Chris Brown – Zero (Audio)

Chris Brown – Zero (Audio)

Chris Brown “Zero” Available Now!
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20 Responses

  1. hannah Lawani says:

    the best is what Chris Brown is

  2. Jaynessa says:

    i swear… none of chris brown’s song are not good, they all good n catchy

  3. nasra jama says:

    Just like your retarded comment

  4. Prince AJ says:

    But please dont go into pop!! please ur raps and whatever shit u do is way
    better than this. please trust me!! i know u will never ever see this
    comment and never reply but im ur no1 fan and i cant explain how much i luv
    ur other songs!! if u go into this i will die!! O_O I Hope u Understand
    ….. Peace :(

  5. phug def says:

    😀 Amazing

  6. #1 Lil wayne fan says:

    love you Chris Brown xx

  7. Jason Kenn says:

    is liqour & Zero songs of ROYALTY Album ??

  8. manuel echeverria says:

    Nice joke bitch you are shit you need to learn what good music is Chris is
    like the new Michael Jackson he is the best in the game

  9. Ken UNG says:

    Megaman-Zero !

  10. TEEV says:

    When ur all excited coz u hit the song a day after it came out?????

  11. Elaydi Zaid says:

    love it from moroco

  12. Romeo patrick Iradukinda says:

    owesome track

  13. zharne nadasen says:

    annnnd Chris Brown does it again! How many people are on this talented sex
    symbol’s level? #zero

  14. Erik Damlash .b says:

    #Royalty …..

  15. Flocko Cookie says:

    Thats old Chris that I Know and I respect
    #TeamBreezy 4ever

  16. Los Santos says:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  17. alcides dinheirovisk says:

    vem para o Brasil

  18. Muhammad Amin says:

    Vocals catchy af??

  19. icaro mateus says:

    zero musica do verão

  20. rafael castillo says: