Chris Broussard reacts to LeBron’s potential game-winner being blocked vs Knicks | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Chris Broussard reacts to LeBron’s potential game-winner being blocked vs Knicks | NBA | UNDISPUTED

The New York Knicks defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 124-123 after LeBron James’ game-winning shot attempt was blocked. Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss if LeBron made the right decision by driving to the basket instead of shooting.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Chris Broussard reacts to LeBron’s potential game-winner being blocked vs Knicks | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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95 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Did LeBron make the right play at the end of the game?

  2. iAntrikos says:

    Lebron got destroyed . That’s the reaction. Next story

    • sheldonxp says:

      Getting blocked once means got destroyed. Newsflash every player gets blocked. He missed a shot, so what. Every player misses shots. We’re in the age of overreaction and microscopic focus. MJ’s legend only grew so big because there wasn’t as much attention on every little thing back then, so people could take in his whole body of work. Nowadays people want to nitpick on every little thing someone does wrong.

    • Mr. Bean says:

      +Defstrike M 31-39. Failureeeeeeeeee

    • AlienWarfareGaming says:


  3. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    That play right there made LeBron the greatest of all time

  4. Brett Johnson Jr says:

    What about the bucks/76ers game? ????‍♀️ much better game than the lakers losing

  5. Hit This Loud G Before I Change My Mind says:

    “LeBlocked” you can’t tell me Skip didn’t tell them to put that in there ??

  6. Deryk Buxton says:

    Literally don’t care. Both teams garbage lmao

  7. TJ Smith says:


  8. Jon Flores says:

    LOL shannon always deflecting. also, stop talking about lebron. the lakers season is OVER!!!

  9. King james28 says:

    Chris has every excuse in the world for lebron

    • Larry Storey says:

      You ain’t never lied

    • Lydia Sanabria says:

      King james28 being up against LeBron hate’n Skip somebody had to defend Lebron. I’m a. Knicks fan to the death!!!! I appreciated Chris sticking up for him. Ppl talk too much ish. He’s not clutch. He cowers from the moment when he passes and when he keeps the ball he gets hounded for not making the basketball play and making the right pass trusting his teammates and all that. Bottom line if hezonja wasn’t there for the block LeBron likely pulls out a game winner and nobody would be thinking like this..
      FOR L!FE !!!!!!!!

  10. Ivan Abramovhic says:

    Shannon and and Chris look like clowns out there??

  11. NBA Animations says:

    LeBron took so many L’s now the team is called Akers.

  12. Jerry Gambino says:

    LeBron got shut down by a scrub. Case closed. Stop the excuses

  13. LA Clippers says:

    Lou Williams hits an unbelievable shot over two defenders but the media would rather talk about a lottery team losing to another lottery team. ?

    • Adam 818lakers says:

      +Cory Fessenden every year is rigged if u really know what’s up fouls always favored for the winning team nothing is played fair no sports is legit

    • Brandon says:

      They dont care about the lakers, they only care about lebum and his antics!! When have they talked kobe this much? NEVER!!!

    • Cory Fessenden says:

      +Kimar Origami the commissioner is not responsible for paying the players. That is ownership and the players association.

    • Cory Fessenden says:

      +Adam 818lakers of course. Some teams prevail over it tho, IE my Seahawks winning and losing the SB. We won that game off pure dominance on defense ( and imagine that, so many rule changes you can never play like the LOB without getting flags) and we straight choked that to NE.


    Chris trying soooooooo hard to make excuses lmao

    • lil tre says:

      +IBlackSanta no he wasnt he was dickriding

    • keemy Mail says:

      He was telling the truth period. You would still watch him on undisputed regardless so be quiet to all the haters

    • AJ Gonzalez says:

      Yeah his LeBron bias is obvious here. But I’ll give him a pass because when it comes to other NBA topics besides LeBron James, he’s usually on point in his analyses

    • sheldonxp says:

      +lil tre What did he say that was dickriding? He was just explaining what actually happened.

    • IBlackSanta says:

      +lil tre no he told facts. Mario made a good play give him the credit. Yall stay finding whatever way to hate on lebron ?

  15. David says:

    Man I swear, Broussard is a LeBron apologist.
    No matter what he got excuses for any occasion.

  16. The Gooch says:

    If onl Lebron played defense as well as Shannon defends his failures…the possibilities

  17. David W says:

    Chris looks mad on the thumbnail because his boy Bron got blocked ???

  18. Dennis Menace says:

    LeBron made Hezonja look like Scottie Pippen lmao

  19. Dee Cole says:

    Shannon got all the excuses. Talking about he lifted off the wrong leg ?

    • NBA All-Star 2022 says:

      I’m not sure you’ve ever even played basketball. Because if you did, you’d know that most of the time you get more lift with one leg than the other.

    • Alan B. Stoned says:

      Its physics lmao

    • Frederick Bermudez says:


    • lil tre says:

      +NBA All-Star 2022 that’s lebron fault controls his body??

    • Fawad Chaudhry says:

      It’s not an excuse, it’s just saying what happened. There is always a reason behind what happened. If LeBron shot the ball with left hand and missed, Chris would say that’s what happened. Stating what happened shouldn’t always mean excuse, I think excuses are when there is more bias and arbitrary, like maybe if they said he is injured, that could be viewed as an excuse, because it’s basically a guess. But lifting off the wrong leg is literally what happened, and reporting it is not an excuse. Needless to say, that’s LeBron’s fault and he should have jumped off the right foot ??

  20. Official Young Hustle says:

    LeBron Ain’t Kobe Or Jordan Period!! Proved That Yesterday!! Jordan & Kobe ????

    • sheldonxp says:

      Lol apparently one meaningless regular season game proved it. FOH.

    • sheldonxp says:

      +Timothy Short When you narrow down the time span so much, it has as much to do with luck as it does with ‘clutch’. Let me ask you, if someone misses a shot in the first quarter, nobody cares. But if somebody misses a game winner, they’re called not clutch. But what is the different between those two shots? If it’s the same shot then they have the same chance of going in. Sometimes it’s not down to clutch or not, it’s just the percentages.

      And guess what, in each game there are 9 other players on the floor with you that can also influence the game. It’s not an individual sport like golf where you literally control the entire outcome. Anything the other 9 guys do can change the outcome of the game.

    • Timothy Short says:

      sheldonxp The reason why nobody remembers the first shot is because not too many people watch the games lol. They prefer highlights, but in addition to that, the early quarters don’t have the same meaning as the 4th.

      In the first 36 minutes, you could get blown out for whatever reason. Your team didn’t show up, you didn’t show up, you’re outmatched/outplayed/our coached.

      But after 36-43 minutes when the teams are evenly matched and it’s lead change after lead change. That’s when you know every score and stop matters.

      Not sure if you played sports, but if you did, and you had anxiety. Anxiety would be the highest before the game, and during the 4th quarter of a close competition.

      I see what you’re saying about the 1st-4th quarter, but the only times I would consider clutch for the entirety of a game would be an elimination game. Not the 1st-3rd quarter of a regular season game.

    • Jeff Larson says:

      Kobe isn’t even the greatest Laker of all time.

    • Timothy Short says:

      Jeff Larson Spoken by a non Lakers Fan

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