Chris Broussard reacts to Magic’s remarks about Pelinka & Lakers, talks KD’s future | NBA | THE HERD

Chris Broussard reacts to Magic’s remarks about Pelinka & Lakers, talks KD’s future | NBA | THE HERD

Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to discuss a variety of NBA topics. He reacts to Magic Johnson’s comments about what led to his departure with the Los Angeles Lakers, also explains how the Golden State Warriors’ recent success ‘has to be tough’ on Kevin Durant which could ensure his exit.

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Chris Broussard reacts to Magic’s remarks about Pelinka & Lakers, talks KD’s future | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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58 Responses

  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd says:

    What are your thoughts on Magic Johnson’s comments?

  2. Nassim El Ansari says:

    Who saw Kevin Durant’s reply to Chris Broussard on Twitter ? ?????

    • Eric De Silva says:

      wjatube why would he go to Nets over the Knicks? It’s the same media market. Brooklyn is just a borough in New York City. The same people covered them both here in New York. Boston out of the conversation cause they only have enough to sign there own free agents.

    • So Hum says:

      +SouthernBeast 702 the fact that he feels the need to respond at all shows how over-sensitive he is. Dude clearly cares way too much about the opinions that get thrown around by talking heads. . . But then even worse he feels the need to defend himself to a nobody that most likely doesn’t know enough about the game to make his opinion at all valid (like most people on the internet.) His legacy is tarnished and he knows it. Rather than accept his place in history he wants to be more than he is. He simply doesn’t have the heart or fortitude to be in GOAT conversation. You know how easy it is for him on a team that literally doesn’t need him!?

    • D'marco Wood says:

      Kingof TheJab how was KDs response sensitive?

    • Notorious1503 says:

      Yeah and someone called his sensitive and he also got butthurt

    • Ryan Miller says:

      I mean Chris didn’t lie- No one respects those rings brah!

  3. Zack Durant says:

    Didn’t Colin keep saying all year that Toronto was 17-5 without kawhi? Now they’re a one man show.

    • travis447 says:

      Have you watched Toronto in the playoffs? They are a one man show

    • Riich_Anthony says:

      thinh pham Completely agree. We’re all wrong sometimes. But him saying he’s been saying this all along… no.. no he hasn’t ?

    • jermaine johnson says:

      People get fooled by the regular season all the time. They are the same team as last year just kawhi instead of Derozen and a different coach.

    • Thizlam says:

      thinh pham He is not only wrong more than sometimes, he acts like he’s always had that position from the beginning. It’s one thing to be wrong and admit you’re wrong, it’s another to just switch your position and then pretend like you’ve never thought differently.

  4. w j says:

    Sas and first take had all the juice today with that magic interview

  5. Disrespectful 24 says:

    7:48 Magic Comment

  6. José Cruz says:

    Chris Broussard mentioned Puerto Rico in the 04 Olympics. I can die a happy man.

  7. Liam Rands says:

    Chris “they dont have to be better without KD, they just have to be better than everybody else without KD” Broussard

  8. Spider702 says:

    He actually said “ESPN” this time…. not “my former employer”

  9. Fernando Delgado says:

    Broussard out here wearing a King wrist band and the first thing we think of is “Yh, thats about right… Flex on the ignorant, boy” because when he comes on peoples show he takes over.

  10. Devonte Sway says:

    Magic lit the lakers up this morning ???

    • Dawei Zhao says:

      +exillens Remember as well Rob is only a ‘backstabber’ in Magic’s eyes, Rob clearly was just telling facts because Magic was clearly not there, what else is he supposed to tell other GMs when Magic is absent from meetings and GMs ask, “Hey Rob, where’s Magic?”

      Also don’t forget Magic got rid of Zubac, Brook Lopez, Julius Randle, and killed Laker’s team morale by offering everyone for AD and falling on the trade

    • Doug C says:

      go to sleep kid

    • Devonte Sway says:

      I don’t actually care whose fault it is I just thought it was funny how he basically threw everybody under the bus I’m pretty indifferent on this because I’m not laker fan but I don’t rout against them I just called it how I saw it lol

    • Shunie says:

      +to serve and obey wrong

  11. tdsm94 says:

    I’m a simple man, I see Goatsard I press like

  12. Juan Fathi says:

    Kd playoffs- 34ppg
    Steph since kd went out- 36ppg

    • K Mula says:

      Ross Peterson they were not winning “titles” with out KD. They won one chip when cavs badly injured most notably without Kyrie and Love why do ppl always leave that out?

    • Kyle Elpel says:

      +Marvin Amankwa-Dei They won in 6 games in 2015, and you forgot to mention that the they beat every other of the 28 NBA teams too. Literally, they’ve only lost to 1 team, and it was by 4 POINTS against a top 5 player of alltime in 9.5 series without KD. Plus Steph Curry’s stats have increased in every postseason except for 2016 when he returned from injury.

    • Marvin Amankwa-Dei says:

      Kyle Elpel my point is other than in the regular season GS aren’t untouchable in the finals without KD. They still lost in 2016, it don’t mean a thing it you ain’t got the ring.

    • Sean Dolan says:

      Steph has been better all this time

    • Kronos92 says:

      Warrior haters are gonna hate. They will win with or without kd. The east is trash and hasn’t changed

  13. GODFATHERLO says:

    The media kills me with their fantasy theories!!!

  14. macdabluepanther says:

    Chris Broussard is the best voice in basketball now, and will be for some time IMO!!

  15. Brandon 98 says:

    Get Out 2: Starring Magic Johnson

  16. Go Niners says:

    Cowherd just stays contradicting himself. For a whole year he had the Celtics winning it all despite them “not taking the next step.”

  17. jchristie3 says:

    Colin: “Chris Broussard and I are just gonna disagree on everything today.”

    Literally didn’t disagree on anything. #ColinContradict

  18. Gnar Gnar Binks says:

    “Oh man, we’re not gonna agree on anything today!”

    *no point of disagreement for 12.5 minutes*

  19. Sie Hock Lau says:

    I like Chris. He talk facts and good analyst

  20. Barkadleh Miguil says:

    Chris Broussard is very smart , he knows is basketball

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