Chris Hemsworth Talks About Going To Prison – The Graham Norton Show

Chris Hemsworth Talks About Going To Prison – The Graham Norton Show

After some more confusion over Kevin Bridges’ accent, Chris Hemsworth talks about the time he went to prison.

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20 Responses

  1. getyasmartsup says:

    Let me start this off by saying I’m a heterosexual……

  2. Gemimalee says:

    I can’t believe how rude she was to cut him off!

  3. BlueWizard says:

    How bloody rude of Lily to cut off Chris like that ‘do you have a story to
    tell’ well its not like Graham asked him a god damn question. One does not
    simply interrupt the Hems

  4. Lania99999 says:

    Yet another great episode I have to wait a year to watch :(

  5. Guy Berry says:

    I have some family that are welsh

  6. schönling says:

    love that thing he does with his jaw at 2:43

  7. RedPubesShanks says:

    one does not simply walk into murder. this is all I could think about
    everytime he says murder.

  8. Diana M says:

    gets frustrated WHY WERE IN PRISON CHRIS!

  9. MissFawlty says:

    Chris Hemsworth is so much fun, I had no idea! :-)

  10. Ding Yuan Guo says:

    Poor Kevin and Chris.

  11. Aaron Tonks says:

    Ron Howard looks so confused by whats going on but he goes along with it.If
    in doubt smile or look like you`re laughing.That`s good acting,Ron,well

  12. Aly Dematti says:

    Chris is so painfully handsome.

  13. DEVO says:

    Skip to 2:40 jfc.

  14. Gustajuy says:

    He went to prison for being so sexy?

  15. junkmode says:

    Is she stupid or something?

  16. Âmina Mouhaidine says:

    I cud laugh at anything coming outta Chris’ mouth really..

  17. Fabricio Crasher says:

    I can’t stand why ppl LOVES chris so much… he is so homophobe. UGH

  18. HarmlessHabit says:


  19. Robert Loya says:

    I’ve never really thought any of the hemsworth brothers could really act.
    I’m hoping the new whale movie with him is good.

  20. eksentrysyti says:

    1) Someone musta kicked the host in the balls before starting the show.
    2) No one wants to listen to an old senile woman babble about nothing.
    3) Who the fck is the dumbshit that doesn’t speak English and thinks
    everyone else understands him?