Chris Brown – Back To Love (Official Video)

Chris Brown – Back To Love (Official Video)

“Back To Love” out now!

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51 Responses

  1. black tutoriais says:

    Quem faz parte da página Chris Brown fans no Facebook deixa seu ? !

  2. Tamika Dunbar says:

    I see Chris Brown in Michael Jackson’s body at the starting ✨

  3. menzi mnculwane says:

    Chris Brown is the king of RnB in the 21st century???

    I just felt the vibes of king MJ???

  4. leone Qric says:

    The fact that Africans are in this song it’s damn liiit???

    • leone Qric says:

      +Kinsberton Precius ??mehn

    • Cure Online says:

      +leone Qric for sure culture?, and culture is a part of where you really come from?

    • AntsDaMan C says:

      Benjamin ben they are actually very divided by tribalism and have been at war for a very long time which is a big reason Africa is in terrible shape.

    • Cure Online says:

      +ash2fresh beceause its freedom of speach ??? thats why youtube has a comment space down here.
      Keep asking why peoplle say things lol.

    • AntsDaMan C says:

      Yes. It’s great to be a part of the poorest and most dangerous place on earth and also look up to a guy who beats women

  5. my life as LESEDI 2103 says:

    Proudly African but Moshtlu South African
    And the gwara gwara thou …?❤❤❤

  6. De'Shawnye Forest says:

    undecided: 2019
    back to love: 2019
    Michael Jackson: 2020
    if you’re reading this comment you will be blessed ❤❤

  7. Sidi ALI OUSSENI says:

    This is the better way to send “leaving neverland” in hell. Thank you chris for keeping support MJ by your moove.

    • Cure Online says:

      MJ forever bro ! Thats a legend people think that every rapper who die is a legend

    • Katina Walker says:

      Much ❤ Mr. Sidi Ali Ousseni yes, all the negativity of M.J. and his home.. C.B. keep M.J. dance alive.. C.B. is second ♚ KING of POP ??

  8. Anel Aneli says:

    Why this song and video gives me chills? Chris brown is the real one. Love

  9. Alex Silva says:

    Dança demais ! Chris é um dos maiores talentos da música , o cara é muito versátil, ele faz de tudo e muito bem ! Orgulho de acompanhar a carreira desse mito! ?????

  10. Lolo la street says:

    You are definitely the best. I love you Chris, for real

  11. Ayona Laquay says:

    This song sounds so good it’s really giving off mj vibes I love it chris ❤️❤️?

  12. sockit 2ya says:

    if you’ve been a fan since his album “chris brown” turn this blue


  13. ronnie williams says:

    Released on the day of Nipseys Funeral. Respect ?❤️

  14. Stevy loic says:

    Michael Jackson ‘s legacy will live on ! Thank you Chris Brown ?

  15. Legendary Kojo says:

    So my man went to France for a music video and endend up in jail by fake accusation??‍♂️

  16. Ayanfe Akinsola says:

    yes I feel the Michael Jackson vibe.

  17. Legendary Kojo says:

    *This is how many times you are going to listen to this song*

  18. Aisha sulayman Abukar says:

    1-Michael Jackson ?
    2-Chris Brown ?

  19. Love Kimberly says:

    And jaquees has the audacity to call himself the king ?

  20. Edward The Best says:

    Undecided and Back To Love
    Chris Brown 2019 Fire ???
    G.O.A.T ?

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