Chris Broussard says there are many ‘red flags’ on Jimmy Butler joining the 76ers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Chris Broussard says there are many ‘red flags’ on Jimmy Butler joining the 76ers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe on today’s show to talk about Jimmy Butler. Hear why Broussard thinks that there are red flags on Butler fitting in with the Philadelphia 76ers.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Chris Broussard says there are many ‘red flags’ on Jimmy Butler joining the 76ers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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84 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Does Jimmy Butler make the 76ers a championship contender?

    • meg says:

      Well Simmons is busy chasing Kardashian girls instead of working on his off-season jumper. I like Butler.

    • meg says:

      Cavs would’ve sucked even if Lebron stayed. Why do y’all think he left? That they suck now is NO testament to Lebron’s greatness. Just means he saw the writing on the wall early.

    • Vic Culture says:

      PanThUndErS you’re cancer saying pacers winning the east. Sorry buddy.

    • Robert Woodard says:

      NOOOOOOO!!!! he didn’t make Chicago a contender he was the Lil homie to Derek rose and when he left the team was his and didn’t come thru he was inconsistent he wanted out he went to minasota and disturbed the locker just like n chi town and now he wants to leave. who’s to say the same won’t happen.

  2. Julian Thuesdee says:

    Frankly I’m more worried about Fultz and his shot than Butler fitting in. However, Broussard is accurate in his insight as usual.

    • Saleem Hawkins says:


    • Jay Gause says:


    • Gerald Leonard says:

      How is he right? Didnt he predict the lakers to be a horrible shooting team? Yet they shooting 40 percent from 3 as a team?? Hes a tv color analyst who runs his predictions off analytics instead of just watching the game. Basketball is basketball, the 76ers whether people want to believe it or not just traded 2 role players for a top 15 player in the nba. They got much better if the lakers with one super star are ranked the highest team that scores in the paint.. Then the 76ers can scoe the ball just as easy with 3 stars

  3. NBAT7 says:

    Broussard looks like Josh Hart’s dad

  4. Melito T says:

    1:23 Shannon looked so dejected that Skiup didn’t confirm his laughing 😂😂😂

  5. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Jimmy was right for getting onto kat and wiggins like they need to play aggressive

  6. KarismaNBA2k13 says:

    Back to back Broussard uploads? Only have so much nut in me my gosh

  7. T biscuit says:

    why is Shannon saying Embiid’s the best player in the east and it’s not even close? Kawhi and Giannis are right there with him.

  8. TheHolySC says:

    Man, if these young guys played with KG or Kobe Bryant, they would need to see a therapist 5 times a day.

  9. Leglt says:

    “Joel Embiid is the best player in the East and it’s not even close.” LOL, please apologize to Giannis, Kyrie and Kawhi for the disrespect.

    • Sanjay Kulkarni says:

      +Wonderlandian kyrie is a superstar and barring leonard no body even comes close. kyrie is a big match player like none other. did you guys even watch 2016 finals? if he were fit cavs would not lose at all in 2015. they nearly swept gsw in 2015( how easily people forget) game 1 was tie and shump messed it up and kyrie bust his kneecap, game 2, they won without kyrie, game 3, they blew gsw, game 4 they were winning before delly went to iv and perkins forgot to buy a bucket 3 feet away from the rim, miller was washed up! they just ran out of steam. And no LOVE!

    • money way says:

      +rahbaby17 ummm horford

    • Chizz 90 says:

      Leglt this guy said Kyrie come on now 😂😂😂

    • Kiquan Ringo says:

      Uncle Kanye Thomas Ruckus u dumb asf

  10. music4life says:

    Did Shannon just say that “Embid is the best player in the East and it’s not even close”? Kawhi…..Giannis….heck even his own teammate is “close”.

  11. MegaChampion101 says:

    “If Giannis was a American born kid with American swagger we will be talking about him whole different way” Chris Broussard speaking facts

  12. Secret Agent Randy Beans says:

    “That was LeBrons fault” – The Skip Bayless life motto.

