeShannon…..Sharpe

  9. Ibnziyad Tariq says:

    Pippen gets all right, Lebron was never intimidating, everyteam can figure him out at the crunch.

    • VortexFromFire says:

      Troy Trottie bunch of babies he played ? So SA was a bunch of babies ? Gs was a bunch of babies ? Ur delusional

    • Gage Chavez says:

      Troy Trottie Jordan had a HoF roster what were all superstars plus he was in a dynasty while Lebron faces dynasties lmao

    • Alexander Sherley says:

      Bryan Gatdula the pacers didn’t have to revamp because of lebron. they pushed that heat team to 7 games in an ECF and one more piece would’ve pushed them over the heat. what messed them up was PG’s injury

  10. Mahad Moe says:

    Im dying why every media person using the 5 seconds or less statistic lmaoooooo

    • Vang Xiong says:

      Yup, they do their research to make sure it benefits lebron.

    • Pat Jenkins says:

      +Vang Xiong do your own research to debunk it then. Prove to us that LBJ sucks

    • eazyduzit5150 says:

      Pat Jenkins

      I’ll play.

      Last 24 seconds to tie or take lead in the finals
      LBJ 0-6 0%
      MJ 4-8 50%

      Last 24 seconds to tie or take lead playoffs
      LBJ 10-27 37%
      MJ 9-18 50%

      These are just a few but I’m sure it will get no love from LBJ stans bc I’m not Broussard/Nick/Colin/Shannon etc

  11. Bryian Sones says:

    The problem I have with LBJ vs. KB and MJ is; LBJ is more physically gifted than Kobe and MJ yet he will settle when the game is on the line! LBJ can B-line to the rack whenever he wants and nobody can stop him but yet he will settles for jump shots or defers too much when the game is on the line. That’s NOT CLUTCH. KB and Mike will do whatever is necessary to put points on the board. Also MJ and Kobe view the game down the stretch differently than LeBron. MJ and Kobe play a possession game and take shots accordingly to keep an advantage or to take an advantage in a close game. For example MJ and KB if their team is down by 1, they will take a 3 to go up by 2 then play strong defense to gain another possession then take a 3 or drive to the rack hoping to get fouled to push the game to 5 to make it a to possession game. LBJ doesn’t really play the stretch that way. It more takes what the defense will give him down the stretch or passes to the open man.

    • Ryan Boetcher says:

      Nice2787 not for a series win or to keep them in the series.

    • Ryan Boetcher says:

      Nice2787 Allen or Kyrie don’t do their part in the finals, Lebron has one ring. Jordan never needed someone to do that in the finals let alone other series. Now don’t get me wrong the players played a big role in the Bulls overall success but Lebron doesn’t have the mentality that Jordan or Kobe does.

    • Gage Chavez says:

      Ryan Boetcher Jordan need Pippen, Kerr, his HoF roster that was one of the greatest ever. Jordan was how James harden was. Taking more shots and the offense involves him scoring a ton. Lebron passes the ball a lot more, makes big plays when needed. The warriors literally couldn’t stop Lebron in the finals. Lmao

  12. Hawaii 808 says:

    I’m not a fan of LeBron, but definitely a fan of Chris. He real af, speaks the facts?

    • Orlando Lewis says:

      +Josh Shrum I don’t know how old are you but its obviously your young lol. But nah fam Jordan didn’t retire cause he wanted too. Its deeper than just basketball. But you have to be more than just a fan to understand what I’m saying

    • Josh Shrum says:

      eazyduzit5150 I mean tbh I’m sure those analyst have more than just and basketball reference to get their stats from. Literally court side announcers bring up statistics every game that you will never find on either of those sites lol

    • Josh Shrum says:

      Orlando Lewis Orlando Lewis you don’t have very good comprehensive skills I’ve noticed. I said he chose to, not that he wanted too. Very different meanings. It was a choice to retire. Nobody held a gun to his head a forced a retirement on him. I never said he wanted to retire. You said they “made” him retire which is just a false observation

    • eazyduzit5150 says:

      Josh Shrum

      So you actually believe Broussard when he said MJ was 38% the last 2 minutes in regular season and playoffs? Y’all really would rather hear it from a LBJ fan than actual database?

      Trust me you can find pretty much any stat for TODAY on those sites not so much before 2001 unless you do it manually.

      Those couple of stats I showed are actually found online and have been used on espn at times yet y’all want to ignore it bc it wasn’t uttered by Broussard/Nick/Colin/Shannon etc

  13. Skeletor says:

    Rob Parker looks and sounds like a little troll!

