Chris Matthews Announces Retirement | Hardball | MSNBC

Chris Matthews Announces Retirement | Hardball | MSNBC

Chris Matthews is announcing his retirement from Hardball. Aired on 3/2/2020.
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Chris Matthews Announces Retirement | Hardball | MSNBC

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53 Responses

  1. Greg Benge says:

    “My dad loves you my grandma loves you” the kids say… none of them say they like me…

  2. Zoe Sunshine says:

    He sounds like someone has made an accusation.

    • Boo Hoo says:

      geishasecrets Is me-too being used as a weapon?🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Jeremy Morrison says:

      Why didn’t he defend himself??? Must have been another Mat Lauer thing.

    • Clara Devis says:

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  3. Mackenzie Blair says:

    Good riddance. Watching him in recent weeks has been painful to watch.

  4. عايد عايد says:

    Yeah if you read between the lines he was NUDGED into retirement…….

  5. D. J. says:

    I guess “the thrill is gone” huh, Chris??

    • I Em Hoo I Iz says:

      He needs a new tingle friend.

    • tom Knauss says:

      D. J. , the tingling down his leg never stopped…’s a medical issue, circulatory system.

    • Robert Heintze says:

      @Rev Helper But we can’t save any of you brainwashed “bots”, in stage 4 TAS…Trump ARRANGEMENT Syndrome.

    • Rev Helper says:

      Robert Heintze
      You are correct, you can’t save anyone while you are falling deeper into a hateful state of mind.
      Pray to heal, then you can start to grow strong through honest reflection…
      Only when you have rid yourself of this inflection can you have any hope of helping others.
      God Bless

  6. John Lindower says:

    Wow. This is just like when Hitler invaded France.

    • Dirty Bird says:

      To be fair, Matthews wasn’t comparing Bernie to Hitler. He was predicting the ramifications of Bolshevik Bernie as the Democrat candidate being akin to the fall of France to the Nazis.

      The old sexual allegations I ignore. If Mathews looked like Brad Pitt she wouldn’t have cared. It’s all subjective. This nonsense of equating compliments with sexual harrassment, aka “me too”, is getting old.

      His last faux pas was mostly just an embarrasing situation to Matthews, but provided just the excuse they needed.

      Matthews was caught up & devoured by Cancel Culture. If left unchecked it will consume everything. Fortunately it will eventually expose itself for the fraud it is.

    • ayokay123 says:

      @Dirty Bird Problem is, Democrats care. Republicans don’t. Democrats form a circular firing squad. Republicans don’t. Democrats lose. Republicans don’t.

    • *K131399* says:

      even they might have agreed with you if you’d have said France invading Hitler zzzzzZING

  7. aboctok says:

    This reminds me of that time there was a second world war.

  8. John Brown says:

    I’ll miss hearing about Bobby Kennedy

  9. microcosmonauta says:

    This reminds me of the “Fall of France…It’s over”

  10. Jonathan Tramel says:

    He had to go into hiding before he could be dragged to Central Park.

    • Richard Heikkila says:

      Is that where you and your klan buddies burn crosses now?

    • Z3R0 says:

      @Richard Heikkila No. It’s based off a comment Matthews made about Bernie and Democrat Socialists. Matthews was terrified because he’s part of the 1% elite cis het white male capitalist patriarchy. The workers are taking control of this nation. Change is coming. If your name matches google image results and instagram, I can see how a rich white man like you would be terrified too.

    • Elo Janis says:

      @Z3R0 In other words, men act like men. Stop with this cis bs…it is male or female or trans. We know who we are there is no need to publicize your gender. Workers will never take control of this country. If you think so, you will be sorely mistaken when you try to retire at 65 and be able to provide a lifestyle you live now. LOL loser.

  11. Devmeister says:

    I won’t miss him interrupting most people mid-sentence.

  12. wjlintz says:

    Gotta admit, I got a thrill up my leg watching this.

  13. Fred Huard says:

    He’ll start a podcast: Hardbull with Chris Mathews.

  14. Ron Yeahright says:

    This muckrake referred to what he did as “good journalism” ?? Good riddance, motormouth.

  15. RED FURRY says:

    There’s more. He fears what is still to come out.

    • LoveIsLovely says:

      Spot on! The NDA’s are massing up.

    • Cheryl Alt says:

      RED FURRY yes, he wasn’t talking about his screw up when Bernie won Nevada. He seemed to be giving a half-assed apology for things that might have been said when complimenting women in years long passed and it turns out women didn’t appreciate such compliments. I’d say he’s definitely got some new or very old issues catching up with him.

  16. Vicki Bankhardt says:

    Good. He was insufferable at times and he had gone off the rails.

  17. FuranDuron says:

    MSNBC: Yeeesssszzz. Say it Chris. Say it or we will fire and humiliate youuuu….

  18. Rich Brown says:

    MSNBC Will save on lens wipes. Out on sexual charges as usual at NBC.

    Next up, podcast from Oberman’s basement.

  19. DarkStarAZ says:

    “I no longer get that tingly feeling in my leg so I think I’ll just retire…”

  20. Chris Griffith says:

    Well, now he can sit at home and let the, “thrill run up his leg” when the next socialist is elected.

    • Robert Heintze says:

      There has never been a true socialist elected president, up to this point, yet . Under the stringent definition, not even Obama. But Sanders, definitely is.

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