Chris Paul gets emotional talking about bringing 2-2 series back to Houston | ESPN

Chris Paul gets emotional talking about bringing 2-2 series back to Houston | ESPN

Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul speaks after his team’s win over the Golden State Warriors in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals, getting emotional about bringing a 2-2 series back home.

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111 Responses

  1. Nutty Professor says:

    🚀 in 7

  2. Zebede Zandale says:

    CP3 wanted this win so bad. Thanks God he got it.

    • Kurtis Anglez says:

      CheyTacProductions dont matter “they” won

    • OCPARKWAY says:

      Zebede Zandale He got what exactly? They didn’t win a Ring yet ….The Rockets won 65 games during the regular season so anything less than an Nba Title is not good enough….

    • Connor McTapout aka 0-1 aka 0 Title Defenses says:

      Lol god going to give another ring to the warriors

  3. Kapil Morrison says:

    I wasn’t sure at first but now i know for sure that rockets can beat the warriors

  4. DontPanicrs says:

    I’m not from Houston, but I’m proud as hell for h town. Rockets in 7!

  5. Beast Baller says:

    Rockets in 7 don’t press read more.

    • Andre Randall says:

      Osnmotorboat Lips lol keep dreaming you dumb idiot

    • wayne johnson says:

      Andre Randall it’s just an opinion the guy gave. Why the hate bro?

    • okc thunder blue white orange nation says:

      thefartist just did

    • Ibrahima THIAM says:


    • jusadude says:

      Beast Baller. Don’t call it to early. It’s not like the Warriors haven’t won in Houston. Or like Trevor Ariza can guard Kd, or like P.J. Tucker can guard Draymond Green, or like Harden doesn’t use up the shot clock like every possession is the last 22 seconds of the game, or like the rockets bench has been putting up numbers, or like Ricky Rubio getting hurt is the only reason The Rockets are here, or like Gordon being on has been the factor in the two wins but when he’s off he’s really off. I wouldn’t mind seeing Houston in the Finals but I’m just saying.

  6. Flamenco Culebra, Puerto Rico says:

    Both Mike D’Antoni and Chris Paul deserve a championship. They’ve been through a lot.

    • John Cargle says:

      Cameron J ..I get what you mean but when we say cp3 deserve it just mean a player with a skillset as good as his, he deserves it. Plus the bullshit/season ending injuries cp3/Blake had killed their last 2 seasons. You can’t win a ring if one of your top 2 players is hurt. That’s why we feel like that about cp3. His skillset is too complete to not have one

    • John Cargle says:

      Championship Barbosa .. you sound crazy. Houston will beat Cleveland in 5 easy if they beat gsw. Fucc y’all lil conspiracy’s.

    • Ace Fury says:

      John Cargle exactly

      The guy has played his heart out and usually in an unselfish way and has been a class act and an epic competitor

      He’s done a lot for the league and has been determined and dedicated, pure champion mentality

      Yet never really had good help (clippers were riddled with injuries and inconstancies)

      It would be like if Kobe never won a ring. Or Lebron staying in Cleveland and not getting help then going to another team (MIA) and not getting help and not winning

      Or like if AI or Dirk never won. Or Duncan, Garnett, etc. never won

      He’s an elite player and has played at an elite level, especially at the PG position

      It’s like Nash or Tmac never getting a ring. It’s about time CP3 gets his

      Look at durant, he had to join the fucking warriors, an already stacked team that already won one to get his. Cp3 deserves it more than kd

    • Molly Love says:

      And Harden

  7. Tonio5100 says:

    Let me guess Steph Curry not 100% since they lost 🤣🤣🤣

    • Kinny Boy Few says:

      King Similien no I just thought you had more than a 4th grade education, why would I be shook from a guy over the internet that has the reading comprehension skills of a 3rd grade special needs child. But it’s ok, I spelled it out for you in the last comment

    • King Similien says:

      Kinny Boy Few actually you didn’t show above average spelling skills at all but that’s not the point. You’re big mad cause I called you out on something *YOU* wrote verbatim now you feel some type of way pussy boy😂😂 relax with all that dick in your mouth bud.

    • King Similien says:

      Gary Forrest saying I’m glad he’s injured is different than saying he’s not a 100% when they lose/Curry has a bad game which is what I’m referring to.

    • Kinny Boy Few says:

      What?? Im not mad about anything, I just spelled it out for you like I do my 3 year old niece, no problem, some people need extra help. Thats why special ed was invented, dont know why you made it gay bringing up dicks and shit. Faggot ass 😂

    • King Similien says:

      Kinny Boy Few still your mad cause your internet “sarcasm” didn’t work maybe if you put “quotations” it would make sense but it’s still dumbass move on your behalf. I wonder if you that close with your 3 year old niece what “other stuff” y’all been doing you fucking pedo.😂😂

  8. kyrietherealmamba says:

    Damn. I had no faith before the series, I had none after game 2, I had none before game 4. But these rockets are really making me think. Good effort guys

    • Download Complete says:

      You not a real fan then. Straight bandwagon haha.. only got faith when a team is winning. Literally the definition of a bandwagon fan. Gotta have faith all the time

    • Donald Campbell says:

      Download Complete rocketts aren’t winning shit. Haren will disappear as always.

