Chris Rock Opens the Oscars with A Killer Monologue

Chris Rock Opens the Oscars with A Killer Monologue

Everyone has been wondering what Chris Rock would say while hosting the 2016 Academy Awards in wake of #OscarsSoWhite, or, rather, exactly how hard he’d go in on Hollywood. Would he tear white people a new asshole? And how many new assholes?

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20 Responses

  1. Sherron Mcfadden says:

    Fuck! Chris Rock!!!! His sale out ass!!!

  2. Evelina999 says:

    Look at all those Asian and Latino actors who were nomin…. Oh wait, they
    weren’t. But for some reason you won’t see them crying all over the
    internet. Who cares about what a bunch of old racist men (a.k.a. the
    Academy) think anyway…

  3. Tom Lockhart says:

    Black people using their colour to try be funny just ain’t funny.

  4. Zack “HeavyZaWhiteRapper” Coburn says:

    And that’s why I’m a fan of Chris Rock. He speaks the truth.

  5. zigzagbigbag says:

    During the 60’s I recall seeing Native Americans protesting for black
    rights. I have photos of them marching along side blacks and whites. NOT
    once have I ever seen a black person represent for Native Americans… Not
    once. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  6. dn14789 says:

    One of the worst oscars I’ve ever seen. The whole show was disturbingly
    uncomfortable talking about social issues that are already on cable news
    24/7 every day. Instead of entertainment and fun with maybe a little
    addressing social issues was just non-stop in your face bullshit whitey is
    satan. I will never watch another oscars again, I don’t need more political
    bullshit wasted on MY free time you cry baby ass wipes.

  7. BeastDomo says:

    the Oscars are turning into ESPN

  8. Cortion Carter says:

    We have a poor public school system
    Racially bias from law enforcement
    Gang violence
    Teen pregnancy
    Mass incarceration
    And a list of other detriments in most black urban/low income communities.
    But millionaire actors want to protest about a fucking award and ya broke
    niggas want to jump on the bandwagon about it with them. I see we have our
    priorities fucked up.

  9. Android Miller says:

    Are black people clueless to the fact they’re only 13% of the population?

  10. Ezio514 says:

    If there is noone black that deserves it… If they get better mby they
    will get some…

  11. Bc Selector says:

    Jinx been smoking fire logs or som’

  12. Schama Noel says:

    What a brave soul

  13. Ricky Lorenzo says:

    American blacks are pussys. Its for the culture lol stfu yall are
    Americans. Dont like it go to africa. Where your own people sold u. So dont
    blames whites again

  14. Loay Al-Khalaf says:

    I want people’s opinion – I feel Arabs and Muslims are the enemy of White
    America ; not black people

  15. Sim Bad says:

    I just googled him and wtf???? He’s 50 years old!!!?? I just thought he
    would be something about 29/30 but black lives matter

  16. Montrele Washington says:

    Chris killed it!

  17. chris breeze says:


  18. alexander henry says:

    Don’t blame your race for not getting nominated… Blame your acting!
    Color does not matter, talent matters.

  19. Debra Clarke-Rushing says:

    He didn’t do Jada Smith dirty w/ the monologue re:Rihanna. He told the
    truth & made it hilarious. Chris Rock is freakin’ hilarious & thanks for
    sharing this so I could watch it. See just like Chris had to go make his
    paper last night. I was at work makin my paper too. #ChrisRock #LMBO

  20. Abadi Salem says: