Chris Broussard on Kyrie’s MVP comments about James Harden vs LeBron | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Chris Broussard on Kyrie’s MVP comments about James Harden vs LeBron | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Joined by Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Chris Broussard and Nick Wright react to Kyrie Irving saying ‘James Harden is the Peoples’ MVP, LeBron James is the NBA MVP’.

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Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.

Chris Broussard on Kyrie’s MVP comments about James Harden vs LeBron | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

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83 Responses

  1. First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright says:

    Do you agree with Kyrie’s MVP comments?

    • Angel Loaiza says:

      First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright nick is a woman

    • Touchdown Taylor says:

      Chris Carter has to stop cutting off Broussard in the middle of his statements.

    • Johnny Jones says:

      First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright yes I agree with kyrie but Chris isn’t giving cp3 enough credit he is a bonafide hof player and one of the best point guards of all time when nick said saveral rocket players had career best seasons he credited it to James harden and mike d’antoni’s system sorry but you giving harden too much credit he is a iso player that gets most of his assists passing out of tough spots or drives that he puts himself in for example look at the clippers cp3 left all those players numbers went down and Blake griffin just went on the downward slope without cp3 he is a pass first second and third guard whose made a career out of putting his teammates in position to be the best they can be and no disrespect but really harden is the reason?? We saw what harden could do by himself last year and when they got cp3 they became the dominant rockets we know today Chris Paul changed that teams culture and gave them confidence behind the spotlight and like he always does made harden’s star shine brighter than ever before and it’s disrespectful to not acknowledge his contribution to that franchise

    • Connie B says:

      itshiho Kobe didn’t win after Shaq until Gasolshowed up.

    • Denny Kaleal says:

      What Kyrie said makes no sense at all……if anything it’s the other way around. The MVp award should clearly go to the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER. instead last year we turned it into the “triple double award.” And this year it was the “long overdue” or the “he deserved to win one.” Award. The voters and NBA decided 7 months ago that Harden would be the MVP. Kyrie Irving, both of the teams that lost you went to the the 7th game of a ECF without you, it’s time for you to stop running your mouth about Lebron you clown.

  2. Saint Aubyn says:

    Kyrie is 100% right though

  3. Rafael De La Nuez says:

    Who cares….MVP does not mean best player…Curry MVP of GS. BEST PLAYER DURANT… you get it….

  4. lakshmi narayan says:

    king james real mvp respect from INDIA

  5. Matthew Herron says:

    MVP is the “Most Valuable Player” award. Don’t know where the confusion for people comes from. It’s pretty easy to figure out once you take your bias out of the equation, which is the motive behind the media’s changing of the narrative when it comes to Lebron which is why they want the NBA to create two separate awards like how the NFL does it. The Cavaliers weren’t that good or I should say as good during the season as Houston was. And Lebron wasn’t as good or didn’t show his value to his team as consistently as James Harden during the regular season. Stat padding and actually having a tangible effect on your team finishing with the best record in the NBA are two completely different things. Harden is the MVP, Lebron just had a good season, there’s a difference.

    • OhSoDreamyy says:

      Harden was rightfully the MVP because the award considers a ton of factors. But don’t be ridiculous. LeBron had one of his best seasons, not just a ‘good’ one. He was definitely more valuable to the Cavs than Harden to the Rockets. The ‘take x player off x team’ argument may not have enough nuance for some arguments, but it definitely does when determining value. And if you take LeBron off the Cavs…yikes.

    • Dominique Robinson says:

      OhSoDreamyy But if you take Harden off the Rockets they’re not a championship team.

    • OhSoDreamyy says:

      Dominique Robinson No doubt. Removing any team’s best player would make them a non championship team (except maybe the warriors, lol). But they’re still a pretty good team. The difference is, if you remove LeBron, the Cavs aren’t even a playoff team. That’s not even an exaggeration either. In January people were worried they would miss the playoffs WITH LeBron.

  6. gnicevids says:

    The MVP should be who had the best season that year period

    • JJ Kingman says:

      MastaMenace yes it does since it’s MVP of the league not of your team even if you have to be the most valuable of your team it’s specifically in comparison to other players in the league. League is the key word and helps define the award. If you have the best season in the league you should defacto be the doesn’t matter that. Your team is super trash without you. You can have the best numbers on a low ranked team you still ain’t the MVP even if they die without you

    • JJ Kingman says:

      Jordan Dekker it’s not just about taking out a player it’s about being the highlight of the season, the guy with the most sick plays and some records to go with it while being the no.1 reason your team wins. You can have good teammates and still be the most highlighted and valuable out if them. Good teammates shouldn’t disqualify anybody it’s all about what you brought to the table for the whole league to see.

