Chris Brown’s Downward Spiral

Chris Brown’s Downward Spiral

Chris Brown is reportedly on a downward spiral and his friends are worried about his health.

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20 Responses

  1. Lovi Poekimo says:

    Isn’t alcohol the gateway “drug” and not cigarettes?

  2. SongwriterJT says:


  3. Alex C. says:

    Nothing like some Hot Topics while you brush your teef

  4. Mesha Molina says:

    I agree with you Wendy thanks for your compassion. People need to stop laughing at this young man a realize he needs help!

  5. Jasmine Chantel says:

    ??? Wendy can relate b/c she was a crackhead. Y’all continue to defend his behavior instead of wanting him to get help. If he doesn’t get help he will be dead before he’s 30 yrs old. His voice, attitude, body especially his face are so different & it’s b/c of the drugs. GET HELP!!!!!

  6. saida musse says:

    so, why can’t they upload hot topics this early????

  7. keatae says:

    I felt bad when she started crying?

  8. Gia J. says:

    “I was busy” ??‍♂️ literally me in a group project ?

  9. suripopje says:

    Wendy❤❤❤❤❤I love that you geniunly care about this man enough to get emotional??

  10. Angel Rone says:

    chris be like woww wendy

  11. Tee L says:

    Drugs are no joke, people!

  12. bluzshadez says:

    It’s sad that Chris Brown is messing up his life. He peaked too early. I wish his parents were stricter with him.

  13. Happily Ever After says:

    Chris Brown is 27. Hopefully he doesn’t become a part of “Club 27”

  14. The Leather12334 Leathetgirl says:

    Wendy was feeling it. You could see it and feel it. Maybe if Wendy can reach out to him, then again, would he listen? I don’t know but one thing I do know is that Chris needs help.

  15. Christal williams says:

    Honestly there’s something wrong with Chris brown and people NEED to stop saying there isn’t because evidently there is! He NEEDS help, it’s time to stop playing and admit it before it’s too late. I won’t be shocked to wake up one day and learn he’s dead. This is EXTREMELY serious and it’s time people stopped defending his disgusting disturbing actions and actually want him to get help.

  16. tangled55 says:

    Other than Wendy crying about her son, this is the only time I felt like she was being 100% honest with her emotion. I’m very critical of this woman, but I respect that. A lot.

  17. R S says:

    I remember seeing Chris up close during a performance. He looked like he weighed 100 lbs and had dark circles under his eyes but was dancing and sweating up a storm…. I remember feeling concerned, not entertained. I really hope he sobers up and gets these yes men out of his life smh

  18. radiantxecho says:

    Stop with the mean comments, Wendy can relate because of her addiction in her past. She’s the queen of shade but you can really see her humanity here which is nice and refreshing<3

  19. Mek Pree says:

    its always the super talented that have fucked up issues…and fame is the worst thing for them

  20. Callum Gray says:

    Wendy’s tears here were REAL. I wonder if she was thinking “this could have been me” or “this could be Little Kev”

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