Chris Pratt Dinosaurs Prank (SA Wardega)

Chris Pratt Dinosaurs Prank (SA Wardega)


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20 Responses

  1. Flor Nori says:

    JJAJAJAJAJ se cago todo

  2. blejhekjdsflksjfkl says:

    obviously fake…if you look carefully, you can see “Chris Pratt” among the
    victims. He is an actor.

  3. P. Koala says:

    I miss fat Chris Pratt :(

  4. Antonio Santos says:

    Once again, you’re the one, man

  5. Isabella Dugarte says:

    How awesome! Haha

  6. M Saw says:

    Wygląda jak upozorowane. Wszystko wiedział od początku

  7. Connor Ruston says:

    What’s the music used from 1:06 until the end?

  8. Mel Pain says:

    Spotted Colin Trevorrow behind Chris. I see you ;)

  9. krysta somerhalder says:

    chris face is fun!!!

  10. Capitán Obvious says:

    Chris who? Never heard of him.

  11. LucchiniSW says:

    What an awesome sport!

  12. ToshiUchiha7 says:

    Hahahahahahah! I can’t take it! His reaction is priceless! I can only guess
    what was going through his mind at that point.

  13. truth cameron says:

    he almost gave that one dinosaur a tyson right hook lol

  14. John Paul Manlangit says:

    I want Chris to stick his dick up my ass hole someday

  15. Vlad Markov says:

    Have you seen Chris Pratt been pranked with Dinosaurs?
    I would shit myself there.

  16. Zimmerman says:

    Comment English you fuckers

  17. Jeremy Croll says:

    Strange they censor Mother****** but when he says **** you it’s not edited.

  18. AMYunus says:

    He was just surprised for something sudden. Not really scared of those

  19. Calvin Zero says:

    there is your dinosaur trainer, everybody. =D

  20. SuperNova says: