Chris Brown – Wrist (Edited Version) ft. Solo Lucci

Chris Brown – Wrist (Edited Version) ft. Solo Lucci

Chris Brown’s new album “Royalty” Available 12.18.15! Pre-order on:
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20 Responses

  1. Jhosmar Morillo says:

    Breezy i love♥.

  2. xxJustinsTutsxx says:


  3. Am Cha says:


  4. TNT Dinamita says:

    Royalty Chris El Mejor ????????

  5. Lawrence Brooks says:

    Guy sounds like future

  6. JaliaDreamz says:

    This song go hard

  7. Great Anthony says:

    Shit Hard though I ain’t even goin hold you

  8. Erika Zamora says:

    True brezzy fan

  9. margaret feliciano says:

    Fuck the hater if you don’t like get of now

  10. 23beezy2949 says:

    I like n love all his music. especially wen he rap ,freestyle rap

  11. Abigail Brands says:

    I dont understand why the views of his recent video’s are so low. Wtf… I
    wasn’t feeling Zero, but for example liquor I really like, also the clip is
    awesome! he deserves more!!

  12. spencer koziol says:


  13. Shania Sanders says:

    cause my wrist still dripping

  14. saVYx KRys says:

    Why breezy keep gettin drugged by these females? ?

  15. Gulnaz Makhmutova says:

    Lovin it

  16. chaine douloul says:

    Liquor+zero+fine my me+back to sleep+wris

  17. Kendale Baskerville says:

    Royalty will be fire! But all true breezy fans need to listen to that
    Before the party mix tape he dropped like two weeks ago

  18. Laurence Bruno says:

    That boii Milly Rocking !!??

  19. Tamiko Walker says:

    this mf right here is beyond fly …omg #teambreezy fo lyfe

  20. Joey Smith says:

    Ain’t nobody fuckin’ with my boy Chris Breezy!!!!