Chris Brown – Heat (Official Video) ft. Gunna

Chris Brown – Heat (Official Video) ft. Gunna

‘Indigo’ the album out now
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46 Responses

  1. Young Orange says:

    someone please listen to my sounds, i just need a chance ??

  2. Chandra B. says:

    Whoa!! Had to pause at 1:00. Shaq Famous and all the dancers are looking gggooooddddd plus my Boo?? ????? #TeamBreezy 4life!!!

  3. Thabani Bhengu says:

    This guys albums got me through alot..gud and bad vibes..pure talent 100% no Dash baby?…Its Breezy

  4. Praise says:

    My eyes keep wandering to Breezy’s hairstyle. Its not sitting right with me <.< . Other than that the song is a banger.

  5. Jelle Koopmans says:

    I’m a simple man. I see Chris brown and Gunna, I click

  6. RastaMan Carballo says:

    If you know you gona get rich hit that ?? if you believe in your self!!!! Respect

  7. Courtney Lynn says:

    Check out Aliya janel’s dance video to this song! Super sexy!

  8. Vinci says:

    2:30 *”pewdiepie’s inside a mention by the beach”* who gunna watches pewds?

  9. Kingdom TV says:

    The official swag gat me like “hell yah breezy” waiting for Monday

  10. reghost says:

    Wtf. I had a dream last night about chris brown being chased by hundreds of fangirls in a store. This is scary af.

  11. luckymartin1000 says:

    The dancing god my brother Chris Brown n RIP CHRIS BROTHER (my brother)


    So classy and when all the guys came walking up in suits that was the moment.

  13. Trina Glenn says:

    I’m feeling his grown man..the hair, the drip…everything. Chris is timeless. Living Legend

  14. wilfred agbenkey says:

    Me: Fire department!!!?

    Fire department : Chris Brown again?

    Me: Yes Sir! Please hurry!

  15. Dbash TV says:

    Hair style of chris brown make him look like a footballer

  16. Nikkia Fain says:

    Love this song and video. Chris is out here looking like Morris Day!

  17. Simone Lavendars says:

    Okay, we see this is highly Kappa inspired. I wonder if they’re mad? Lol

  18. Imani Williams-Sparks says:

    Ok Chris Brown Kappa Probate lmao! They were giving strong Kappa vibes ! I like the video though.

  19. Morgan Vassell says:

    I listen to this everyday lol! From Chris’s vocals to Gunna’s flow, to the beat???? he killed it, no words!

  20. Alpha Martin says:

    Type in “ RUN by ACEZZ “ you will NOT regret it!

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