Chris Rock Opened Up About Childhood Trauma Months Before Oscars | The View

Chris Rock Opened Up About Childhood Trauma Months Before Oscars | The View

Two months before Will Smith struck him at the Oscars, Chris Rock recounted on a podcast how a violent incident from childhood impacted him as an adult – “The View” co-hosts and guest co-host Tara Setmayer discuss.

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44 Responses

  1. IMHTP says:

    People often mistake avoiding confrontation with cowardice. Chris wasn’t afraid of Will, he was afraid of what he might do if he lost control.

    • Lynnell Scott says:

      @Incog Spectator Uhm, I believe were saying the same thing, and no I know nothing about men fighting over cheating women. No one I know is in entanglements, or they have the decency to keep quiet about it. Marriage is sacred and just like a man is supposed to protect his wife, a wife is supposed to protect her husband. Jada doesn’t protect Will.

    • Always Employed says:

      @BTS Jimin And another thing. We all know The Smiths have been having problems keeping their privates private and this has been a recent on going issue among them. If Chris already knew he had already taken a jab at Jada before, then he should have analyzed the ground first and realized that maybe that time was not the right time to shoot a Smith joke and could have done something else. Neither of the jokes Chris shot at Denzel, Cruz and Javier were jokes about their appearance, then in came the bald joke on The Smiths. Noticed the daughter is sporting a shaved head by choice. That’s the daughter’s way of saying she stand together with her mom. So the bald head is a sensitive issue.

    • Always Employed says:

      @BTS Jimin Yeah, I know. They took the joke well. But it wasn’t a joke taking a jab at either one’s appearance, thou. The joke was if one loses, the other better lose also.

    • BTS Jimin says:

      @Always Employed And, before that GI Jane joke he LITERALLY told a wife and hubby joke about Penelope Cruz and Gavier Bardem. Did you see Gavier Bardem walk up on that stage to slap Chris Rock. No, they both laughed.

  2. BARBARA LEE says:

    I think that Chris Rock handled a very trying situation with a maturity that many people wouldn’t have had. I respect him immensely. It takes a grown, mature person to not resort to violence in the face of a violent situation.

    • Jada Palmer says:

      @Maryanne Melenka – Stop making more of it than what it was. Chris absolutely and certainly did NOT use trauma in his joke about Jada’s shaved head. I’m going to call that out for what it is…a lie! Chris doesn’t stoop low to use her trauma for a joke. I’m going to go farther than that, you should be ashamed trying to twist and spin this situation to fit your narrative. How could he do that when he had no idea that she even had Alopecia. He did not know she was even dealing with that illness. He can’not make fun of a trauma that he didn’t even know she had.
      You need to drink a strong tonic to get rid of that delirium you are suffering with

    • Jada Palmer says:

      @Maryanne Melenka – Listen up…! This is where you’re dead wrong…!
      Chris is hired to do a job. He’ was hired to be the Comedian for Oscar night. Let me explain one of the requirements is to make light hearted jokes of several Oscar Attendees in the audience . Oscar members know thar sitting in the first several rows, they would be targets for the Oscar Comedians to make fun of. That’s their job to do this.
      Now, Will and Jada know this good and well. As Oscar members being Oscar members for well over some years they know this. They sign Oscar Attendees MUST sign a contract with the knowledge of they may have jokes told about them in jest of humor about themselves.
      Will and Jada knows if they are to sit in the front seats of the ceremony, they may ve targeted for jokes. If you don’t want to have jokes told about you don’t sit near or in the front rows. Or, just stay home.
      Moreover, Chris had not known that Jada had Alopecia. He referenced her hair cut to a strong, invincible, fighter, achiever, overcomer, iconic legend.
      Lastly, Will didn’t take what Chris said as an insult or he wouldn’t have laughed in the first place

    • Kari says:

      Yes, I agree.

