Chris Pratt’s Life Intersected with His Avengers Destiny While Watching MMA with 50 Cent

Chris Pratt’s Life Intersected with His Avengers Destiny While Watching MMA with 50 Cent

Chris Pratt explains to Jimmy about how his 13-year-old-comic-book-nerd self, Hollywood self and Avengers self intersected during an MMA fight in an unexpected series of coincidences.

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Chris Pratt’s Life Intersected with His Avengers Destiny While Watching MMA with 50 Cent

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59 Responses

  1. Archie Andrews says:

    Star lord more like our lord

  2. Yoel says:

    Starlord is alive *spoilers*

  3. Spidey7747 says:

    Jimmy Fallon is a Child of Thanos!!! He’s trying to get the Infinity Gauntlet and paint the world in his own twisted image. DON’T TRUST HIM!!!

  4. Gaurav Gummaraju says:

    Did he get the gauntlet off this time?

  5. MrAnqueetas says:

    I have no problem admitting i love this guy

  6. iRoyalZee says:

    Crisp Rat. I just cant say his name properly now.

  7. Nicole St. Louis says:

    He seems really down to earth.

    • Randy Rose says:

      Kymber Anderson neither him or Anna Farris his ex wife said that he cheated.

    • Randy Rose says:

      Kymber Anderson nothing was confirmed it was all rumors. Even Anna Faris had come out and said it wasn’t an affair with Jennifer Lawrence that ended their marriage. That she and Jennifer were fine and the rumors aren’t true. However many said their marriage ended cause both actors schedules started getting in the way with him now being a big movie star and her doing more movies and her TV show Mom. Plus it’s been said she wanted more kids but he didn’t with his busy life want any more kids.

    • IDiggPattyMayonnaise says:

      Kymber Anderson 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You believe too much gossip then regurgitate it as fact, thats hilarious. All three parties in your story have denied it ESPECIALLY Anna.

      The rumor that is currently going around from one of her “friends” is that she was jealous thats hes more famous than her now. When they met he was a overweight bit tv actor that didnt have that many roles to his name and she was the it girl in multiple box office hits. And then in a few years later hes now a top 10 movie star worldwide, meanwhile shes the bit tv actress thats in a movie here or there. Again all a rumor, but Ive seen similar situations happen where the partner that made less money all the sudden makes more than their SO.

    • IDiggPattyMayonnaise says:

      Jimmmy You literally stated a rumor you heard as fact. It doesnt matter if it was a decade, 15 years, or even 50 years marriages end for many reasons. Are you gonna tell me that my parents cant have divorced after 25 years because they should have “ironed it out?”

    • RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles says:

      well he ain’t from missouri! 😉

  8. the vj says:

    Starlord and Andy from parks and rec

  9. Heera U. says:

    Hey Crisp Rat!

  10. Heera U. says:

    Guys, he’s Owen now not Star Lord/Peter Quill!

  11. Heera U. says:

    Why is he so hot? He’s single right?

  12. Sarah Szablowski says:

    Great guy

  13. Kemal Beyaztas says:

    “I have no idea what I’m doing, but I know I do it really.. really.. well” – Andy Dwyer

  14. LORD SAIYAN says:

    star lord should redeem himself in infinity war part 2

  15. SneezyAnus says:

    Michael Venom Page is mah boi. I didn’t know how I could like Chris Pratt even more… but I somehow do

  16. alex marques says:

    That was a great story ! He tells it with such charisma

  17. Hunter says:

    Hate the character all you want.
    Respect/Love the actor!!

  18. Shehroz Akhtar says:

    “fiddy cent”

  19. Scalpel Anaesthesia says:

    There’s the guy who destroyed the whole plan to remove infinity gauntlet from Thanos’ hand

  20. ScarlettP says:

    Chris Pratt is a professional comedian 😂

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