    • Download Complete says:

      Donald Campbell never said they was winning. Im not a houston fan. I’d like to see them and boston in the finals though. Instead of the same boring ass warriors vs cavs. And im a cavs fan

    • OCPARKWAY says:

      kyrietherealmamba Its been an excellent effort for the Rockets but they need to win it all now that they have home court once again…

  9. RonBoss_08 says:

    I’ve always wanted CP3 to win a ring

  10. tahjae brown says:

    Cp3 out playing curry on both ends . Cp3 you’ve put in the work for years and just reaping the benefits . Keep it up .Top 10 pg of all time!

    • jaws102585 says:

      Tober- You must be on something if you seriously think Nash is better than CP3..Nash could only dream of playing defense the way Paul has throughout his career

    • Tober says:

      Barstool Blues your conviction is foolish. Nobody talks about top 5’s and greats without minimal achievements in certain areas.

      One, two time mvp steve nash is ahead of him. Two, kyrie irving will undoubtedly go down ahead. Three, i used highly arguable with everyone else, which included tony parker, and not unquestionable like i did with the other three; however, laughing at a four time nba champion and nba finals mvp tony parker having an argument against chris paul is for sure more on the more polarizing end than anything i said. And partially because i brought only most recent names up partially to show how many point guards in only cp3’s era outdid him in big ways. Because someone said he is top 5 pg’s of all time and o dont agree.

      Considering the context, i think youre taking a couple of the suggestions more objective than intended.

    • Марко Златев says:

      Many lists agree that he’s a top 10 PG all time.

    • Joel Paul says:

      tahjae brown Top 3 PG of all time. He’s number 2 all time
      Behind magic, but in terms of little guards he’s the greatest ever. Magic played more like a point forward but was just listed as a point guard

    • Radhee James says:

      if he wins a ring he’s going into the top 5 if not top 3

  11. Superboy Prime says:

    This Is The Real Finals. Whoever Wins This Series Is Gonna Run Boston Or Cleveland Out The Building 😂

  12. FriendsWit DaDealer says:

    This one interview just gained the Rockets millions of supporters. The entire country will want them to beat the Warriors now.

  13. Gatekeepers 98 says:

    CP3 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. kyrietherealmamba says:

    What I would give to see these warriors lose. I don’t care who gets them, but please Houston. If you can then I’ll forever be grateful. Nothing against warriors players (except for the snake) but the fan base is just pure poison for basketball

    • Timo Cruz says:

      Ashley Johnson like they don’t deserve hate??? Look at how they were acting in 2016? “We are light years a head of everybody…” they are arrogant and picked up a whole bunch of bandwagons who didn’t even know their starting lineupe in 2011 lol. Hate isn’t just blind hate, sometimes it’s warranted.

    • rec0nnec says:

      Haha… Been a dubs fan since 2002 and I think it’s hilarious you think Dubs fan base is toxic when the really toxin is in you and people like you. You’re just jealous about all the success and fun the Dubs have been having these past few years some at the expense of Houston Rockets. Don’t let me ruin your cathartic moment with misty eyed cp3. Golden State saved basketball by forcing players, teams and team owners to get their shit together and not be complacent if they want to compete and win. If your team can dominate as long as the Dubs have, you’d understand. And cp3 couldn’t win in la so he went to Houston and only did so cause KD was taking all the heat allowing cp3 to hide his exact same motives behind KD.

    • kyrietherealmamba says:

      rec0nnec I’m not a rockets fan. But comments like yours are exactly why I wish nothing but the worst for your precious dubs. Have a terrible day

    • kyrietherealmamba says:

      rec0nnec and misty eyed? He wasn’t emotional because of the game but because of the Santa Fe school shooting. Get your head out of your ass

    • rec0nnec says:

      kyrietherealmamba hahaha… the saltiness

  15. Rudy says:

    Damn.. the rockets actually beat the warriors AND the refs 😱

    • cbenji07 says:

      Raul Polanco Warriors shoot the most wide open shots in the NBA. Rockets were #3 in FT per game Warriors were #22 in regular season.

    • Johny Christ says:

      Kinny Boy Few
      Yeah thats because the Warriors do nothing but jumpshots, dumbass. While Houston is driving into the paint.
      Of course their gonna get more free throws

    • cbenji07 says:

      Kinny Boy Few Rockets were #3 in FT per game vs #22 for Warriors. Rockets play iso dominant ball which draws more fouls. GS plays more ball movement motion which allows for them to lead league in uncontested shots. Which is why they dont get to foul line often.

    • Reginald Andrews says:

      Rudy Uh…it’s not an unheard of feat!😒

    • Ibrahima THIAM says:

      Stop speaking bullshit

  16. Druth says:

    Durant to the Rockets confirmed

  17. raofficial Gaming says:

    Just letting yall know ray allen wouldn’t miss that corner 3 to tie the game js

  18. Lawrence Kin says:

    Rockets in 7

  19. Mike Arredondo says:

    CP3 is earning his fkn ring this season

  20. DomisLive NEWS says:

    Myyyy Rockets 🚀🤓👀🍿🎟

    • Yung Draco says:

      DomisLive NEWS What’s up SonisLive

    • Shal M says:

      DomisLive NEWS grab yo popcorn its gonna be a good series

    • Obie Oguejiofor says:

      DomisLive NEWS W

    • Reginald Andrews says:

      Shal M This is true, and ultimately, what the fans want!

    • Natali Petrovskaja says:

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