    • Warren Mazengwe says:

      gnicevids – Thank You. it’s really simple. Who had the best performance acrrued through an 82 game season. All the who’s valuable for who’s team argument constitute too many if’s. it’s not realistic. The best player in the league doesn’t always have the best year. KD had a better year than Lebron in his year. Steph had two great seasons that Lebron didn’t have those seasons. Russ had a better season, and Harden had a better season. Just like the MVP doesn’t guarantee you a championship. In the last 30 years only seven players won MVP in the same season as they won the championship. Stephen Curry, Lebron 2x’s Tim Duncan, Shaquile o’Neil, Michael Jordan 4x’s, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Magic Johnson.

    • Matt Norris says:

      They either need to scrap the Most Valuable Player title for Player of the Year or they need criteria to support what constitutes the MVP

  7. Marko 12 says:

    Nick is so annoying with dickriding Lebron, hes great we get it

    • Matrixxx2650 says:

      LeBron is honestly MVP every year. It never feels right giving it to somebody else lol.

    • Mr Ross says:

      Gotta stop watching homes

    • Iambriangregory says:

      Marko 12 what some people might find annoying is when someone makes a legitimate point that you don’t agree with instead of responding with intelligent fact base answer you have to come up with a label trying to demean the person with a stupid label showing whatever basketball genius you’re trying to be that you’re not don’t even try to come back cuz you just bring yourself in a deeper hole and add to your Genius perception hahaha

    • Iambriangregory says:

      excuse me my basketball students let me explain what an MVP is unless like some of these sportscaster is it just looking for an issue to argue over to get some ratings if you asked what was the most valuable currency it will be the currency that you could use anywhere in the world to get more for your money than other currency so a player is the same principle if you took a player and put them on different teams in the league what player could give the most benefit to the most teams sometimes the answer is very obvious and as far as statistics and things like that or how valuable is to that team that’s ridiculous because currency from China is going to be worth a lot in China does that make it worth a lot in Mexico or America? of course not so this idea of how valuable is the player to the team is the most ridiculous juvenile basketball thought I’ve ever heard that’s why I’m here to help raise your game

    • Vick Richardson says:

      anthony bryant he’s retired,OK

  8. Jacob Runninghorse says:

    My gawd nick really? Get off his nuts seriously

    • iluvcakes19 says:

      Jacob Runninghorse he can’t, he’s a fruit cake and a F*ck boy. Like he would love being bumped by lebron

    • Jacob Runninghorse says:

      iluvcakes19 lmao he called himself a LeBron Acolyte last month. Lol that’s not enough to describe him for his love for lebron

  9. Matthew Herron says:

    So even though Lebron spear headed the moves to get Isiah Thomas, Derrick Rose, Jae Crowder, and company out of Cleveland for the players they ultimately got in return, he should be given MVP consideration for what he did in spite of the team he had around them. Oh okay I gotcha, but wait I thought Lebron made his teammates better?

    • jeron jetter says:

      He didn’t want thomas or crowder

    • GO says:

      Matthew Herron LeBron literally said he just let management do it’s thing & he’s just gonna make the best of it and finish. Don’t be an idiot casual

    • Matthew Herron says:

      an idiot casual? So are you just a regular idiot or an idiot hardcore fan?

    • Matthew Herron says:

      And to think Lebron had zero input on who got traded and who didn’t well, I suppose you fall under the category of regular idiot. Peace

    • uber24 says:

      Jordan Dekker “They stand on the 3pt line…” and miss wide open uncontested or minimal contested shots. You know like a pregame warm up or practice. If you can’t hit those then it is what it is. Funny tho, Clarkson doesn’t sit on the line, neither does Hood. Nor did Rose, Wade or IT, lol. If your star player makes YOU work harder for ya shot, then he doesn’t make you better. If he can get you open shots consistently, and YOU miss, I’m not sure how that’s the star making you worse lol.

  10. KingMickD says:

    Kyrie knows who the real mvp is!!!

  11. oMyGunny says:

    See it this way if you take LeBron off the Cavs their a lottery team not making the playoffs. If you take Harden off the Rockets their still a playoff team. With that logic whos the most valuable player? LeBron!