  13. Russell Beastbrook says:

    Chris speaking facts on Giannis💯

  14. Michael Robinson says:

    Jimmy is a rag to riches story in the NBA. It’s hard for him to comprehend number 1 picks who underachieve.

    • reginald embry says:

      Facts B, the effeminate or beta male is a reality even in the NBA. Jimmy unfortunately is a prisoner of his toughness.

  15. SesYes says:

    1:23 Is Shannon fake laughing all the time? I have so many questions.

  16. Donae Morrow says:

    Unlike Anthony-Towns, Embiid will take Butler to the hole

  17. ken juan says:

    We really gon blame Butler for trying to get the best out of these lazy bum young players?…How Fultz and Simmons come back without some kind of jump shot after what happened last season?…it’s embarrassing…how KAT and Wiggins ain’t improve after being in the league for how many season…It ain’t Jimmy’s job to cuddle these kids!

    • Dominique Robinson says:

      ken juan
      Jimmy’s getting the blame because he hasn’t had playoff success leading a team. If this was Lebron on the timberwolves KAT and Wiggins would’ve been getting killed way more in the media.

    • Mr. HimSirOldGuy Pino says:

      Thank you! He just has high standards, damn they getting paid to be pros

    • Matthew Whiteford says:

      Getting the best out of them? KAT was averaging 25 and 12 before Jimmy showed up, didnt need Jimmy telling him how to play offensively. And Wiggins went from 23ppg to 17. He didn’t help them individually even if he did help the team

  18. SesYes says:

    Not even close? Cmon now Shannon you disrespecting Giannis big time.


      +Lakers Fan Since July 1st 2018 u acting like he never dominated in those playoff series’ lmao hard to average 30 and everyone else on the team only got 10 points(bledsoe) for example

    • Magic Will Fix It says:

      +Victor Petrescu If Giannis could shoot, he would be greatest player ever

    • memeologist ok says:

      +Lakers Fan Since July 1st 2018 he averaged 26 and like 12 rebounds on 53 % shooting the fact that he hasn’t won a playoff sieres isn’t down to him most of the time it been down to bad coaching

    • memeologist ok says:

      +Lakers Fan Since July 1st 2018 i mean MJ didn’t win a playoff series till his 4th or 5th year in the league

    • Mathew Jahshan says:

      +Magic Will Fix It he’s 23 you’re talking like he’s gonna retire soon haha

  19. Moses Nyirongo says:

    Why’s skip talking about he’s never seen a big man shoot like embiid as if dirk never existed

    • SeanDaNerd says:

      I think he’s referring to centers. But yeah, how does Skip forget the man who beat LeBron in the finals?

    • edwin hamilton says:

      money way He hit a couple. But the league was different then. Centers actually played in the paint 😂

    • Moses Nyirongo says:

      Dr. Elaine Harper you speak as if dirk didn’t beat the Miami heat from the post, the paint. Stop dissing that man, he’s one of the most dominant and unstoppable post players in nba history as well as the pioneer stretch big man. Don’t diss dirk like that

  20. tari813 says:

    How can you be in the NBA and not be able to shoot? Couldn’t you hire the best shooting coaches in the world?

    • JeremyCuddles says:

      tari813 not putting in the work. Sometimes it’s mental. Some players crutch on other areas of their game. Could be a good few things.

    • Michael Oates says:

      Exactly while I didn’t have height nor body cause injuries some these guys have god given ability that’s wasted. I played d2 was between 88-89% shooting free throws l. Poor faultz can’t shoot a lick neither can Ben he relies too much on height and athletic ability

    • Tim Pallarino says:

      Some people can only achieve a certain level of hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and visuo-spatial processing… even with a shooting coach. It’s possible to make it into the NBA without being able to shoot extremely well.

    • Sosh Vujisic says:

      +Tim Pallarino simmons can shoot outside of the game. its clear that he cant shoot at an nba level tho. fultz on the other hand…

    • Nimbus Cloud says:

      I know Ben Simmons needs to learn to shoot!!!!

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