Chris Makes Chocolate Waffles | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

Chris Makes Chocolate Waffles | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

Join Chris Morocco as he teaches you how to make these pretty healthy gluten-free buckwheat chocolate waffles. Pro tip: don’t skip out on the creamy ricotta topping!

Check out the recipe here:

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Chris Makes Chocolate Waffles | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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70 Responses

  1. Marabelle says:

    Play Timecop1983 as the intro for Chris!!!!

  2. Aurora Meiesna says:

    Chris has that constant jugde-y look which is so intimidating. Resting Judge-y Face.

  3. Michael Jay - Value Investing says:

    I usually skip breakfast, but there is no way I could say no to these waffles.

  4. Obyvvatel says:

    you know adding gluten-free to the title would seem like marketing 101

    • TheCrathes says:

      Mary Colomaio Well, if you’re one of those that actually has a gluten allergy, that sucks for you. But that doesn’t change the fact that the gluten-free hype wave is a fad. Tons and tons of people are self-diagnosed as gluten sensitive/intolerant even if they aren’t. That’s a new thing and purely based on PR and hype. That’s pretty much the definition of a fad, no?

    • Kyle McGuiggan says:

      Albin Lundholm That’s like saying, “You do know that non-vegans can eat salads too, right?” Obviously, Sherlock. But why would someone without Celiac or gluten sensitivity prefer a gluten-free version over one with gluten? They wouldn’t, and that’s why he said that.

    • Trevor Miranda says:

      I wouldn’t have clicked. In fact, were it not for the fact that I trust these professionals to care about more than false “natural” marketing, the moment I heard that he was fixing the lack of gluten with seed gum I would have clicked off the video.

    • Jeff Biddle says:

      atlasstudios totally agree. Gluten free = nope

    • Jeff Biddle says:

      Albin Lundholm yeah we can but I’m not buying all of those crazy ingredients

  5. Jessica Brock says:

    Love the idea of this, but as far as ingredients go… it could taste like magic, but some of these ingredients are not as easily attainable/pantry ready.

    • Cyrribrae says:

      But once you’ve got the buckwheat, the other critical ones shouldn’t be hard to find.

    • Marie Bach says:

      The whole buckwheat is the only thing that I’m not sure I could find at any ol supermarket. And for that, I’d just have to go to the health food store or supermarket with a bigger health aisle. 🙂
      When I bought “fancy flour” like spelt or buckwheat, flax seeds etc. for the first time a few years ago, I didn’t think I’d use it much. But since, I’ve found many recipes and use them a lot. I think it’s great that they sometimes introduce us to rather unusual ingredients. 🙂

    • Trevor Miranda says:

      Whatever in the recipe is used to fix the lack of gluten can just be removed, and you can use regular wheat or whole wheat flour. Most of the unusual, squishy texture of this thing is because of the initial choice to use gluten free flour. Experiment!

    • Rachel C says:

      Magic is never easily attainable.

    • krammy9goggler says:

      if the buckwheat groats are the part that’s difficult to find you could probably replace them 1:1 with chopped almonds, walnuts or pecans and get a perfectly serviceable result

  6. Faith Lex says:

    “Somebody probably used this to chop garlic earlier today.” Everyone looks at Brad…

  7. apb7721 says:

    Love the food processor but I agree with Chris – it’s a pain and stays out of the way unless I absolutely need it

  8. Candace Cuthbert says:

    Chris spilling the beans on Andy is hilarious 😂😂

  9. Candace Cuthbert says:

    Chris is definitely the dad of Bon Appetit. He’s an expert on everything and everyone values his opinion and seeks his approval

  10. Dominic Monceda says:

    Chris looks like he might be the hardest guy to please in the test kitchen. So I just assume every recipe from him is automatically among the best.

  11. Ilya kim says:

    I just love how Bon Appétit became soap opera of some sort)

  12. Nicolle says:

    It’s like he simultaneously cares way too little and way too much about food lmao. I’m all for adding chris to the regular BA cast to round-out the roster

  13. Flora says:

    I’ve found that the easiest way for me to quickly remove thyme and rosemary from the stems is to thread the base of the stem through a mesh strainer and pulling it through the bottom until it punches all the leaves off 🙂

  14. Science with Katie says:

    Oh my gosh they look amazing 😍

  15. Allison says:

    I really like Chris, more Chris videos please! (also now I want a waffle maker, damn)

  16. V W says:

    “Square or round” is no question. Here in Sweden we have flower/heart shaped, that makes 6 small hearts if you break it apart, or one huge flower if you don’t!

  17. AudreyN says:

    Chris refusing to use a food processor is probably the most relateable thing I’ve seen on BA.

  18. gwshs says:

    good video, chris is underutilized cause he’s articulate which i enjoy in this kind of thing. i like to know the rationale behind adding each ingredient, what flavor it brings, why its this kind of flour or whatever and not the other, what happens to it throughout cooking, how its interacting with other stuff, etc. chris does this well

  19. Veena C says:

    Am I gonna make this?
    Am I gonna stop watching it?
    “Hell no”

  20. Chris says:

    This channel has changed what I think a “pinch of salt” is.

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