    • BloodBathandTREE says:

      +allpro nba He literally made an entire generation value stat padding over winning. You can’t feed into them. His fans are kids for the most part anyways. Back when Kobe and MJ were playing, defenders could actually try to stop you from making your shot. Bron scored like 4 pts in a playoff game when he saw real defense. Cowards will always have an excuse. They just can’t look the truth in the eye. It’s a defense mechanism, they can’t control it.

    • waffeltje says:

      he said tom brady was done after his 3rd super bowl, and repeated it after every superbowl he got

    • Wilfredo Zipagan Jr. says:

      Lol haters rob parker said lebron is unstoppable and people wants to see him drive during clutch. But hes afraid he might get fouled and miss free throw

  14. CT III says:

    That’s why he’s 3-6 foh with these excuses

    • michael perry says:

      What did Scottie do by himself

    • The ZigyGod says:

      Orlando Lewis did u even watch the video

    • brian green says:

      +Tyler Bernard he had a losing record before facing GS

    • DJ Maxamillion says:

      Lebron is so good that his detractors begin their criticism by saying he has 3 Championships.

      Think about that for a second and then factor in the fact that that in 15 seasons MJ failed to get out of the semi-finals in 7 of those seasons.

      Could you imagine being John Stockton who has alll the assists and Zero championships or Steve Nash who has multiple MVPs and went to Zero finals? ?

  15. Sports Sidelined says:

    FOR REAL, he didn’t play the Warriors, you complain about LeBron’s pass to Korver who is one of the best shooters of all time and wide open, if Korver would’ve made it, they would’ve been saying how smart of a play that was. SMH ?‍♂️ if Bron would’ve missed the drive on Dray, they would’ve said Korver was open in the corner why didn’t he pass it, no matter what LeBron does, he can’t win

    • Michael Overton says:

      Sports Sidelined exactly. Also you grow up telling a player to make the correct play but when they don’t they get criticized. Rob and Skip spouses can be in a house that’s on fire LeBron could go in there and save them and the next day complain on how he save them

    • Tony Guzman says:

      The thing is if korver had made that shot they would’ve said korver saved him

    • Michael Overton says:

      Tony Guzman for sure just like they said Allen saved LeBron legacy like LeBron scores 16 points with Wade and Bosh on the bench in GM 6 with Allen scored 2pts before that 3 and 2pts in OT and Allen and Bosh scores zero in GM 7.

    • DM 100 says:

      That’s a big if. Lebron should’ve drove on Draymond bc Draymond has 5 fouls and he was reaching at him damn near half court. He could’ve blown past him and could’ve fouled him out why pass? Iguodala was defending him in the middle of the lane on the other play he could’ve drove left or drove right. The Cavs didn’t need no 3s when Draymond was guarding Lebron they just needed Lebron to close the game and tie the series at 2-2 in game 4.

  16. King Dang says:

    Scottie being the Mongolians , Chris being that Great Wall of China defending China against all odds ???

  17. LA Clippers says:

    Broussard is the light-skinned brotha version of Nick Wright and Cowherd. The lighter Shannon but with logical arguments. Still is one of the biggest LeBron apologist out there.

    • eazyduzit5150 says:


      But he lied though lol dude wasn’t even telling the truth. He actually sat up there and said MJ was at 38% for his career in the regular season/playoffs the last 2 minutes….when in fact there’s no data on that. NBA goes back to 1997, basketball reference goes back only to 2001, he’s using the Wizards yrs and his last couple yrs in Chicago to sum up MJ for his entire regular season/playoff career yet y’all Bron boys bought it bc it favored towards LBJ. This is why his fans and Chris and the rest of the LBJ stan clan on tv get bashed bc of lies like this.

    • LeBron Wade says:

      Lol troll alert!!

    • Taylor jones says:

      How can it be facts if it is manipulated? Really?!

  18. cool reg says:

    Rob Parker spoke straight facts. Lebron monopolized a weak eastern conference for years.

    • William Turner says:

      cool reg Boston celtics big 3

    • cool reg says:

      +William Turner the Boston Celtics big 3 were in their 30s when they joined together and they were lower tier all stars.
      Lebron was the 2nd best player in the league and D.Wade was the 3rd best player in the league. Bosh was a top 10 top 15 player.

  19. Tee Platinum says:

    Rob Parker makes alot of sense. Lebron isnt the goat.. Say no more.

  20. Thebestever29 says:

    Rob spitting those facts they dont wanna hear.

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