Chris Broussard thinks Kevin Durant felt a ‘sense of disrespect’ from Warriors | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Chris Broussard thinks Kevin Durant felt a ‘sense of disrespect’ from Warriors | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Chris Broussard thinks Kevin Durant felt a ‘sense of disrespect’ from the Golden State Warriors during his time on the team. Hear why Broussard doesn’t think the Warriors gave him the appreciation he deserved.

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Chris Broussard thinks Kevin Durant felt a ‘sense of disrespect’ from Warriors | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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82 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Did the Warriors show a lack of respect for Kevin Durant?

    • zzzap says:

      No, they didn’t. Warriors loved Kevin Durant, supported and respected him. BUT KD is never happy, never satisfied, and never at peace. He’s thin-skinned, ultra-sensitive and insecure.

    • Matthew Fudge says:

      What have we learned, class? The grass ain’t always greener. He should’ve either tried harder to make it work with Russell Westbrook or joined another team besides Golden State. Durant trashed his legacy by joining a 73-win Warriors team. He’s gotta own that, rings or no rings.

  2. w j says:

    Kawhi going to the mavs ???? Since we all guessing

  3. Andrew Christensen says:

    But when Shannon says KD doesn’t feel appreciated, he’s called “ignorant”

  4. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Kd has to win a championship Brooklyn to prove that he didn’t need the warriors

    • Lucas Sams says:

      They called him. Crying in the parking lot.

    • Feliciano Russell says:

      He probably wont ever win again.

    • snow ass says:

      denny cascade top 15?? lets go TOP 5. Steph averaged friken 27, KD averaged 35, and games 2 3 and 5 STILL came down to the 4th quarters. let’s go top 5, imagine if Paul George or Kawhi were on the team instead of KD. would Paul George or Kawhi have been able to average 35 ppg, hit al those clutch shots in games 2 and 3, AND guard Lebron, then Kyrie (cuz he was friken destroying Klay so they had to put KD on him after game 3) after game 3? It was FAR from given to KD he might’ve been the only one who could’ve done wwhat he did. U know what was guaranteed/given? Put Kawhi, Paul George in Lebrons place. With Kyrie, love and tristan in the east those 4 years. They’re guaranteed finals easily every year. THAT’s something that was guaranteed. The only person who did something guaranteed was Lebron

    • PowdaToastFace Killah says:

      Chip guaranteed in Brooklyn

    • Chi Ezike says:

      @Feliciano Russell no more rings for steph unless he joins another team

  5. Mike McGinnis says:

    They disrespected him and now they’re gonna retire his number??

    • Asmosis Jones says:

      pure pr stunt …

    • Alejandro Gomez says:

      Mike McGinnis I don’t understand how The Warriors disrespected KD? They did everything they could to make him happy. Made him a huge piece of the offense, offered him The Max, had his back when the Media called him “weak” for even going to Golden State.

    • vilay keokanock says:

      Alejandro Gomez I don’t understand too . It would be different if the warriors didn’t offer anything and say thanks for your time. They offered him the max while he was recovering from an Achilles injury . He would’ve got one year free pay. Going to the warriors game , everyone loved KD. Lots of fans had the 35 and 30 jersey. Fans never disrespected KD while he was on the warriors .

    • Alejandro Gomez says:

      vilay keokanock I know, I think it’s about team chemistry, which I kinda blame Draymond for. I was watching the game when it happened and teammates got between em. Same thing happened to me at work, after it happened the whole vibe wasn’t the same. ? Obviously in KD’s case, it wasn’t about money cause he took less from Brooklyn.

  6. JReece3000 says:

    Y’all see how my girl was quiet, saw them drifting away from the topic, politely and swiftly got them back on the topic, then was quiet again?? ????

    Someone get this to Molly and tell her THIS is her position and how she should play it.

  7. Steve Jobs says:

    “Sources tell me the Warriors made KD fly coach.” – Chris Broussard

  8. Lui M says:

    KD was always going to be regarded as a mercenary for the gsw. He switched up on Russell for GSW and his conscious was never at peace.

