Chris Rock Responding to Will Smith Slap in New Special

Chris Rock Responding to Will Smith Slap in New Special

Taken from JRE #1954 w/Bert Kreischer:

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  1. C. A. Marsupial. says:

    Will Smith and that applause from the audience opened my eyes to what that industry is all about. Totally full of themselves.

    • The1Mustache3 says:

      It was fake!!! Hey dummies. It was fake.

    • AL G says:

      @David Davidson
      They say “words matter” not speech is violence. Don’t say it’s the same and stop making things up.

    • AL G says:

      @Final Touch
      I do live in America and the term has been used in America since the 1930s. But I know you have a distorted politicized meaning of it from the garbage being told from the Right. Look up the meaning and origins of the term, maybe you’ll learn something.

    • AL G says:

      I mean the audience was there in real time and didn’t have the opportunity like us to rewind or search the internet to see the slap over and over. Even then it took a few days where people wondered if it was staged or not.

    • Park Justin says:

      Show me a industry that isnt. Even volunteers are very full of themselves.

  2. David Duarte says:

    For Chris Rock to time this to coincide with the Oscars again was also a stroke of genius.

  3. TheBishop says:

    I really appreciate Joe speaking out on the craziness of not only the slap, but how the people reacted afterwards and gave Will Smith a standing ovation. Absolutely sickening. A very bad time is gonna be for us all, real soon.

    • JaLon Torrence says:

      @Dan David that’s the point bro. If rich ass people who literally pay people to do their public relations and know they are on national tv are willing to act like that, what does that mean our culture outside of those doors is saying? That it’s ok to hit people because your feelings got hurt?

    • blaze says:

      ​@big puff so true🤣

    • Dom says:

      You guys are so dramatic. Clutching pearls over something that happens every weekend in your city.

  4. Riddle challenge says:

    Well done Chris on his comeback! Non stop laughing and nearly teared in my eyes. Great to see Chris changed the aggressive slap into jokes to bring smiles to the world.

  5. TDS1108 says:

    Had Will approached the stage and quietly whispered into Chris’ ear, like “hey man my wife doesn’t appreciate jokes about her condition, please don’t embarrass her in public like that again,” he might’ve gotten an apology from Chris. Additionally, Will would’ve still looked like a good guy standing up for his wife even though she never really seemed to loved him, and it would’ve saved his career and public image. Retrospect is 20/20, but Will had plenty of time to know better. Can’t say I feel sorry for him.

  6. leo_kt says:

    will and jada dancing at the oscars afterparty was one of the biggest displays of narcissism ive ever seen in my life. the slap completely red-pilled me.

  7. Matthew Besson says:

    Chris took that shot like a champ. He deserves to let the world know how he feels about it and make it funny.

    • William Thompson says:

      ​@Michael Atkins Go for the knees always or work the body and the head will fall.

    • William Thompson says:

      ​@Razz Diamondif he had acted, it would have been 2 black men fighting on live TV. I don’t think he wanted to feed the stereotype of black always being violent. So he took the high road. I’ve always loved Chris Rock, and I proud of how he handled it. Plus he knew he could take Will down with Savage jokes.

    • J L says:

      It’s been a year. He’s just milking it at this point and it’s rather pathetic. Especially considering how weak of a slap it was.

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      *Endeavor to give me a message☝️❤️.

    • Tupac Wallace says:

      How does anyone find this burt guy funny

  8. Patrick NEZ says:

    Joe is spot on. That whole evening felt so bizarre after that. It was like Twilight Zone or something. I didn’t know about all of the context when I saw it. I would have sympathy for Smith knowing all the stuff w Jada if he hadn’t been a bully and taken it out on Chris Rock. Some of them praised him for it! It felt surreal so weird

  9. malcorub says:

    “This guy played Muhammad Ali, I played Pookie on New Jack City” this line had me on the floor laughing!

  10. Zippy the Pinhead says:

    The way Chris came back a year later, and knocked Will AND Jada off their pedestals was epic. Chris was “okay you got your shot in.., it’s my turn.” 🤣

    • T K says:

      ​@Grand Regent Thragg what’s he supposed to do? Pull up on Will Smith? 🤡

    • Shady Deals says:

      ​@Grand Regent Thragg hey dopie did you forget that they have careers they have to worry about lol, weeb over here trying to act hard

    • Pigobyte says:

      @LilPerry1990 shing on you crazy diamond

    • aaron1573000 says:

      @RoseGold said the same exact thing why he ain’t put hands on the man that outed him and your wife affair ? boy went on the table talk to talk about that shit tho make it make sense 😂

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