Chris Stapleton – Fire Away

Chris Stapleton – Fire Away

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Music video by Chris Stapleton performing Fire Away. (C) 2016 Mercury Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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20 Responses

  1. Yelerib says:

    Damn, great video

  2. Yelerib says:

    Wow, this really changes how I view the song! Hard to watch the video
    without getting teary eyed

  3. 96Snaker says:

    Hats off to director, Tim Mattia for such an emotional video, and to Chris
    for such a great song. Wow.

  4. Seth Caudill says:

    I’m happy that he’s from my hometown Johnson county Kentucky

  5. Seth Caudill says:

    And my moms best friend dated him in high school and my dad was friends
    with his brother

  6. Billy Zach says:

    If only “country radio” would let more guys in like Stapleton. Jason
    Isbell, Sturgill Simpson and Whiskey Myers just to name a few. Stop over
    playing FGL and Luke Bryan.

  7. kevin alexander says:

    Chris Stapleton is bringing in a new era of country music. KEEP UP THE

  8. Hailey Lecarpentier says:

    This man is truly bringing back country music. Damn good singer… god
    bless him.

  9. Crissy Deitering says:

    I was blown away, I can relate. Know The Five Signs!

  10. sam manifold says:

    wow! He is an awesome singer. now that is country music not that pop
    country.just good music period.

  11. SheheeRI says:

    Chris sure “Took Aim” on this one. Bravo…. and for a Great Cause…..

  12. Darla Rhodes says:

    I love this song and I love the message that you’re trying to get out
    there! You’re an inspiration to country music!! God Bless You for making
    this statement!!

  13. irock63 says:

    One word.


  14. makita man says:

    This is a great video by a great song writer !!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. TJ Russell says:

    Finally, a song from Stapleton I like!

  16. Jessica Ettinger says:

    Proud to play this on SiriusXM’s The Highway 56 tonight. Wow.

  17. Roar says:

    <3 speechless

  18. Inter Stella says:

    I only know him from SNL with Adam Driver

  19. joseFirst Lastdiaz says:

    Wait so I’m a bit confused did she kill herself by accident in a sense
    because of a mental illness? ):

  20. Arentino Davis says:

    Yea this is GARBAGE, hold this L nigga!!!!