Chris Broussard & Rob Parker React to Draymond Green Being Suspended Indefinitely

Chris Broussard & Rob Parker React to Draymond Green Being Suspended Indefinitely

THE ODD COUPLE – Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to the breaking news that Draymond Green has been suspended indefinitely and must undergo certain conditions to return to NBA Basketball.

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44 Responses

  1. @karlanthonymargate7362 says:

    Having him suspended for the rest of the season might actually benifit the warriors in the long term because that would give more minuyes to Kuminga and help him develop.

    • @rickdecker2146 says:

      Agree. He’s not learned his lesson. This is his 6th or 7th suspension. Suspend him for the rest of the season and post season.

  2. @ChrisJones-cn1ew says:

    League: “Draymond is suspended indefinitely.”
    Kerr: “I still haven’t watched a replay of the play.” 😅

  3. @iTuber012 says:

    No one on the warriors had the nuts to hold draymond accountable so the league had to do it

  4. @hk2737 says:

    Draymond would’ve been forgotten by now like most other 2nd rounders had he not been blessed playing alongside the greatest backcourt shooters in NBA history

  5. @soysaucehairdye7869 says:

    Draymond is the type of guy that would sucker punch someone and they will die from a bad fall and he will still not take any responsibility. He’s shown that he is incapable of rehabilitation and will always play dirty.

  6. @marquisneal5480 says:

    Suspend him until Opening Night 2024. That MIGHT get thru to him that this is unacceptable. Kerr, Curry and the Warriors are half of the problem for enabling him.

  7. @bt2598 says:

    The full wind up 360 sock to the face a month after the gobert chokehold was insanity. The audacity.

  8. @herbertleret6233 says:

    The last 2 incidents have been completely unprovoked. He basically sucker punched his own teammate. He’s been flailing his leg and kicking dudes in the nuts for years. He stepped on a Sabonis chest.

  9. @johnnymason2460 says:

    I support this decision. He needs to cool down and think about his actions. Now, I would have made it a suspension for the rest of the season and postseason. But this will do for now.

    • @IamMrImpeccable says:

      It just might be. Or out the league. Look at Boogie Cousins right now. The NBA don’t need you. They ex you out if you get to full of yourself. But honestly I just hope he gets help. He doesn’t even realize what we all collectively know. Bro need some help.

    • @leonard30909 says:

      This is why people say the NBA is soft and no one watches anymore.

    • @Weekendateddys says:

      He should go to the same place morant visited

    • @jovenmendoza900 says:

      I doubt Draymond will voluntarily go to a rehabilitation program. No psychiatrist would even get near the fucker because all those loose nuts in his head. Some people just don’t need the help especially those who don’t want it. The league should just outright ban him. Also with that track record of his, I doubt he can even play for the Chinese league.

    • @erickmack4131 says:

      He’s done bro, it’s over.

  10. @datsapaddlin says:

    Draymond finally gettin held accountable is a sight to see

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