Chris Broussard: ‘I think KD has played his last game as a Warrior,’ talks Giannis | NBA | THE HERD

Chris Broussard: ‘I think KD has played his last game as a Warrior,’ talks Giannis | NBA | THE HERD

Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to discuss the status of Kevin Durant, and Giannis Antetokounmpo performance in the Eastern Conference Finals. Hear why he thinks KD played his last game with Golden State and will leave during NBA free agency.

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Chris Broussard: ‘I think KD has played his last game as a Warrior,’ talks Giannis | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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73 Responses

  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd says:

    Where will Kevin Durant play next season?

    • Draped Up& Dripped says:

      The Herd with Colin Cowherd
      Win NYK or LAC a Championship Ring and then you’ll Go down in NBA History where you deserve.

    • Draped Up& Dripped says:

      The Herd with Colin Cowherd
      Broussard is The Man.

    • Ryan Glover says:

      I know this will never happen, but he should goto the Spurs.

    • Derek Dementia says:

      No matter where he goes, Chris B will be riding his nuts to try and get his own show.

    • James Ferry says:

      With his injury probably being a achilles tendon injury who is going to MAX him for more than a season? No one wanted to pay Boogie! I think he stays in GS trying to win as much as he can!

  2. breezes99 says:

    Colin just playing both sides so he can say he was right either way

    • Charla castens says:

      Thank you and they really want kd to leave golden state why think about it who told them to push this story I think Collin and Chris are taking a little side advice on what to talk about from a particular person

    • K H says:

      It’s called pivoting

    • Draped Up& Dripped says:

      I mostly like Colin
      He’s a nerd and can get annoying sometimes but he’s usually got the right take on things.
      He’s just such a nerd that it can sometimes get ehh
      I especially like when he points the most obvious stuff that no one else ever realizes until he points it out.

    • Aisian ThreeQUISIANS says:

      I just still cannot believe this guy had ben simmons in his top five and said “he’s next” ???

  3. Kirby824 says:

    Whenever I see Chris Broussard on the Herd, I always click

  4. Kirby824 says:

    Im early. Let me know if there was a divorce analogy

  5. Xaiver Aguiar says:

    Tyson Chandler was a future DPOY and on the Gold Medal team, but let’s just not mention that at all so the narrative fits better ?……

  6. J. Gomez says:

    KD gonna be like Chris you don’t even got my number bro how you know where im playing next year??

    • Jason Cross says:

      If you are talking to them in your DM then they are close because it’s the same. They haven’t asked for your number because they don’t need it.

    • Jo Nethen says:

      Jason Cross gtfoh with that theory?. If you close you for sure gotta have their pvt.number. Thats LAW

  7. Kevonte Clark says:

    Twenty O’ Seven? Lol don’t make it too hard Chris. 2007.

  8. HipHopotamus says:

    Giannis is 24

    KD at 24 lost to the Grizzlies in 5 games

  9. Thomas Gerber says:

    Well it is facts that the warriors won a title and their last six games without KD.

    • David Johnson says:

      They never needed KD they just needed him off the Thunder. If he went to San Antonio then they would have a problem but as long as they don’t have to play against him then they dont have a problem.

  10. Stephen B. Smith says:

    KD gonna resign with GSW just to spite Chris Broussard

    • Von says:

      Slick Ric no he’ll re sign with the Warriors because he’s too mentally fragile to carry a team so he’ll stay on the freight train he hopped on that is guaranteed s Finals appearance every year with or without him

    • Von says:

      Only Facts he’ll re sign cause he scared to hop off that freight train he hopped on

    • Jake Hahn says:

      Slick Ric I 100% agree with you I still have this feeling that he resigns with them though

    • Roger Weston says:

      Chris is still latched onto KD to try and be relevant. His BS “I’ve heard from people that he’s hurt more than they are saying” without a source is pure made up BS. He keeps talking like he knows when in reality he’s latched onto KD’s shirttail for any publicity he can get. One thing he’s consistent with … he makes stuff up and tries to pass them as facts. Subpar commentator.

  11. Will Thompson says:

    No one:

    Chris Broussard: LeBraaaaaaaaaahn

  12. Junaid Desai says:

    Broussard is good for cowherd. And cowherd is a better co-anchor with Broussard than Rob.

  13. WeWearOurSneakers M says:

    I can’t imagine a warrior team winning with out Stephen Curry

    • Anthony Thompson says:


    • D D says:

      +Andre Ilyas 5-8 this season when steph didnt play and only kd played

    • Mc fradoogle says:

      Nah they would have won the last two series without steph, and the finals is a joke cos the east still sucks

    • antonio young says:

      Lol they wouldn’t if he got hurt and KD didn’t Steph was struggling against the Clippers and they were 6-1 without last year in the playoffs…people don’t want to remember that…..people so much of a fan boy they want to see Steph shoot and be the best on the team lmao it’s sad man…I could care less either way but you can see how people switch up the story

  14. Kareem Kenyatta says:

    Colin: then they win without him… that’s a shocker?‍♂️?
    How the fuqq is it a shocker that a 73-9 team can win games???

    • Noel Danganan says:

      shocker for KD bcoz it will be established that he really was not needed for warriors to win.thats what he meant

    • Qi W says:

      Harrison Barnes is good defender, Festus was killing it, bogut, iggy, Livingston was all.younger and healthier. Then they got stretch 5 in MO buckets. They are not 93 win team

    • Joseph Webley says:

      +ya boi Sosa Yeah but also a 73-9 teams who’s unanimous mvp is also better than he was when he won it. Be ause curry is a better defender, finisher and passer than he was in 2015-16

    • FADIL WILLIAMS says:

      Why are is everyone continuing to bring 73-9 that was 2015 season thats not them anymore. That 73-9 season they lost the Finals to Lebron where they blew a 3-1 series lead. After that they went hunting for Durant and we saw what happened when they got him. 2 championship to get pass Lebron.

  15. Cameron Bass says:

    When he said Joy bounces around, I had something totally different in mind.

  16. Brenden Johnson says:

    “It’s been as good as second round and after ever” – the WCF ended in a sweep.

  17. ryan schreder says:

    “What a terrible ending to his career…” -Colin Cowherd

  18. TJ The 90s KID says:

    From the way kd has been talking it seems like hes staying in golden state

  19. mm mm says:

    it would be funny if kd returns in game 6 or 7 save the warriors

  20. IraqemUp says:

    This doesn’t feel like the Mavs vs Heat 2011 finals. This feels more like the Lakers vs Pistons finals. The Lakers were experienced champions with 3 titles just like GSW and were the heavy favorites. Pistons were underdogs that play very good defense and has good role players just like Toronto. With that said, there isn’t nearly as much beef with KD and the other stars on GSW compared to the Shaq and Kobe. However, if they win then KD leaves and tries to prove he can win without them just like Shaq and Kobe tried doing winning without the other one. It’s a little bit different situation but this GSW situation with KD is most comparable to the end of the Shaq-Kobe Lakers.

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