Chris Rock: Breaking His Silence After Will Smith Slap | The TMZ Podcast

Chris Rock: Breaking His Silence After Will Smith Slap | The TMZ Podcast

Chris Rock launches his comedy tour on the heels of the biggest Oscars controversy ever. Tony Rock speaks up about Will Smith’s apology to his brother. Bill Maher unleashes on the Oscar slap and says Will Smith’s actions represent ‘cancel culture’…while also giving Chris Rock major props for keeping his composure.

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0:00 – 06:53 Jada’s pre-Oscars message
6:53 – 15:30 Was this a crime?
15:30 – 21:08 What could’ve happened
21:08 – end Impact on Rock’s career

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30 Responses

  1. Aminadav Lonie Hinton says:

    I initially viewed Chris as a coward and a punk in not retaliating by slapping the shit out of Will. But after careful consideration Chris is indeed a real man, a man of Integrity, discipline and respect, self control and selflessness. He deserves the highest honor and recognition for his actions. He is a real superhero

    • Shundai says:

      Definitely great comedian, and handled that as best as he could. But he’s no where near a superhero, unless you just have very low standards in your requirements.

    • Simon Phillips says:

      Bit OTT haha

    • Radiokicks Creative Customs says:

      self control?? should have kept his fucken disrespectful comments to himself. That would have definitely showed some control.

    • Christina Amar says:

      @Neatz Notso bravo!!! No one has pointed this out. They seem super narcissistic!! How dare anyone joke about the smiths???

  2. Tanya Hopkins says:

    Chris Rock was incredible for suppressing his composure after being sooo disrespected. Chris is a Man, a father, probably a grandfather, how can a man, the head of the family explain being slapped by another man on TV. My heart goes out to him.

  3. delacruzva says:

    It doesn’t matter what Will Smith was going through or thinking in the moment. There is no reason to assault a man for words. If you’re going to start giving reasons and excuses for Will Smith’s actions on assaulting a man you’re giving permission for other people to commit crimes for the same reason.

    • Parey Parey says:

      @Nancy Mejia If your view is harmful or hateful then you deserved it.

    • Parey Parey says:

      Both people were wrong.

    • joshua nyang says:

      you said it all.

    • Nancy Mejia says:

      For the past few years it’s been justified to assault over hurt feelings. It’s been ok to assault over different point of views. Maybe, after this things will start to shift & people will stop the violence & hate. Wishful thinking 🙏🏼

    • tnttim9 says:

      The thought process of these two young guys is what is wrong with men here. Manhood is no place for the infantile. Lost a lot of respect for Will Smith.

  4. Felecia Moore says:

    Chris Rock hats off to you for the professional way you handled the actions of Wil Smith. I’ve never been a person that’s surprised by the actions of celebrities because they all act like their untouchable anyways. Chris what he did to you will only bring you more success so Continue to walk in Love ❤️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏾

  5. Ms Jay says:

    I can’t believe I agree with Bill Mayer. And, actions have consequences. Chris Rock is a absolute professional. I applaud Chris Rock!

  6. Wdeemar Wdeemar says:

    Sending out an apology to Chris through the media is not an apology.

    • Wanda Williams says:

      Jada is the Man

    • Wanda Williams says:

      at the end of the day he didn’t mention alopecia it was a joke he said GI Jane too so she didn’t care what nobody said about her head while I roll it Jada think she’s all that and she’s not

    • Wanda Williams says:

      Factz Will is done

    • Barbara Washington says:

      @SelfMadeRish I feel the same way about Chris and Will. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Will by any standard of decency was owrong and out of order. He should have been escorted out. If you put your bad acts and vile temper on display’, people are going to look and comment. As far as you praying for me, I will say thank you. I need all the prayers I can get. Just don’t forget to include yourself in those genuine, heartfelt prayers. Carry on with your idle chatter.

    • John Moore says:

      @Sheila Russell c

  7. Big Tee says:

    Chris deserve the noble peace prize of the year he actually turn the cheek Dr Martin Luther King would be proud of him and what he did was biblical not to many men would do what he did especially when he new he wasn’t trying to hurt her feelings he’s a comedian and it was only a joke hat’s off to him I salute him Good man

  8. Kim F says:

    He’s a COMEDIAN!!
    That’s the job! He didn’t know she had a condition; it’s jokes. Will was laughing. Bill Maher was right.
    There’s a code of conduct. He was wrong to put his hands on Chris. It’s what you DON’T do.
    Chris understands what’s at stake. It would’ve made it worse if he struck back. He’s intelligent & understands black folks are not judged the same: Chris knows 2 black men fighting is NOT a good look.

  9. Cynthia Steele says:

    Privileged is when you can walk on stage during a live award show and slap a man. Then sit back down in the front row and cuss him out. Only to return to the stage fifteen minutes later to a standing ovation while being given an award and making a speech acting like a victim. If this is not privilege I don’t know what is.

  10. Heidi Klein says:

    As I’ve commented on other videos re: this, I think it would have been impressive if Jada would have stood up after the joke, smiled and said “That’s right!” and held up her hands for applause. It would have shown that she is a woman who is proud of who she is, can take a joke and can take care of herself. It would have earned her a lot of respect and inspired a lot of young girls and women.

    • Sato Ndana says:

      My sentiments exactly! I literally said the same to my daughter…

    • Roxanne Moser says:

      She eyeballs Will and he has no idea what to do, instead

    • Eija Halme says:

      Yes, she could have quipped back that yes Chris, bring me the script and I will be ready.

    • Random Chance says:

      This whole alopecia is the same as cancer thing tried to get going but failed, hard.
      Also, her hair is not patchy. A couple of cosmetic surgeons have said that she has a very fine scar that looks like it’s from a brow lift.

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