Chris Pratt Tried The Daniel Fast, A Bible Diet

Chris Pratt Tried The Daniel Fast, A Bible Diet

‘The LEGO Movie 2’ star Chris Pratt tried the Bible-inspired Daniel Fast – a diet comprised only of fruits, vegetables, and grains – for 21 days.

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77 Responses

  1. Christopher Santiago says:

    I love these guys. Both of them seem so down to Earth.

    • DrZaious says:

      Believing in ancient fairy tales , so down to earth.

    • Christopher Santiago says:

      I fail to see how you equate his spirituality with him being humble and relateable as a bad thing.

      If spirituality develops a person’s character without hurting anyone I see no reason to fault it.

  2. Sarah Ison says:

    I remember seeing the photo of the shaved wool on his Instagram and thinking it was actually dreadlocks ?

  3. Pritesh Dagur says:

    I wish his name was something else though! Who names their kid after fried rodents!! Crisp Rat, you know!!!

  4. Trowa71 says:

    I prefer Stephen’s spirituality over Chris’s. 2 in my face 4 my taste.

    • Kimberly Cronen says:

      Uh, you “prefer”? That’s very pretentious of you to articulate. ? Live and let live, people. What’s with all the judgment from Stephen’s viewers these days? Ugh.

    • Ben Keitz says:

      Then I’m sorry for you.

    • Devin G says:

      ​+Kimberly Cronen i think it’s pretty fair that he prefers someone that doesn’t shove it down his throat – as chris has begun doing lately

    • Kimberly Cronen says:

      Devin G I guess it seems perfectly fair to “prefer” that someone you choose to have in your life have a certain “style” of spirituality – although it would be nice in my opinion if we could all be a little more open-minded. that’s certainly fair. But it seems pretty pretentious to articulate that about a random earthling that is just living his life authentically. His faith is obviously important to him and he was invited on this show and specifically asked about it. I’m probably reading too much into the OP’s comment, which felt very pious and self-important to me. I guess I’m showing my preference for tolerant attitudes that acknowledge that it really shouldn’t matter what one person’s preference is about how random people express their spirituality. Ha. We all have bias, I guess. 😉

    • Ami Flores says:

      Wow, that’s a rude thing to think and say. You probably don’t have any friends with spiritual lives and if you do they only stick by you because of their forgiving nature.

      Imagine telling your female, or gay friends or friends of color that it bothered you how in your face their gender/sexuality/race &or ethnicity was. If you did that probably only your spiritual friends would stick by you.

  5. Tell me I’m stupid says:

    Lol religious people are weird. But I love you anyway Chris.

    • Ami Flores says:

      I always do what strangers on the internet tell me to do. So…you’re stupid. *badumtiss*

    • Mar A says:

      There are some things in life that are far beyond words–Philosophers understood that and try to make sense of it as does with religion.+SailingSeignior

    • I Am Smallfry says:

      It’s not weird if people appreciate the metaphors and the occasional universal truth, but to believe it hook, line, and sinker, is weird. But in this country and in most of the world, believing in talking snakes and donkeys, and the flood story, is considered normal. People that are skeptical of claims not backed by facts, are seen to be abnormal. It’s upside down world.

    • Rolando J-Rmn says:

      @pariocean chicago, that’s the thing… they can’t even be “good” without the idea if God and that’s just so wrong on so many levels… that means they act good for fear of retribution but if God didn’t exist (newsflash; he doesn’t) then they would just be despicable and evil!?!

    • xXAnimaXx says:

      You never know maybe that’s what he needs to feel good, better than drug abuse I would say

  6. dreaminginnoother says:

    Chris really has such a child like quality about him. It makes him very endearing and quite funny.

    • Moses VII says:

      Martin Rayner yeah exactly like a sky wizard. That’s why so many grown adults believe in it.
      Ps. I’m being sarcastic.

      People that flippantly throw out the sky wizard statement evidently do not have a firm grasp on it. Not saying you need to be religious, but obviously it’s far deeper than a ‘sky wizard’ or else you wouldn’t have so many functioning adults deeply believing.

    • Sarah says:

      +dreaminginnoother Why are non religious people always to disrespectful towards religious people? You are so pathetic.

    • Sychlo Killent says:

      +Sarah Don’t worry they all will burn in hellfire.

