Chris Brown On New Album ‘Breezy’, Drake Beef, Comparisons To Michael Jackson & More | Drink Champs

Chris Brown On New Album ‘Breezy’, Drake Beef, Comparisons To Michael Jackson & More | Drink Champs

N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN are the #DrinkChamps. In this episode, we chop it up with the legendary #ChrisBrown!

Chris Brown joins the gang as he talks about his career and his upbringing in Virginia. He also talks being compared to Michael Jackson, his relationship with Jay-Z, addresses the Drake beef, talks about his bond with Young Thug & Gunna & much more.

CB is also talking his music journey, being in the game for 18 years, his tenth album “Breezy,” & why never gave up on his success.

Many great unheard stories you don’t want to miss out on.

Make some noise for Chris Brown!! 💐💐💐🏆🏆🏆 #Interview

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30 Responses

  1. STATE JB says:

    Drink Champs I needed this one 🙏🏽 this BIGGER than you know it Chris Brown doing a full interview is a blessing

  2. O. S. says:

    To everyone saying Chris is tweaking he’s always spoken like this since he was discovered. If u don’t believe me u can look up “Chris Brown Singers room Interview(2005)”, “Chris brown at His First VMA in 2005” & “Chris Brown first Interview 2005” his jaw/mannerisms have always been like this. People act as if he doesn’t have ADHD, anxiety, & bi-polar disorder. Anyway Interview was great, Chris is an amazing graffiti artist, & I applaud how humble/respectful he is to his musical influences.

    • B W says:

      Chris caught the ghost of DMX

    • ItzMalick says:

      Yo fam I make short entertaining music reaction videos, and things of that nature on YouTube as well, I’m still working on versatility, but I guarantee you will find something you will enjoy!💜

  3. Mr. Smell Good!! says:

    CB had some hiccups in his career with so many ppl counting him out,looking down on him. But it’s awesome to see him triumph over all of it. And continue to smile still winning and doing what his passionate about. Making dope music.

  4. X says:

    Chris is a certified legendary artist. Every time I left his concerts I left feeling good and the money that I spent was well worth it.. 💯

  5. msmagalie12 says:

    I’ve seen many interviews Drink Champs and this is in my top 3. We all needed this interview. You asked the questions I wanted to know the answers to. Chris is a LEGEND! This interview was dope! 🔥

  6. SuperCapuka says:

    Thank you Chris Brown for giving Afrobeats some shine, you didn’t need to do that be we much appreciated you opening the door for African music to get the recognition it needed to give African artists that push to go harder!

  7. Whitney Y says:

    Chris is telling y’all. He’s an artist at heart. He wants to keep creating visuals. I love that for him.

  8. Donald Merrick says:

    I am genuinely amazed by Chris Breezy and his humility. Dude is legit the GOAT, but keeps it humble. That’s my guy!

  9. ismail says:

    3:10 does Chris feel like the new Michael
    4:38 verzuz (Usher)
    6:29 the beginning
    8:26 designing his house
    9:45 Jacquees king of r&b
    11:35 first person on “run it”
    13:50 Virginia
    16:36 how Chris got his record deal
    18:50 “who’s girl is that” (Chris at 13)
    19:50 Diddy
    22:56 Jay Z
    23:45 giving Chris his floors
    56:26 Drakes new album
    57:12 does Chris believe in marriage
    1:01:45 Michael
    1:03:58 oj
    1:05:27 usher vs neo
    1:06:17 ghost writing in hiphop
    1:10:19 missy vs eve
    1:10:43 Scott Storch vs Timbaland
    1:11:34 Keith Sweat vs Johnny Gill
    1:12:00 Pharrell vs Ye
    1:12:36 Fab or Jadakiss
    1:13:29 Timberlake vs Bieber
    1:13:54 Maria vs Janet
    1:14:00 Busta vs M
    1:14:33 Monica vs Brandy
    1:15:02 Jack Harlow
    1:15:50 Chris Brown parties
    1:16:50 Ray J
    1:19:30 Soulja vs bowwow
    1:19:53 thriller vs off the wall
    1:20:28 Dre vs Puff
    1:21:20 Marvin Gay vs Smokey Robinson
    1:21:24 Al Green vs Teddy Pendergast
    1:21:27 Prince
    1:25:00 humility and drive
    1:29:52 Ye
    1:31:06 Bobby Brown
    1:32:05 Otis Redding vs Sam Cooke
    1:32:11 Erykah vs Alicia
    1:32:17 Stevie vs Luther
    1:32:28 loyalty vs respect
    1:39:28 having kids
    1:43:49 F$&@ them other Podcasts
    1:44:23 The GOAT

  10. TS says:

    He dropped the best album this year. It’s full of vibes for everybody and he’s still giving good R&B!

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