Chris Hemsworth Has Chris Pratt’s Vote for ‘Sexiest Chris’

Chris Hemsworth Has Chris Pratt’s Vote for ‘Sexiest Chris’

Chris Pratt admitted to Ellen he was completely okay with losing out to his fellow Marvel superhero Chris Hemsworth as the “Sexiest Chris” in People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, since “Thor” has his vote too. Plus, “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part” star talked about his eventful year, which included an engagement and four movie releases, and why as a kid he looked like a demonic Chucky doll.


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55 Responses

  1. Dayna Morris says:

    This man is guarding our galaxy

  2. Gerwin Eric says:

    He’s the most fun Chris though!

  3. j0epark1 says:

    Captain America is the leader for a reason.

  4. ScarlettP says:

    “Mine has alot more airbrushed than that”
    I just cant with Chris sometimes lol

  5. Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! says:

    2:18 *It was just an honor to be nominated*

  6. Ipshita T says:

    _Chris Hemsworth_ also has my vote for the sexiest Chris ?

  7. Clay Hoggins says:

    Chris Hemsworth is the sexiest
    Chris Pratt is the funniest
    Chris Evans is the nicest
    Chris Pine is the most handsome

    in my opinion

  8. alcusiaa says:

    1:14 did Ellen seriously say “Advengers End Game is coming out” ??

  9. Radi8 Elektrikz says:

    Chris Pratt is the best omg

  10. Ms Centineo, Noah's Secret Wife says:

    Chris is definitely the most sexiest ?

  11. Hailee Morrison says:

    I could easily see Chris as a comedian, he’s too funny

  12. Jordan Fisher says:

    “It was just an honor to be nominated” ? Chris Pratt is so hilarious, I love him

  13. X Percival says:

    But don’t let’s this distract you from what he did in infinity war

  14. Bella Gargour says:

    Chris Hemsworth has my life for the sexiest man IN THE UNIVERSE

  15. Gamer123766 says:

    “Whats with this dude?”
    “No, you’re a dude. This….this is a man. Strong. Handsome. Muscular man. Hes like the love child of a pirate and an angel.”

  16. Caitlin Wilde says:

    The Chris group you can’t just pick one. They are all great but if I’m had to Chris Evans is the one for me.

  17. MT987 mDp says:

    Ellen never misses an opportunity to show Chris Hemsworth’s shirtless photo ???

  18. Sofia Sam says:

    “This is not a dude. You’re a dude. This is a man. A handsome, muscular man.”

    infinity war, 2018

  19. SuBhaYU BiSwaS says:

    God he is such a Human Golden Retriever.

  20. Wilfried BEUGRE says:

    “- Look at my face here…
    – Hunger?”

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