Chris Brown – Anyway (Explicit Version) ft. Tayla Parx

Chris Brown – Anyway (Explicit Version) ft. Tayla Parx

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20 Responses

  1. Ghettow music says:

    isnt this the best dance you have ever seen in you life

  2. Daniel Boyd says:

    why he hit Bruh so hard ??

  3. jayden mike says:

    I love it

  4. Asali's TV says:

    4:52 THAT FACE THO 🙂 :-)

  5. SuperSidekick says:

    fire emoji fire emoji more fire emoji ahhhh

  6. Isaac Efraín says:

    Chris Brown’s music is my jam

  7. amal M saleem says:


  8. CommonOne says:

    lol im a big fan of chris but this video is just too cheesy XD

  9. En Zilla says:

    What I’ve been waiting for!!!

  10. Mahdi Izii says:

    every day new song !!!! breewy is very angryy !!!!!!!!

  11. manly kako says:

    those moves at 5:00 tho ?

  12. Anthony McMillan says:

    I love how Turn Up the Music is playing in the background at the end.

  13. Neptune Genesis says:


  14. CheyenneChante says:

    You’re so freakin talented !!!! LIKE HOLY PLEASE BEHAVE YOUR DAMN SELF SO

  15. Autumn Rose says:

    Amazing as always. ????

  16. Lukas Bodinger says:

    whats that ringtone at the beginning pls?

  17. Jeremy Yin says:

    easy now Chris Brown ?

  18. Daniel Cruzado Alarcon says:

    Illuminati song

  19. Mic GG says:

    A new clip per day

  20. Teodor Bocov says:

    Music is perfect and the dance moves are on point AF. Breezy you are the