Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Are Separating After 8 Years of Marriage

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Are Separating After 8 Years of Marriage

More from Entertainment Tonight:
The couple announced their split on social media Sunday night.

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20 Responses

  1. Amr Jarajreh says:

    I knew it, it was obvious from the way he was looking at Jennifer Lawrence in every interview while promoting their latest movie.

  2. Лилия Алексеева says:

    No! I loved this couple so much???

  3. House of Occult says:

    Yeah, this is a good news to me.

  4. Javier Quihui says:

    It’s because of Jennifer lawrence watch

  5. nobodyhere says:

    They lost my respect. Fucks Hollywood celebrities and their fake marriages.

  6. Anushka Thapliyal says:

    what’s next? Blake lively and Ryan renolds separating too?

  7. thames1978 says:

    Why am i not surprised? And the home wrecker wouldn’t come as a surprise either… Money and looks. Didn’t expect Pratt to be one of those who lose themselves in all the glamour. Such a pity.

  8. imissmyoldchannel says:

    If he gets together with Jennifer i swear to God… ????

  9. Thomas Thas says:

    There goes Ana’s career . Unfortunate for both though.

  10. Imbra Kim says:

    I don’t understand what these people think of marriage. So they say they still love each other. What was the problem then? They don’t have to face financial troubles. They have a four year old! Don’t people want to work on having a family anymore?

  11. Ronnie says:

    *Ah, the end of the world has finally arrived*

  12. Rishan Kahsay says:

    I don’t like people to divorce, I am married for 19 years we have 3 beautiful children together, we still love each other very much,

  13. Eugeniya Leshenko says:

    I still hope this is rumour it just can’t be true!

  14. Thomas Mahari says:

    It wasn’t Jennifer’s fault, stop blaming her.

  15. Courtney Blake says:


  16. Sarah Bella says:

    If Kristen Bell and David Sheppard is going to get divorce I’m going to cry

  17. The softest part of a woman's breast is? says:

    Who didn’t see this coming?

  18. infimode says:

    Jennifer will marry Chris, just because of a shitty card trick, I gotta learn that..

  19. ifka says:

    I called it!!!! ?? as soon as his career took off

  20. NiceRon says:

    How is this on trending?

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