    • oMyGunny says:

      Like Kyrie said Harden won the peoples vote and LeBron won the NBAs

    • Ryan Terry says:

      oMyGunny where’s your proof? Or is that just your fanboyish opinion with literally no facts behind it? Maybe the Cavs play great together without LeBron? You never know. So bring facts before making a factless argument

    • oMyGunny says:

      Ryan Terry I speak nothing but facts and common sense. Do your self a favor and educate yourself on those facts cause i already know them. Before you question mine. You dont have to be a fan of LeBron to recognize he’s the best player in the league. Especially with the stats he had this year.

    • suntansuperman26 says:

      oMyGunny What about Anthony Davis or Giannis, or even friggin Oladipo? They are all just as valuable to their team as LeBron. People make the mistake thinking this only applies to LeBron.

  12. Mike N says:

    Singles Tennis is my favorite sport. No doubt about it, when I step on the court, I always have my own team. No possibility of an idiot coach or JR Smith to mess things up in the clutch!

    • Lon Woolf says:

      Mike N truu but that’s what makes football and basketball so popular..its a team thing and you can’t win without a little help..the ultimate metaphor for life

  13. Phronesis Olamide says:

    Nick’s madness is really getting out of hand. Annoying

  14. Diamond Moore says:

    Now y’all mad at Kyrie but was just in love with him for wanting to leave LeBron lmao now he compliments him and all of a sudden Kyrie don’t know what he’s talking about lmao FOH

    • Shonda says:

      Diamond Moore what are you talking about? When did they say Kyrie doesn’t know what he’s talking about? When did they say they were mad at him?

    • jaws102585 says:

      Kyrie knows what he’s talking about but gave Lebron a backhanded compliment while he was at it..I think that’s why people feel some type of way

    • Diamond Moore says:

      Shonda I’m talking about the comment thread genuis

    • Diamond Moore says:

      jaws102585 what was backhanded about saying LeBron is the MVP I must have missed something?

  15. Michael Ayeni says:

    It’s called facts and stats. LEGOAT!

    • Isaiah Jackson says:

      Nfdino Janrsrrer Bernabe have U paid attention to his rebounds?? They’re basically giving to him by his teamates. I dobt call that rebound if the bigger guy consistently lets the smaller guy (Russell) get the rebound. U cant even compare him to LeBron. There’s no comparison.

    • Michael Jordan says:

      Isaiah Jackson so are we going to act like LeBron doesn’t just play a 1 man zone under the basket for rebounds?

    • donnell brown says:

      Isaiah Jackson it don’t matter you still going off of stats

    • D Rex says:

      This is the problem with certain fans, they think stats are all that matters. Forget the fact the Cavs majorly underachieved, forget the fact that LeBron and the Cavs wasted a team with unlimited talent at the beginning of the season, forget the fact LeBron uses his team in the most inefficient way possible and forget the fact he’s one of the least effective leaders in the sense of getting his teammates where they need to be.

      If we go strictly by stats then Westbrook is still MVP, if we add in intangibles which is a MONSTER part of a players value then frankly you gotta roll with Harden. Last year he had a better record than the Cavs (that was when Paul was still in LA and Kyrie was still in Cleveland BTW) and this year he proved he is good enough to lead a team all the way, the only reason that didn’t happen was because Paul got hurt. At times they looked flat out unbeatable with Harden and Paul.

  16. DJ ShaqTown says:

    The award ceremony is pointless especially being weeks after the playoffs end… It should be right after the regular season ends so the playoffs can’t sway the opinions on these awards

  17. EDtv says:

    Also, THE ROCKETS WON 65 GAMES IN A TOUGHER WESTERN CONFERENCE…. I saw a graphic somewhere that 26 of the top 32 players in the NBA, play in the Western Conference…so Harden is the MVP this year… LET IT GO

  18. Bitcoin Baller! says:

    The NBA likes this debate raging all summer. It promotes their product. They like the controversy.
    It’s just free publicity after the season ends, so this will NEVER change. It’s actually good for business.

  19. DJ ShaqTown says:

    When Harden doesn’t get MVP he deserved it, when he wins it he didnt deserve smh Harden can’t win

    • Harden4MVP says:

      Terrell Cornell Everything you said is wrong.

    • Armin Hashtroodi says:

      Harden4MVP Westbrook won as the 6th seed dude.

    • suntansuperman26 says:

      Armin Hashtroodi Listen, when LeBron won his last MVP he had Wade, Bosh and Allen. Harden gets 1 player and y’all trying to dismiss him. Harden put up solid numbers while leading his team to the best record he deserved that MVP.


    No Kyrie hated playing with lebron Nick …it’s nothing wrong with that…

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