Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Run-In at Kylie Jenner’s Party

Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Run-In at Kylie Jenner’s Party

Chris Brown and his ex Karrueche Tran both showed up at Kylie Jenner’s birthday party, and judging by the look on Karrueche’s face … it will be a looong time before it happens again.

Full Story:

Chris Brown — Stoned and Charming During Traffic Stop

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran — He Says She Banged Drake … She Plays the ‘Mistreatment’ Card

Chris Brown — Can’t Contain Himself as a Local Woman Rats Him Out

Chris Brown Smokes Three HUGE Blunts!

Chris Brown and Rihanna Together … Again

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20 Responses

  1. justjordan94 says:

    The Paparazzi love instigating

  2. Bartholowmeo Booce says:

    I think tmz is so stupid just mind your own fucking business

  3. Anthony Calderon says:

    Damn you niggas are annoying AF

  4. Wreck-It Rhyperior says:

    She’s dating Grade A Under A now lol

  5. Eliezer R. Johnson says:

    She cares to respond and make faces, but not admit that Chris is the only
    reason why she’s even known.

  6. Amazing videos says:

    media is so gay. I’m glad I’m not famous otherwise I’d have slapped the
    shit out of those reporters

  7. Frankee Sinatree says:

    these niggas sound like such assholes!! ? I would never be a paparazzi I’m
    not that pathetic.

  8. Garrett Cook says:

    Title made me think of gradeAunderA

  9. erictheactorsactor says:

    I’ll bet Chris Brown could beat her ass

  10. Mu Mu says:

    fuck that bitch she didn’t have to do her face like that

  11. Kendrick Foster says:

    y’all hating on my nigga

  12. 36,265,534 views says:

    let me smash karrot

  13. Mayatu Brown says:

    The ip man movies on youtube

    The ip man movies on youtube

  14. AztecaSalvaje says:

    Leave them alone. They want a private life

  15. Haaris Sherwani says:

    Who is this Karuuche fellow?

  16. Yun Han says:

    Who the F is Karuchi? Sound like a Nike shoe. I think it was Hurachi or

  17. Its Abie Art says:

    GradeA doesn’t approve

  18. Marquis Bady says:

    why they box him in like that for SMH provoking him

  19. Winnifred Joseph says:

    *Keep this comment at an even number of likes and please click the link its
    for a good cause*

  20. Calis 7am says:

    I’m going Karuchi with the chopsticks whoooooop!

    oh drake