    • Nyle Winston says:

      @prazertv they wouldve probably beat the warriros the next year and no team wouldve competed, he choked and took the easy way out thats not the will of champion, russell is also why they were up 3-1, hes a headcahe to play with but they all not just russ or KD choked that series away

    • Nyle Winston says:

      @SanAntoBalla exaclty

    • Matthew Fudge says:

      He should’ve either tried harder to make it work with Westbrook or join another team besides the Warriors. Durant’s gotta own up to the fact that he trashed his legacy by going to Golden State. Nobody put a gun to his head. He made the choice to go.

    • B. Wayne Presents says:

      Ur the 1st person I’ve heard say this.. Good point.

  9. Adrian Green says:

    kd is fighting with himself. Him and kyrie will implode

  10. MrSF49er75 says:

    KD is close to reaching ‘high maintenance girlfriend’ level…

  11. Jason Tan says:

    Skip was spot on, KD only needed one reason to stay and had plenty to convince himself to leave. He’s never happy

    • tre Johnson says:

      @Terrez Harris no one knew where he was going , most media thought he was going to knicks not nets so your saying if he went to the knicks its weak aswell . i think its stupid to say because he wanted to leave GSW therefore he is mentally weak as no one even himself knew where he was going . maybe just me as i cant understand people telling someone your mentally weak when they dont even understand the person personally smh it all talk like media and fans , speculation is all it is no truth.

    • Zarey Dastaryan says:

      @Wade H if you gonna comment on kd first include you a hater then comment on him

    • Nyle Winston says:

      @tre Johnson thats not true, the media just guess, they knew he was going to NY, and assumed it was the knicks, because its the marquee team in NY, dont listen to the media so intently

    • Nyle Winston says:

      @tre Johnson hes mentally weak for going to the warriors in the first place, hes mentally weak for letting peer pressure force him to come back before he was fully healed

  12. Dom says:



  13. Devon Pinder says:

    Chris Broussard doesn’t have sources when it comes to KD, this is known

  14. Nexx Level says:

    Sources say the Knicks starting 5 will be the teenage mutant ninja turtles with master splinter at the point. ??

  15. Infinity Mixtapes says:

    Kevin Durant is way too talented and successful to be this sensitive

  16. Raphael De La Ghetto says:

    If Michael Jordan joined the Bad Boy Pistons in 91, they would’ve welcomed him with open arms. They also would’ve thought he was a punk and it still would’ve been Isiah’s team.

    • Feliciano Russell says:

      Celtics had 3 old games, they didnt start that old trend.

    • Michael Sanders says:

      @Demetrius not lebron fault. Blame the celtics with Paul pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett

    • TheBestFighter says:

      @joseph Henry Nobody cares about what you have to say. And stop liking your own comment

    • mrslash blade says:

      Raphael De La Ghetto people saying Jordan would have taken it by force, he couldn’t even control Rodman at an old age, and he picked on guys who were replaceable, you honestly he’s gonna try and fight Isiah, Rodman, Lambieer, or Mahorn? There was a reason why he feared playing in Detroit, because they were a team that weren’t impressed with anyone no matter what your stats were, you still bleed the same.

  17. Cissy Mac says:

    KD and Kyrie seem to be the two most miserable dudes in the NBA.

  18. Brehon Mills -The Stock Investor says:

    Bob Myers spoken his truth, in a joking way.. He should’ve never said that..

  19. Anthony Baca says:

    You think egotistical kyrie is gonna hand the team over to egotistical Durant after a year of being the face of Brooklyn? Lmao

    • Nyle Winston says:

      theyre best friends, its different when you playing with a best friend, have you never hooped with your homies? do egos ever get in the way im going to assume no for you

    • Jamaal Horton says:

      Anthony Baca great point!!!

    • Gabriella Savona says:

      They’re best friends, LeBron & Wade didn’t have any problems either will KD & Kyrie they see each other as Brothers.They both see Kobe as their mentor and respect each other. Stop with the doom and gloom, if Kyrie wasn’t going to hand the team over to KD, he would never ask KD to join him in NY.

  20. Lyndon Fair says:

    GS beat KD then gave him a ring. Sounds like domestic violence ?

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