    • Scott belmont says:

      To try and act like chris did only a actor can do yeah after being bulllied all his life too omg wills lucky chris didnt react and act out back with anger for being hit tbat way hes a saint not to of not omg

    • Scott belmont says:

      Without a problem over a joke he took too serious like a fool

  3. Str8 Gang Music Studio says:

    The Oscars owe Chris Rock for the continuation of the Oscars. He’s the man, he held the order and is a Role Model to human beings. Chris Rock kept pride amongst good people.

  4. Mrs. Lee says:

    I totally agree, and for those who do the right thing, let’s not categorize them as weak. Chris Rock showed tremendous strength and composure.

  5. Mojica Fitzgerald Kennedy's Rant66! says:

    I love Chris Rock’s courage and honesty and talent and I love him even more after Sunday. He is a true champion in every way 💪💖🙌

  6. cherchez la femme says:

    Chris Rock did a true favor for everyone. He’s definitely the better person. Instagram means nothing.

  7. MsTadpole77 says:

    I have great respect for Chris. He is inspirational to be so candid to his past traumas and therapy. We all have demons to fight off daily. The actions of Will absolutely sickened me as a viewer. I can only hope he tackles what is really frustrating him in a constructive manner.

  8. Kally Davies says:

    I wouldn’t want anyone to belittle how Chris Rock responded to this situation. I would have expected a different response than Chris Rock’s from most people because human instinct is often to fight back. I believe it was character that made him respond the way he did, not fear. He even tried to talk with Will afterward with compassion to try to explain, at a time he was clearly out of danger. I have never been one to follow the personal lives of celebrities much, so I don’t know much about either star. Chris Rock showed exceptional control and humanity in that moment.

    • Laurel Bush says:


    • vanesqua says:

      @Laurel Bush I lost my eye in a vehicular accident with a 1 ton truck at age 23. People joked about it to me: I had scars, disfigurement, AND blindness in that eye. “Between you and my [one-eyed brother], you have two eyes.” People waved their hand in front of my blind eye, put their pointed finger almost IN it, “to check.” I did not slap any of them, not for that anyway. :- )

    • Laurel Bush says:

      Will Smith will pay consequences for his choice as well.

    • vanesqua says:

      @Lee “LeeLee” Like times 1000.

    • BTS Jimin says:

      @Laurel Bush bald headedness is not a medical condition nor a disability. many people such as women choose to shave their heads for fashion. get your head out of the sand box. and stop condoning workplace assault of a comedian.

  9. Loving my Dog says:

    I’m Hispanic, not for one moment I assumed anything. I honestly saw Chris’s reaction as any gentleman would react, a man who was able be to control his behavior/composure and I applaud his maturity and professionalism. I’m my eyes he’s what we call a real man.

    • Blakesley K. says:

      @Joseph Dunleavy Sonny & Whoops go to card. Ugh. Stop .

    • Blakesley K. says:

      Yes. You’re Hispanic. So we Never see such idiocy coming from y’all. Too busy succeeding. Climbing ladder of success. Much respect amiga!

    • Solid Snake says:

      Real men don’t get slapped and not retaliate. He should have swung back instead of getting embarrassed. Chris rock deserved better

  10. RCY says:

    Kudos to Sunny and Tara… they have remained steadfast in condemning Smith’s behavior, recognizing that Chris Rock is a victim, and vocal in their belief that there should be consequences, and not “selective consequences.”

    • will wow XD Rice says:

      @Teresa Marie not infront if 3 million people

    • Scott belmont says:

      If she dont care she likes not too whats the big deal if people are only having some fun laughing about that shes looming like a marine yo by it you cant be serious dude omg take a chill pill

    • Scott belmont says:

      Is will serious really now your wife isnt wearing a wig even and so it like lighten up what do you expect dude its a joke only yo

    • Christina says:

      Exactly! It does however annoy me when Whoopi starts preaching though… I have mad respect for her but it’s called the view, not the preach… and yes some people did say it was ok that Will hit Chris. Tiffany Hadish said “it was a beautiful thing… we saw a man stand up for his wife.” It’s unacceptable. I’m sorry but Will lost a fan in me.

    • Scott belmont says:

      Wills cursing was also too much and disgraceful sounded like a crackhead or mean drunk

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