    • Mike Nunyabizness says:

      +Sarah Ahh the irony. You do get Christianity has for thousands of years literally murdered people for not believing the same as they? That they still do? Almost every terrorist attack in America since 911 has been a Christian terrorist, Christian terrorists also have bombed abortion clinics, Christians stand outside soldiers funerals protesting their service as evil, Christians physically have attacked and murdered LGBTQ just for existing. But you are hurt some people make fun of your beliefs online? Seriously?
      You are poorly educated trash.

    • benji 80 says:

      +Sarah ??

  7. Dom_90 says:

    I have an even better bible diet, it‘s called: being a rational human being.

    • KarnRulez says:

      Shhh, let people enjoy things

    • Rainbow Range says:

      Maltbrew, yes. fasting is healthy, no matter the religious beliefs. try it yourself sometime, it might help with prejudice brain clogging.

    • Inky Erekess says:

      There is nothing irrational about believing in something that exists in a reality beyond our own. Absolutely nothing. But the hate for religion is flowing in this comment section. Hate for something that helps people live better lives is far more irrational than a diet based on a Hebrew book.

    • Cori-Marie Waters says:

      Dom_90 ?

    • Dom_90 says:

      Inky Erekess i like how you start your sentence with „there is nothing irrational about“ and then state something completely irrational, made my day ^^

  8. New Message says:

    If someone told me he was a grown man who peed in a fountain with his son during a lighting storm, and they switched bodies.. I’d totally believe you.

  9. ScarlettP says:

    Chris Pratt looking so good in his suit

  10. ScarlettP says:

    *”You have that big news in your life”* I thought Stephen was going to mention his engagement to Katherine Schwarzenegger

  11. Alexander Snyder says:

    I appreciate Chris Pratt’s religious expression. He speaks his mind but doesn’t condemn others who don’t share the same beliefs. He and I may not see eye to eye in regards to everything, but I’m not bothered or offended by his faith.

  12. Nylak Otter says:

    …Okay, I really need to stop watching interviews of celebrities. I’m going to catch the crazies through the screen eventually.

  13. Harrison McKinney says:

    Chris Pratt, Youth Pastor lol.
    Love this guy

  14. Ian Cook says:

    While I am not religious, it makes me sad to see so many people hating on Stephen and Chris for expressing their faiths.

    • Mike Nunyabizness says:

      +Ian Cook Basing an opinion on who you know instead of actual verifiable facts is called anecdotal evidence. Once again you prove you are poorly educated.

    • nullunit says:

      I am an atheist but it angers me to no end when folks shit on someone for being devout. I have many friends and family who are believers and are good, compassionate people. I don’t start hating until they stop practicing what they preach.

    • Mar A says:

      I think this was supposed to be an agreeing comment but turned out condescending. :/ I honestly think you don’t know the Bible in and out of itself, but from your perception/experience/history-of-people-abusers have spewed. Read it from an anthropological stand point and then come back and type. +Boopala 1

    • Mike Nunyabizness says:

      +nullunit No one believes you are atheist, that’s the go to line for rightwingers and Christians. ” Im not blah blah but I totally agree with them and are angry you don’t like them…
      Save it kid, no one is buying it except other Christians.

    • xXAnimaXx says:

      Right! Everyone is bashing them and their religion, it’s like dude its 2019 w.e floats your boat. Respect all religions how about that?

  15. The Alfonso Nation says:

    “Lion fighting is sick cardio.” – Chris Pratt 2019

  16. Taylor Ahlvers says:

    He’s a good dude. ❤❤ I really like Chris Pratt

  17. _Theo says:

    This comment section be saltier than Lots’ wife

  18. Abigail says:

    Chris Pratt getting more and more suspect to me

    • CreateSomething Kawaii says:

      Abigail what, why?

    • Brrrr says:

      I’m guessing it’s because you found out he’s religious and belief in God is considered abnormal behaviour these days.

    • nullunit says:


      I do understand where you are coming from. He’s seems very religious and maybe I am not into some of his politics but I don’t think he is some skeevy dude. At least not exceptional worse than any other meatbag on the planet. Until we see proof otherwise he gets a pass from me. I like Parks and Rec/Zero Dark Thrity/GotG1 era Pratt the most where all we knew was that he is handsome and funny.

    • Mar A says:

      What is his politics? He never talked about it… +nullunit

    • Wall Chicken says:

      ….? Weird flex bro

  19. Jerry VanNuys says:

    ::facepalm:: No wonder Anna Faris got tired of him.

    • Fearless 4 Him says:

      Jerry VanNuys They separated because she wants more kids and he doesn’t. He’s now engaged to another Christian lady, the Terminator’s daughter.

  20. anakwad says:

    The crowd didn’t know what to do with the quote, lol.

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