Chris Rock Fires Back At Will And Jada Pinkett Smith | The View

Chris Rock Fires Back At Will And Jada Pinkett Smith | The View

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36 Responses

  1. Keith Parker says:

    He said a year ago that he would not respond unless he got paid. Looks like he kept his word and got a payday out of it.

    • JD Patrick says:

      And he can milk it for years to come. Looking forward to the SNL sketch of Will Smith watching the Oscars at home.

    • Tauheedah Barbee says:

      @Razobličavanje I’m unsure however I do believe he’s suing the Oscars that’s facts I believe it’s not even Abt money 100hes making a statement congratulations to him and we’ll deserve Everyone’s making it Abt he shouldn’t have said this or did that put the shoe on the other foot for anyone who don’t agree imagine if that was your son or brother or husband but back to you in my opinion he’s suing the Oscars for fact unsure if he suing will Smith I would I’m suing everyone. I promise that was some crazy narcissist ish man I never knew Jada ask him to quick smh pathetic chick yo I use to feel bad for will I don’t know he know who she is I’m honestly scared for him because he still with her sad but it was Rock night as he said selective outrage

    • Tauheedah Barbee says:

      And he’s getting paid trust and believe that’s already in process

    • Country says:

      @Razobličavanje Nope but Netflix paid him 40 Million for stand up comedy that lasted 45 minutes. Well deserved.

    • [Martez] [Anim's] says:

      ​@Razobličavanje no, they meant a paydeal from netflix

  2. Melissa Boni says:

    This was genius!! While everyone was talking about him getting slapped he started planning his strategic come back. Right when the whole Smith entanglement thing died down, boom! He brings it up again, ouch!!
    This whole thing with Will and Jada just screams: don’t force yourself to stay with someone you don’t really love for the sake of the “family”. Eventually, it’s going to blow over anyway.

    • MartaRC says:

      I agree. Will Smith is just a smart guy but seems to be more stubborn than smart. Jada is toxic – he should´ve walked away a long time ago…

    • whokilled JR says:

      But when you have family it’s not about you, you are no longer at the centre of your own universe, it’s about your children. If you’ve made the decision to have kids with a horrible narcissist, and if remaining with that person is what’s best for your children then unless it’s literally life threatening, you really should stick it out.

    • randyll tarlly says:

      your bar for genius is really low isnt it?

  3. MQB says:

    appreciated this discussion. comedy is comedy. its meant to make you cringe and also be thought provoking. I thought Chris’s special was hilarious and he deserves to tell his story through his art. The fact that he stayed silent all year and chose to express it through his art and make money from it is brilliant. He didn’t say anything about will and jada that they haven’t already revealed in public so it is not news to anybody. Excited to see more of Chris and Will in the future.

    • Genki Sudo says:

      I wish he hadn’t have made jokes at Megan and Will Smith. As POC we need to stay unified against the real issue and our real enemy. White supremacy and systemic racism. Although Chris did mention racism he held back and didn’t challenge these things enough

    • MartaRC says:

      I also liked the show on netflix. A couple of things were not funny to me – opioids and abortion – but for the later, I got his point… Everything else, genious…

    • shirley bleazard says:

      Love Chris Rock!

  4. Joy Mosley says:

    And Chris did not see it coming. He was probably stunned and shocked! I mean who saw it coming?

  5. Jerry Irick says:

    The last ten minutes of Chris Rock’s standup is the most aggressive I ever seen him.

    • Maria Lisa says:

      I think the average person would have handled it way worse than Chris Rock.. he used his art to fight back but he is still a human being who was humiliated by this man in front of the world… can’t say I would have even let a year go by before fighting back with words.. and most of us would have said a lot worse.

    • Sassy Steve says:

      And truthful. He handled this like a champ!

    • kreed82 says:

      @Sharon Amadi deleted

  6. Peter Lee says:

    It wasn’t just Chris Rock’s truth. It was the truth!! Well done, Chris!!

    • Judy O says:

      A Pay-per-view therapy session broadcast live seems like a pitch for South Park that was rejected because it was too ridiculous. But apparently the World Wide Privacy Tour is a documentary. And Harry said he told his whole family to get therapy – yeah, I wish I was a fly on the wall when he told one of the greatest Feminists of the 20th century, Queen Elizabeth II, that she needed therapy…..I like to imagine her taking off one of her sensible patent leather shoes and raising it above her head. Like DUDE – you’re EXTRA gone!

    • thnzxc says:

      That’s exactly right!👏👏👏

    • NashVegas says:

      @saeed hajizadeh nah, the truth is out there, people just dont care about it anymore

    • bulletproof tiger says:

      @saeed hajizadeh Republicans call them alternative facts.

    • D. Foxx says:

      It’s funny that people are calling it the truth and when he lied about Jada saying she canceled the Oscars because of Will and told Chris to quit, when that’s not even what she said.

  7. Trim Pro Tree says:

    I think Chris “Rocked” it ! No pun intended .

  8. Pennylegion says:

    Chris is a professional at this! Saw this coming. The fact that Will Smith gained followers for this really tells us whats wrong with the world these days.

    • Pennylegion says:

      @S210 X2  you sound angry bud. Get some help 👌 I make more money than I know what to do with. I’m fine

  9. Marcos Marin says:


  10. Susan Barlow says:

    Respect Chris Rock. He’s handled this well

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